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7 news item reading


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7 news item reading

  1. 1. Welcome to English ClassMasropah Noviyanti
  2. 2. Standar kompetensi11. Memahami makna teks fungsional pendek dan eseisederhana berbentuk news item dalam kontekskehidupan sehari-hari dan untuk mengakses ilmupengetahuan.Kompetensi dasar11.1 Merespon makna dalam teks fungsional pendek(misalnya pengumuman, iklan, undangan dll.) resmi dantak resmi secara akurat, lancar dan berterima yangmenggunakan ragam bahasa tulis dalam kontekskehidupan sehari-hari
  3. 3. Generic structure• Recount the event in summaryformNewsworthyevents• Elaborate what happened, towhom, in what circumstances.Backgroundevents• Comments byparticipant, witnesses andauthorities on the event.Source
  4. 4. Warm Bodies heats up Korean film marketSOUTH KOREA (Reuters) -- Hollywood zombiecomedy Warm Bodies has put an end to the three weeks’reign of Korean film noir New World on the weekend boxoffice.In Warm Bodies, 23-year-old British actor NicholasHoult stars as a zombie named R who befriends a humanand begins to turn into a human himself, creating anunusual sense of excitement in the zombie community.This is Hoults 11th film after recording another hit with his10th movie, Jack The Giant Slayer, which sits at No. 9 onthe chart.This horror romance picture landed at No. 1 on thechart after drawing in 423,332 cinemagoers during theweekend of 15 and17 March, Korean Box OfficeInformationSystem [KOBIS] showed Monday.NewsworthyeventsBackgroundeventSource
  5. 5. Ang Lee wins Oscar Award for Best DirectorAng Lee, director of "Life of Pi", won the Oscar Award for BestDirector Sunday night at the 85th Academy Awards Ceremony.He succeeded over Michael Haneke of "Amour," Benh Zeitlin of"Beasts of the Southern Wild," Steven Spielberg of "Lincoln" andDavid O. Russell of "Silver Linings Playbook" to win the goldenstatute."Life of Pi" is an adventure tale featuring a young man namedYoung Pi, who is the son of zookeepers in Pondicherry, India, findsthe world he knows swept away when his family sells the zoo andsets sail for Canada with a few of its remaining animals.When a storm capsizes the ship, only Pi escapes and setsadrift in a lifeboat that is also the refuge of an enormous Bengaltiger.Coming from Chinas Taiwan, the 59-year-old Lee won theOscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2003 for "Hulk" andgot another Oscar award for Best Director in 2005 for "BrokebackMountain." He is the first person of Asian descent to win the Oscarfor Best Director.