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Expected Result - A UX Story


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Presentation delivered at NVISIA Digital Platform Conference 2018 by:
VP of Technology
Delta Defense

Published in: Software
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Expected Result - A UX Story

  1. 1. A UX Story The Expected Result
  2. 2. Best practices are BULLSHIT!
  3. 3. Best Practices = User Patterns
  4. 4. A Walk in Chicago or any big city…
  5. 5. Design User Experience
  6. 6. How Many Times Have You Been Asked to Show CREATIVE FIRST!
  7. 7. How many times have you been asked to show creative first
  8. 8. HOW TO CHANGE? Put UX in a Context That They Will Understand
  9. 9. Think about building… Your First House • Buy some land • Sit down and talk through your ideas • Blueprints and Visual Rendering • Build the structure • Add all the cool stuff…
  10. 10. Think about building… Your UX Story • The Idea • User Stories & Data • Wireframes & Clickable Prototypes • Creative Design • Build It
  11. 11. The United App The land of buttons…
  12. 12. Started All Over So what did we do…
  13. 13. The USCCA App All user driven design…
  14. 14. Questions? Now your turn…
  15. 15. OR