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Tool kit 8.24.11


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A starter list of digital media and tools, organized by category (social, SEO, analytics, etc.)

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Tool kit 8.24.11

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Tool Kit This is a starter list of the various tools presently available. There are far too many too list, but these are some of the leaders and most are free or low cost. Use this list to start your own tool kit.Website SEO & SEM Social Media Content Email Mobile Management Analytics &“Tool Central” Drive awareness Awareness, Sharing Interest, Interest, Content Reportinginterest, & interest interest, Drive awareness, engagement, engagement, management,engagement, engagement, interest, action, service, action, service, processaction, service, action, service, engagement follow up follow up managementfollow up follow Google Twitter StumbleUpon Constant Contact Existing Apps Argyle Google AnalyticsSquareSpace Bing Facebook Digg MailChimp Your Company HootSuite Klout AppsWordPress Yahoo LinkedIn Reddit Promotions SocialFlow (for HubSpot Twitter)Network Google+ Slideshare Groupon HubSpot ArgyleSolutions Foursquare YouTube Foursquare Webtrends IBM Core Metrics Groupon QRC’s Clicky YouTube ShareThis TweetDeck Skype WordPress Gaming Communities FlickrPatton Brand Strategy,LLC 2011 Feel free to share this with others!
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