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Virtual Security Assessment Data Sheet 20090323 2


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Mini assessment data sheet for virtual environments

Published in: Technology
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Virtual Security Assessment Data Sheet 20090323 2

  1. 1. - Mini Security Assessment Virtualized environments share many of the same security challenges faced by physical Description server environments. Virtualization represents a classic example of organization weighing the risks of adopting the increased agility and cost efficiencies that virtualization provides versus the potential vulnerabilities and exposures that such adoption entails. The key to successfully providing a secure virtualized environment that still allows an organization the opportunity to reap the benefits of virtualization while minimizing the risks associated with the adoption of that technology can be achieved through having a thorough understanding of those risk areas within the context of a specific environment and operation. offers a virtualization security assessment service to provide organizations the information that they require to find this balance within their own unique set of circumstances. will conduct a virtualization security assessment to evaluate the strength Features of current security capabilities for your virtualized environment. The tests are conducted and using a variety of tools and techniques and is geared towards understanding the security Benefits capability within your virtualized environment on an organization, process, procedure and technical level. The focus is on privileged access, configuration standards, change management, deployment standards, console security, handling of virtual disks, separation of network and workload, as well understanding strategies and techniques for the ongoing security of each virtual instance deployed in your environment. This Virtualization Security Assessment will document the recommended areas of improvement and provide your organization the situational awareness required to avoid the many security pitfalls that exist with the deployment of this type of technology. offers a complete suite of security services including Network Other Vulnerability Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Security Architecture Reviews, Services Security Systems Implementation, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Available Planning and other consulting services as required. For more information about Security Services, please contact GuardEra Corporate Office: 200 W. 22nd Street, Suite 220 Lombard, IL 60148 Phone: (847) 348-0600 Fax: (847) 934-1100