Microtherm Corporate Presentation


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Details Microtherm\'s technology and history

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Microtherm Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Microtherm,The Experts in Thermal SolutionsCorporate PresentationVersion 10.0 – September 2010Microtherm®, Cool answers to hot problems
  2. 2. Microtherm is a division of … Active in the production of high performance thermal insulation solutions.
  3. 3. About Microtherm Original Microtherm® formulation is Start up patented Start activity at Sint- Microtherm Inc. Niklaas, Belgium Alcoa TN MT acquired 1965 1971 1990 by Etex Group 1968 1984 2000 2010 1st manufacturing start up Microtherm Group site in UK Nippon consolidates with Microtherm Sint-Niklaas site Tokyo - as Headquarter Yokkaichi
  4. 4. Microtherm organisation - A global player Microtherm Inc Microtherm nv Nippon Microtherm Co (USA) (Belgium) (Japan) Our Global Partners
  5. 5. Sales Organisation - Europe Denmark UK Ireland Russia Neth. UK+ Ireland Germany Poland BNL Germany Czechia Belgium Slovakia France Austria Hungary France Switzerland Romania Slowenia Italy Croatia Spain Spain & Portugal
  6. 6. Sales Organisation - Asia NMC China China Hong Kong India Malaysia Malaysia Singapore Australia
  7. 7. Microtherm markets Low & ambient Passive Fire High Temperature Temperature Protection InsulationDomestic Building TransportLogistics Marine DomesticBuilding Railway Industrial Aerospace Powergen Aerospace & defense
  8. 8. Microtherm Strengths Customer & Market driven Complete service Tailor made solutions Widest microporous product range Focus on added value Environmental, health & safety Manufacture made to order
  9. 9. Our Technology 9Microporous insulation is based on nano- Microtherm, The expert in thermal solutionsstructured sub-micron synthetic amorphoussilica („SAS“) and other environmentally safematerials.Long “chains” of SAS particles help to keep thermalsolid heat conduction to a minimum.Spaces in the structure smaller than the meanfree path of an air molecule eliminate most ofthe gaseous heat conduction.Mineral oxide opacifiers effectively blockinfra red radiation.
  10. 10. • Very low thermal conductivity 10 • Very high thermal resistance Microtherm, The expert in thermal solutions • Most effective high temperature insulationMicrotherm® is morethan 4 X better than thermalCeramic Fibre andconventional insulations Microtherm® is 2 to 3 X better than Aerogel blanket and has a much higher temperature capability
  11. 11. Our Technology: what does it bring to you? 11 MORE Microtherm, The expert in thermal solutions CAPACITY thermal Microtherm 25mm (1 inch) Mineral Wool 125mm (5 inch) LESS SPACE = LESS ENERGY = less weight minimise heat loss
  12. 12. Microtherm panels
  13. 13. Our Products: Overview MPS
  14. 14. Microtherm in your homePhotographs by courtesy ofSeagoe Technologies andStiebel Eltron GmbH
  15. 15. Petrochem & Off-shore
  16. 16. Power Generation
  17. 17. Steel - Non Ferrous - Glass
  18. 18. Transport
  19. 19. Buildings & Construction
  20. 20. Slimvac applications
  21. 21. Microtherm® and the environmentOur environment is - to a large extent - what we make it. We share globalconcerns regarding the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the resultingclimatic changes.Microtherm® understands the imperative need for a low carbon energy futureand will therefore help you to control your energy consumption through ...• most effective insulation available• harmless to the environment ( ‘Green material’)Let us help you to act now to preserve this environment for future generations.
  22. 22. MICROTHERM®,THE reference in thermal insulation