the enigma of Loyalty...


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The connected society reverses the paradigm according to which companies are offer its products to customers, leaving it to users to make suggestions. What's the point now have the loyalty programs offered by companies?

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the enigma of Loyalty...

  1. 1. The enigma of l o y a l t y
  2. 2. The connected society reverses the paradigm according to which companies are aproporre itsproducts to customers, leaving it to users to make suggestions.Whats the point now have the loyalty programsoffered by companies?
  3. 3. In any nonlinear dynamic system such as network, diversity is a value, people differ in theirnature, this also means that the changes made by individual people do not have the samefeatures and do not cause the same changesIl chance and Necessity transform modefunction loyalty by changing the value signifier?
  4. 4. Today, in this type of economy the value is always less generated by the sale and purchase ofproducts, and increasingly through a dynamic system of information, services, experiences andsolutions. We need to create products and solutions based on social needs and collectiveaspirations, which are beneficial to the community as well as individualsThe language has changed, the concept of gainto the concept of saving ethical?
  5. 5. Awards unreachable ...For those who see us move in packs, to consume the planet and kill each other, humanbeings may seem all, unless one intelligent community. The thesis of the existence of acollective intelligence emerges from the observation and the small groups, and of thegreat civilizations, but companies often do not allow for this. In a loyalty programgenerally focus, in addition to the discount, the collection points daun catalog thatallows you to purchase different types of products, but if you read the catalog you willfind that the value of these products linked to the value of the points is nothing short ofabsurd . An example: a pot will be worth 3,000 points and if these points are indicatedwith a value of € 1 = 1point a, you know well that with the same real value I buy a car. Ifyou ask explanations will give economic Justification elaborate, in fact there issomething not clear, but no one will give full answers. It seems that for all ofthese"companies" the user is not able to make sensible economic considerations, orworse yet that we are not equipped with intelligence.
  6. 6. The dream expanded ...The construction of a Dream, based If then you will deepen further the businesson the desires of status is in decay is model you will find it does not exist, whythe tool proposed by some "business" should I join a community that does not havethat the term social shopping a real product, but buys it from internationaldamage disappointments of various platforms (such Zanox Trade Double etc..), Itkinds (anchee conomiche) to their would be more interesting to directly use theseaffiliati.Nella looking for false platforms without brokerage costs and theninnovations, some companies have have a further real savings? In short, it is a falsedesigned and built an abstract illusion that we are proposing, but today socialmodel of business applied to the media can undermine the false existingnetwork in which you can not only business models, which are based only on thesave money, but also earn. If you idea of the big "dreams of business." The Socialthink more carefully about this Business is not a trend is a modus operandi,business model, there is a strong which turned deep consumer culture, and isdiscrepancy between the two transforming their relationship with the ​values of savings and gain when companies-products-services, is changing theused simultaneously. That someone way the patterns of use of this instrumentwill gain on you and you will earn on under the revised needs of consumers, butsomeone, but then where he is the beware of false promises that the web end upreal savings? very early to be hoaxes-lies.
  7. 7. The reputation paid ...In todays society you must be, as well as creative and flexible, highly credible, thathave a system of reputazionee guarantees adequate to dialogue is that out. Somecompanies, conscious of a lack of credible business model, looking to purchasereputation by co-branding. That is, through the co-operation with other partners whohave real products or services, to at least get a reputation as a "company making thedistribution" of unique products offered at great prices. Then arise various examples ofcoalition-program, linked to one or more reltà territorial. If they were designed in aninnovative way may also work, but are not attached to a model "relational", whereinformation is exchanged with their customers, but made only as a "model" for profit, inwhich the unsuspecting partner is involved, and in spite of long-term results in a loss ofimage and reputation by sharing data unreliable. Rather than representing and look fornew business models for a company different from the rest, giving a privileged role inthe dialogue with customers, in order to engage in an enterprise, to become part of thenational and international networks, to create value, try to represent only themselves,perhaps in an optical acquisition of external funding that can be used for their needs. Ifwe approfodite lanalisi you will find that there is not even an internal organizationbased on shared among all employees, to create innovations that improve theprocesses of purchasing and consumption / use of products and services by customers,but only a pyramidal system indoors, where there is only the ignorant hierarchy ofprocesses, perhaps badly copied by other companies.
  8. 8. Choose your paper...
  9. 9. I choose the innovation...Unfortunately it is now a widespread prejudice that stupidity is that intelligence is simpleand complicated. The real genius and great quality, are the ability to transform acomplex problem into a simple solution. When intelligence is proposed in an intricateway (complicated), or difficult to understand, it means that it is immature. Part of theproblem that we ruin your life are the accumulation dicomplicazioni useless. "Itfollowing this principle that I discover what are the right choices, certainly not thosewho are reborn from fraudulent companies, and even those in which the user, as realityhuman, is not at the center of the business model of the company. It is not copyingwithout the knowledge that you can find innovations or a business model whichfunctions
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