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Visual In-page Analytics (UX Camp Europe 2016)

*This is a revised version of the presentation uploaded in 2015*

Visual In-page web analytics is the analysis of visitor behavior within a particular webpage or a product.

It differs from traditional web analytics, which focuses on visitor movement between pages rather than on one particular page. In-page web analytics software includes click-tracking, mouse-tracking, and session replay tools, many of which display what areas of a webpage receive the most visitor attention.

These tools are generally used to understand visitor behavior for the purposes of optimizing a website's usability and conversion rate.

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Visual In-page Analytics (UX Camp Europe 2016)

  1. 1. UX Camp Europe 2016 Visual Analytics: uncovering the why in your data Bartosz Mozyrko
  2. 2. Quick Poll Who uses web analytics? @bmozyrko
  3. 3. Some stats 80% of websites using any kind of analytics use Google Analytics @bmozyrko
  4. 4. Traditional Analytics 1st page 2nd page 3rd page Traditional analytics look at the transitions between pages @bmozyrko
  5. 5. Visual Analytics 1st page 2nd page 3rd page Visual (in-page) analytics focus on what happens within the pages themselves Traditional analytics look at the transitions between pages @bmozyrko
  6. 6. Here are some of the options Heatmaps Session Replay Form Analytics @bmozyrko
  7. 7. HEATMAPS See what makes your visitors click @bmozyrko
  8. 8. Click Tracking @bmozyrko
  9. 9. Click Tracking @bmozyrko
  10. 10. Click Tracking Areas Of Interest (AOIs) @bmozyrko
  11. 11. @bmozyrko
  12. 12. • Analysis revealed that 24 % of the clicks were going in wrong places • As a result, simple design changes increased conversion by 122% How can heat maps improve conversion? @bmozyrko
  13. 13. @bmozyrko
  14. 14. Most people don't read, but scan @bmozyrko
  15. 15. FORM ANALYTICS Discover which fields take too long to fill @bmozyrko
  16. 16. That’s an issue, right here
  17. 17. +5% conversion increase
  18. 18. SESSION REPLAY See your users online experience @bmozyrko
  19. 19. @bmozyrko
  20. 20. @bmozyrko
  21. 21. Use one tool to spot the issue… @bmozyrko
  22. 22. …and another to see what actually happened @bmozyrko
  23. 23. There are many tools out there @bmozyrko
  24. 24. Everybody has information Data Information Data + Structure Value @bmozyrko
  25. 25. That's the tricky part Data Information Knowledge Decision Change Data + Structure Information + Meaning Knowledge + Recommendation Value @bmozyrko
  26. 26. Questions? @bmozyrko
  27. 27. Thanks! @bmozyrko