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Slides from Vienna Devops Meetup on 21.02.2012. Topic: #monitoringsucks.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. #monitoringsucks
  2. 2. Monitoring is stuckin the XXth centuryStatic & reactiveFocused on active checksIaaS? PaaS? Cloud?Dynamic config mgmt? Auto-scaling?
  3. 3. Monitoring is stuck in the XXth century […] the idea that monitoring can be a swiss army knife, and a swiss army knife that’s mostly SNMP, curl, and ping, is dead.
  4. 4. The future is now Where are the tools?
  5. 5. You are in a maze of twisty little utilities, all alike…
  6. 6. Watch your language!Event = Metric + ContextResource is the source of a MetricAction is the response to a Metric
  7. 7. Framework Collection Filtering? Transport StorageVisualization Alerting Reporting Data mining Notification logic
  8. 8. Sci-fi ideasPassive monitoringAnomaly detectionFailure prediction
  9. 9. Some references