Odyssey EMR


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EMR Selection from an MD\'s perspective.

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Odyssey EMR

  1. 1. Searching for an EMR An Odyssey A Doctor’s Perspective
  2. 2. General Pediatrician Associates in Pediatrics Elgin, Illinois Suburban Chicago 7 Doctors, 2 Nurse Practitioners
  3. 3. Overwhelming Overwhelming Overwhelming Overwhelming Overwhelming Overwhelming Overwhelming
  4. 4. How do you keep records now?
  5. 5. Multiple office locations Data management Why would I and tracking want an EMR? Chart availability Protect records Access records from home
  6. 6. How can you get started?
  7. 7. Some Starting Points Throw-away journals AAP News, Pediatric News Physician practice publications Physician Practice, Medical Economics, Modern Physician Healthcare technology oriented journals Healthcare IT News
  8. 8. More Starting Points Websites/Organizations AAP, AAFP Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) KLAS Research Meetings Medical societies, TEPR, HIMSS
  9. 9. How can your hospital help? Discuss EMR with colleagues Department meeting with EMR as focus Small forum with 3-4 vendors presenting Hospital sponsored EMR conference
  10. 10. What do you look for? Specialty specific needs Templates v. none Ease of navigation how many clicks? Screen Design Different methods of entering data Interoperability Ability to exchange data with other programs
  11. 11. Pediatric Specific Issues Pediatric references Questionnaires Pediatric templates Edinburgh Phone triage Developmental templates Autism Lead Immunization tracking ADD/ADHD School Physical forms Asthma care plans BMI tracking Vaccine info sheets Immunization Patient Education inventory
  12. 12. Do you have time to shop for a house? Would you buy a $250,000 vacation home without taking a good look at it?
  13. 13. Do you have time to shop for a car?
  14. 14. How can you make time for a demonstration? In your office Approximately 2-3 hour presentation Internet based meeting with simultaneous conference telephone call Ease of meeting from your own homes Off hours scheduling
  15. 15. Where can I get more information? Subjective Information from Sales Reps To: Doc From: CF
  16. 16. Objective Information There is bias everywhere… KLAS Reports TEPR Conference Internet
  17. 17. What do my colleagues know that can help me? Source Practice General overview Who Implementation Products in use Support Quality of use Interoperability Experience Rx module
  18. 18. Other experience colleagues can share Out of box v customization Who customizes? Who pays for customization? Day-to-day at ‘Go-live’ ‘Success time’ Return on investment New directions on horizon Problems/Comments
  19. 19. How can I find out about hardware vendors?
  20. 20. Talk with EMR vendors & practices Often recommended by EMR vendors May get referrals from colleagues Hardwired v Wireless Work Stations hardwired terminals v laptops v tablets
  21. 21. What do doctors want? Convenience!
  22. 22. What kind of Server do I need? Application Service Provider (ASP) Off-site server owned by service provider Backup located at that site On-site Practice owned server Requires a ‘techie’ to maintain it Capital outlay to purchase Backup located on site or other location
  23. 23. How can I Secure my network? Do I need to back-up my data? Often available from hardware consultants Critical – a MUST HAVE The Front Page Headlines The Chicago Tribune Your Practice Loses Patient Records
  24. 24. HIPAA Governs All of Us
  25. 25. Negotiating a Contract Do I need help? Source Code Warranty period – money back guarantee Recurring fees tied to Consumer Price Index License transferrable Option to purchase additional licenses Provider must stay up to date Payment terms based on project milestones
  26. 26. No matter what you do….
  27. 27. In Summary Set goals Check references Begin searching Plan network Use resources back-up and People, Hospitals security Assess your Explore financing needs Get help with Take time to look contracting and compare
  28. 28. Sometimes it’s hard to change…