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Mozilla: Under the Hood


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Mozilla: Under the Hood

The browser has in many ways become a mini-operating system, attempting to harness all the internet’s power and complexity while making it simple enough so that anyone with minimal computer skills can visit websites and communicate with people all over the world. The technical challenges of developing and testing software in this kind of environment are immense, given the rapid changes going on in the internet space and the fact that the browser is called upon to parse as many as 1 trillion pages full of dynamic content. As time has gone on, many websites have gone from looking like static pages to resembling applications, which presents it own set of difficulties. Given these challenges, how does Mozilla ensure high quality and usability of every browser release? I will explore Mozilla under the hood and illuminate how Mozilla works to meet these challenges by introducing some of the tools that Mozilla uses to test its products. I will also demonstrate how Mozilla leverages help from the community as well as gives back to the community as part of the open development process.

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Mozilla: Under the Hood

  1. 1. Mozilla Under the Hood
  2. 2. Presented by Marcia Knous Team Mozilla QA
  3. 3. Brief History of Mozilla
  4. 4. Mozilla is... A global effort to promote choice and innovation on the Internet An open source project
  5. 5. Software for the people, by the people
  6. 6. NY Times two page ad December 16, 2004
  7. 7. What fuels us?
  8. 8. Community ‣ 2008 Mozilla Summit
  9. 9. We build on top of each other
  10. 10. A Good Day at Mozilla :)
  11. 11. The tree is green...
  12. 12. ...So what do we test?
  13. 13. Everything! • Firefox Release builds • Including Firefox Localizations • Firefox Nightly Builds • Firefox Mobile (Fennec) • Firefox web properties • Thunderbird
  14. 14. What do we focus on? •Basic functionality •Standards Compliance •Performance
  15. 15. How do we do this? •Automated Tests •Manual Tests
  16. 16. The Mozilla Platform
  17. 17. Automated Tests
  18. 18. Unit Tests xpcshell Compiled code
  19. 19. XPC Shell ‣Anything available to the XPCOM layer (through scriptable interfaces) can be tested with xpcshell. ‣Limitations: Can’t easily open windows, test chrome, work with HTML parser or the DOM ‣
  20. 20. Graphical & Interactive Tests Mochitest Chrome Tests Reftest Crash Tests
  21. 21. Content Mochitest Highlights Runs tests in a full browser environment with chrome privileges Can simulate user input (keyboard/mouse) Good for testing things such as password manager and popup blocking
  22. 22. Mochichrome Highlights Elevated privileges allow access to XPCOM components and services Uses simple JS function calls to aid in correctness Useful for testing UI components such as: Download Manager/Addons Manager
  23. 23. Browser Chrome Tests Tests are written as JS files Uses simple JS function calls to aid in correctness Useful for testing Browser UI features
  24. 24. Crash Tests Based on the reftest framework The test works by loading the file and completing without crashing or asserting
  25. 25. Reftests ➡Layout Engine Visual Tests ➡Results are reported as Pass, Fail or Unexpected
  26. 26. Desired Result of the test
  27. 27. Talos
  28. 28. Leak Tests
  29. 29. Topsite Testing
  30. 30. Other Tests ➡Fuzz Tests ➡Accessibility ➡JS Tests
  31. 31. Mozmill Functional UI testing for Mozilla Applications.
  32. 32. Manual Tests
  33. 33. Litmus ‣Open 24/7 for your testing enjoyment ‣Test cases written by Mozilla QA & community
  34. 34. Litmus Full Functional Tests
  35. 35. Litmus Basic Functional Tests
  36. 36. Litmus Smoketests
  37. 37. Manual Debugging Tools The Error Console is your friend!
  38. 38. Even with all these tests...
  39. 39. There is no magic bullet
  40. 40. The bug that forced FF 3 RC2
  41. 41. There is humor in testing software...
  42. 42. Keynote software error Common sight while preparing this presentation, but at least I can send feedback...
  43. 43. Who tests? Fosdem, 2009
  44. 44. The Community Nightly Testers - ~ 10K Betatesters - ~ 3 Million Web Developers Mozilla QA Team - 18
  45. 45. The QA Companion Useful add on that allows the community to test
  46. 46. An Example of Code Coverage
  47. 47. How do we get feedback?
  48. 48. Bugzilla Community Members file bugs and help triage The Mozilla “kitchen”
  49. 49. Hendrix Feedback link is postioned prominently on Release Notes and first run page Blocker bug for Firefox 3 was found through this feedback mechanism
  50. 50. First run page before we changed the version to Firefox 3.5... But nonetheless a good example of a the direct feedback links (Bugzilla, Hendrix) on first run page
  51. 51. Twitter Tweets regarding issues with Firefox are reported and monitored
  52. 52. Breakpad Crash reporting tool
  53. 53. MozillaZine Firefox Forum Discussions At one time was the premier Mozilla news site
  54. 54. Newsgroups -
  55. 55. QMO - The QA Portal Central repository for project info and documents
  56. 56. Linked directly from the Help menu Allows you to report a broken website right from the UI
  57. 57. So who reviews all this feedback? Sometimes tough to separate the “noise” from the real issues
  58. 58. We give back...
  59. 59. Songbird Miro Blackbird Flock Instantbird Celtx Seamonkey Komodo KompoZer Nokia’s Internet Tablet Wyzo
  60. 60. Projects/Technologies Projects Technologies Firefox Gecko Camino XULRunner Bugzilla Mozilla Labs Fennec Lightning and Sunbird Seamonkey Thunderbird
  61. 61. The end...questions?
  62. 62. Resources/Background material The History of Mozilla: QMO: Litmus: Mozmill: Developer info: Mozilla Labs: Tinderbox for Firefox 3.5: tree=Firefox3.5
  63. 63. Resources/Background material Get the Firefox Beta: QA Companion: Hendrix: Mozilla support: Mozilla Digital Memory Bank: Marcia’s Firefox Robot Wars Video: v=OnZClPMoYEY
  64. 64. Photo credits Jaguar Inline 6 Car Engine Photo courtesy of dave_7. Licensed under a Creative Commons license - http:// Bullet photo courtesy of JinglyJon. Licensed under a Creative Commons license : photos/jinglyjon/180600454/