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What a UX person can learn while developing his own startup (UX Poland 2013)


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What a UX person can learn while developing his own startup (UX Poland 2013)

  1. 1. What a UX person can learnwhile developing his own startup UX Poland 2013
  2. 2. My name is Bart I do two things in my life1. researcher2. product guy
  3. 3. At first our company was like thisan independent research & consulting agency
  4. 4. Recently the focus has changedwe’ve evolved to a SaaS business
  5. 5. This is how we work nowPO = Product Owner, that’s my job
  6. 6. UX elements model was very useful"how" became "what"
  7. 7. UX elements model was very useful"how" became "what"
  8. 8. Some things I’ve learned
  9. 9. First you have to understand the problemNASA spent $ 1 million on a pen that could write in space (so did we)
  10. 10. … then try to find an optimal solutionthe Russians used a pencil
  11. 11. UX is not the most important thing there is no point in investing in something people don’t want or understand Ease of useCustomer value Quality Functionality Customer understanding Time
  12. 12. Build only what you needfirst, make sure people will want to walk your path... B MVP A
  13. 13. And see what happens…then invest your money in making it more comfortable to walk through B MVP A
  14. 14. When goals are clear UX helps you to make good choices using qualitative methods allows you to fix misconceptions earlyBusiness value Time
  15. 15. Minimum viable research is a reasonable approach"better a rough answer to the right question than a detailed answer to the wrong question"
  16. 16. <3 the paperit helps you to test your business hypothesis
  17. 17. <3 the paperlack of predefined widgets improves the quality of design solutions
  18. 18. Constraints are good for your designthey can increase usability and consistency of user interface
  19. 19. Value customer feedback over user feedbacknarrow your focus to what’s important
  20. 20. Learn how to create personasand teach people around you how to use them Feature Feature …
  21. 21. Iterating is f*****g hardbut totally worth it - it helps you to divide your work into manageable parts
  22. 22. Never forget about the boxgood looking things work sell better
  23. 23. It’s all about the money
  24. 24. Thanks! Bartosz Mozyrko