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Deploying Kaltura at Vancouver Island University


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In this session, I share Vancouver Island University’s experience deploying a video streaming solution (Kaltura) locally on our campus. Kaltura is very similar in functionality to the popular video sharing site YouTube, however in our instance all of the content is stored locally on university servers and authentication is linked to local user accounts. We have also taken strides to integrate Kaltura with other online learning environments including Blackboard Collaborate, Desire2Learn, Mediawiki and WordPress.

Kaltura allows both faculty and students to upload video content which is optimized for accessing in a web browser or on a mobile device. We are just starting to see some of the innovations coming through from our faculty as the service takes off. I will share some of the innovations and applications of video in education we have experienced thus far and reflect on some of the hardware, software and technical concerns our users are experiencing.

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Deploying Kaltura at Vancouver Island University

  1. 1. Deploying Kaltura atVancouver Island UniversityMichael PaskeviciusLearning Technologies Application DeveloperCentre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning,Vancouver Island UniversityETUG Spring Workshop 2013SFU BurnabyJune 6th and 7th
  2. 2. The case for streaming video on campus• Premised on research done by BC Campus• Powered by Kaltura• Streaming media - not video files on webpages• All data hosted on campus• Integrated with local systems– Uses VIU user accounts– Integrating with Desire2Learn (soon)• Device & bandwidth specific ‘flavours‘ of video• Videos private by default• Access control, via embed codes/links or by IP
  3. 3. Educational Technology Software Services at VIUDeployed on premises Hosted Services (Can)Kaltura CE version 5.0Codename EagleRelease Jan. 26, 2012
  4. 4. Timeline of deployment• December 2011 – VIU enters agreement withKaltura for on-premises deployment• May 2012 – Scoping document completed andsend to Kaltura• August 2012 - Server configuration confirmed anddeployed at VIU• September 2012 - First videos uploaded to Kaltura• January 2013 – Launch of Mediaspace (VIUTube)for self service by instructors and students
  5. 5. MinutesAverage video time 8.63Max 158Min 246220954Video contributions by roleAdminInstructorStudent3745346Contributions by media typeVideoImagesAudioVideo locationSum ofembedded playsVIUTube 1044KMC 787D2L 413Unknown 241Blogs 75VIU Websites 41Facebook 1
  6. 6. • 2 Transcoding servers – quadcore• Supported flavors:Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, HTML5, Blackberry/Nokia• 2 Front End API servers• 2 Batch Servers• 2 Sphinx servers• 2 Mysql servers• 1 Admin/Data Warehouseserver• 1 Live Streaming server (Red5encoding)• >1 Terabyte of shared storage(NFS preferred)Suggested Hardware List – at a glance
  7. 7. Video flavours created for each videoCurrently transcoding:• Basic small MP4 - 496 kbps• Standard small MP4 - 846 kbps• Standard large MP4 – 1446 kbps• High large MP4 – 2628 kbps• HD MP4 – 4192 kbps• iPad MP4 – 1660 kbps• Mobile 3GP – 864 kbps• Mobile MP4 Basic - 464 kbps• Audio MP3 – 128 kbpsKaltura serves theappropriateflavour based onthe device it isbeing accessed onand the availablebandwidth
  8. 8. Mobile views from within D2L
  9. 9. Three Administrative Systems• Kaltura ManagementConsole (KMC)• Kaltura AdministrativeConsole (KAC)• Kaltura Mediaspace Admin(KMA)One public facingwebsite• Kaltura Mediaspace
  10. 10. Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) aka VIUTube(VIU Community access)• Kaltura MediaSpace User Manual• VIU Users can upload video• Users can record from webcam• Users can manage own content andmanage embed codes and links
  11. 11. Upload media filesGet embedcodesRecord directlyfrom webcam
  12. 12. Kaltura Management Console(Admin only access)Kaltura Management Console User ManualMonitor uploaded content from users inVIUTube and D2LEdit and curate content in the systemBulk categorize, tag and delete contentManage categoriesMake videos public on VIUTube websiteCreate and edit Kaltura video playersView video analyticsUpload contentManage bulk upload processCreate live streams
