Firefox OS App Development


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Firefox OS App Development as presented by Joell Lapitan during MozTour Adamson University Manila.

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  • Probably you already know about Firefox OS, note that it's not Firefox the browser... it's a brand new OS for mobile platforms
  • When we develop any application, we worry about two things.With Firefox OS, We build user interface with HTML & CSS& Javascript does the programming!
  • All Firefox OS apps need a manifest file
  • Check out the price for Educational purposes
  • Firefox OS App Development

    1. 1. Apps Development for Firefox OS
    2. 2. Joell Lapitan • ReMo • IT Professor • Web Developer @jlapitan
    3. 3. if( HTML && CSS && JS) { start building Firefox OS Apps } else { you need to start learning those three items above }
    4. 4. Two Things • User Interface • Controls
    5. 5. “Basically” Firefox OS apps = web apps
    6. 6. Tools we need 1. Any text editor 2. Firefox browser 3. Firefox OS Simulator Add On
    7. 7. Step by step 1. Create a folder name it as hello anywhere in your computer. 2. Create a new html file (index.html) inside your folder and some text between the <body> tag. 3. Open your index.html file in Firefox to test if it is working 4. Let's test how it will look on mobile screen size! 5. Press CTRL + SHIFT + M
    8. 8. Manifest file The manifest file tells the app's name, description, permissions it requires and some other basic settings
    9. 9. Install the app 1. Open the Simulator from: Tools > Web Developer > Simulator from Firefox browser 2. Click on "Add Directory“ 3. Select the manifest.webapp file 4. The simulator will start with your app
    10. 10. Congratulations!
    11. 11. Wait! There's more!
    12. 12. jQueryMobile We need to make your app have the "mobile look and feel" Or try using Codiqa
    13. 13. Boilerplate App This is a demo app for Firefox OS, loosely based on fxosstub, meant to act as a simple boilerplate for getting started with apps for Firefox OS. It will give you a button to install it in Firefox OS - on a device and in the simulator Get the code from Github
    14. 14. Documentation
    15. 15. Thank you!