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Understand the FSA Program


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Part 4 of the Firefox Student Ambassador Beginner's Guide: Understanding the FSA Program.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Understand the FSA Program

  1. 1. Program Introduction Firefox Student Ambassador
  2. 2. You get what you put in. Meaning the more initiative you take, the more you will get out of this experience.Whether it’s leadership, swag, recognition, friends, or knowledge - you are guaranteed to gain something valuable, and we mean it. How It Works This program is not exclusive or selective.We believe in open opportunities just as much as we believe in an Open Web.
  3. 3. Program Structure FSA Executive Board & Community Manager Regional Ambassador Leads Firefox Student Ambassadors (that’s you) We are run by awesome volunteers from our Mozilla Community (the regional team) (the global team)
  4. 4. As a Firefox Student Ambassador, you do not simply post on social media or aimlessly hand out swag. That’s a little boring! We’re up against billion dollar giants, but together we can tackle new challenges and fight for people’s privacy, be web educators, do good, and change the world. Here at Mozilla we do meaningful work, and so will you.
  5. 5. Here’s what Firefox Student Ambassadors are doing from all over the world…
  6. 6. starting a KidZilla initiative to educate children about the basics of computers. Focused on aiding schools with lesser facilities on the outskirts of cities. In Kelambakkam, Chennai
  7. 7. In Taipei demoing apps they’ve developed for Firefox OS as part of a contest they hosted.
  8. 8. attending an FSA Leaders Camp organized by the Mozilla Philippines Community to further their leadership skills and bring new knowledge back to their school. In Manila
  9. 9. In Indore hosting a Developers Boot Camp event where attendees were taught how to build an HTML5 phone app, for free.
  10. 10. • Writing blog posts • Designing graphics • Making videos • Building apps • Coding webpages • Giving presentations • Localizing materials • Sharing on social media They are also, and so much more.
  11. 11. Now It’s YOUR turn.
  12. 12. Here Are Your Tasks: Share Firefox and give the gift of the Open Web.
  13. 13. Introduce the affordable Firefox OS to the world. and…
  14. 14. But how? As you continue on in the program, you will find many activities you can participate in. There are also resources you can use to help you host your own events. We encourage you to get creative and start new activities and events for your school and local community. You are now the student champion of Firefox & Firefox OS.
  15. 15. Wait, there’s more!
  16. 16. As you learn more about Mozilla and the Open Web, you will discover many other opportunities to contribute to the mission of keeping the power of the Web in the hands of users everywhere. …and so much more!
  17. 17. Just remember,
  18. 18. doing good is part of our code.
  19. 19. So make an impact.
  20. 20. move on to Part 5: Get Involved