  13. 13. Full control of players• Playlists, general mediaplayers, widescreen players• Download buttons• Flavour selectors
  14. 14. Kaltura MediaSpace Admin (VIUTube)(Admin only access)• Kaltura MediaSpace Admin UserManual• Configuration of VIUTube• Configure LDAP integration• Manage look and feel of KMS• Manage add-ins and modules
  15. 15. Kaltura Admin Console(Admin only access)• Kaltura Admin Console User Manual• Manage administrators• Access and view stats on mediaassets• High level monitoring• API Control
  16. 16. Integration• Mediawiki support dropped• Wordpress network embedrequired development ofOEMBED plugin for KMS– Developed, not yetcontributed to Wordpressplugin directory
  17. 17. D2L-Kaltura IntegrationOpen Issues:• No feedback for uploaders after contributing• Persistent quality issues with webcam recording• Placement of webcam recording option withinD2L (Student deposit video in dropbox?)
  18. 18. Adding Subtitles• Subtitles can be created when creating the video (in Camtasia or Premier) oradded to the video by uploading a subtitle text file (SRT)• In YouTube you can edit and download your own subtitles• Have YouTube autocaption your subtitles• Online tools to extract video subtitlesSubtitlenumberVideo play time toshow subtitle.Format ishours:minutes:seconds,millisecondsText toshow onscreenAnatomy of an .SRT file
  19. 19. Video AnalyticsFull list of metrics
  20. 20. ShortcomingsUtilities only available to KMC admins• Analytics• Uploading of captions• Clip trimmingMissed analytics• Metrics on access per device• Flavour servedLive streaming• Live streaming in flash only (in current version-CE 5.0 )Mediaspace (KMS – VIUTube)• Not mobile friendly?Lack of video annotations• Add text, links and hotspots over video in order to addinformation, interactivity and engagement to videos
  21. 21. Currently investigatingMobile Capture Cart• Cart system containing allcomponents necessary forcapturing lecture• Can be wheeled into any venueSwivl• Motion tracking camera• For iOS and soon larger cameras
  22. 22. Video and copyright• Interesting questions arising over how we dealwith video found on publisher CDs• Many useful resources on old physical mediawhich could benefit from streamingPhoto Credit: rebopper licensed with aCreative Commons licenseThe Copyright Act prohibits breaking a digital lockeven for educational uses that are otherwisepermitted by the Copyright Act. For example, theencryption on most commercial DVDs protects theseDVDs from unauthorized use. These protectionscannot be broken even if the purpose of the use isotherwise allowed.Noel, W. & Snel J. 2012) Copyright Matters! Some Key Questions & Answers for Teachers. CanadianTeachers’ Federation, Canada.
  23. 23. Applications of Video inEducation
  24. 24. Video lecture recordingHardware:• Video camera• Wired/wireless microphone• Tripod• Motion tracking cameraSoftware:• Post production editing(AdobePremier, Camtasia, iMovie,Windows Movie Maker)More ideas:
  25. 25. ‘Talking head’ recordingHardware:• Webcam• Computer headset ordesktop microphone• Computer(PC or Mac)Software:• Screen recording software(AdobeCaptivate, Camtasia, Jing, webcam recording software)
  26. 26. Classroom or lab recordingHardware:• Video camera• Wired/wirelessmicrophone• TripodSoftware:• Post production editing(AdobePremier, Camtasia, iMovie,Windows Movie Maker) participants in your video must be able to providetheir written consent to take part in the video
  27. 27. Screencast recordingHardware:• Computer headset• Computer(PC or Mac)• Wacom tablet (forchalk and talk)Software:• Screen recording software(AdobeCaptivate, Camtasia, Jing)by Watchcaddy ideas:
  28. 28. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 Canada License. To view a copy of this license, visit by: Michael PaskeviciusLearning Technologies Application DeveloperCentre for Innovation and Excellence in Learningmichael.paskevicus@viu.caFollow me: or comments?
  29. 29. Appendix A: Video software linksScreencastingAdobe Captivate ($299) Presenter (Free) ($299) (Free ) (Free) editingAdobe Premier ($1000+) Cut Pro X ($299) (Free trial)iMovie (free with iOS) Movie Maker (Free for Windows) conversionVideo Convertor (Open source)
  30. 30. Appendix B: Creating subtitle files• Open source– SubtitleEdit– Visualsubsync• Freeware– Subtitle Workshop• Paid services (Canadian)– A Plus Translations• Upload to YouTube– Use YouTube auto captions, download SRT