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Life in the victorian times and Charles dickens


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Presentation of Victorian time and Charles Dickens

Published in: Education, Spiritual

Life in the victorian times and Charles dickens

  1. 1. It all depended on their family… Children from working class families ate poor food worked long hours lived in terrible conditions died of diseases.
  2. 2. Children from rich families ate healthy food had clean and good clothes didn’t need to work went on holidays had expensive toys
  3. 3.  At the age of 5 or 6, children started to work.  They worked long hours with little breaks and no fresh air.  They often worked in dangerous conditions.  They were paid very little.
  4. 4.  In factories  As chimney sweepers  In coal mines  In the streets  In workhouses  In farms
  5. 5.  Schools were not free until 1891.  Children from rich families were taught at home by a governess until they were 10 years old.  The boys went away to public schools like Eton and Harrow.
  6. 6. Charles Dickens wanted to send the optimistic message ‘everyone can change and help the poor’. The story of A Christmas Carol established the idea of Christmas charity towards those less fortunate.