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Mozilla Crash Analysis and Reporting


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A presentation given at the 7/15/09 Mozilla Meetup.

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  • Very useful, I totally struggled until I found this Mozilla crash analysis.
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Mozilla Crash Analysis and Reporting

  1. 1. Mozilla Mozilla Crash Reporting and Analysis
  2. 2. Mozilla Mozilla Crash Reporting and Analysis
  3. 3. What we will cover Understanding what happens on your machine when you crash Understanding where the data goes and how you can use it diagnose your crash or the crashes of others Getting a crash bug filed in Bugzilla and providing the information necessary to help developers fix the crash
  4. 4. Crash:(
  5. 5. Here is how it works:
  6. 6. Socorro Socorro is the code name for the server that collects all the reports and produces reports on the website
  7. 7. How do I report a crash?
  8. 8. Step 1: Get the crash report from the browser page by typing about:crashes in the URL bar
  9. 9. Summary page for a Sample Crash
  10. 10. Crashing thread Usually the information that is most useful is at the top of the stack and what is used to file a bug
  11. 11. Things to do before filing a bug Try to reproduce the crash and get a good set of steps to reproduce Search bugzilla first to see if a bug is already on file You can also search crash stats by the stack signature to see if other users have encountered that crash
  12. 12. Bug filed as a result of crash
  13. 13. Information to add to crash bugs in Bugzilla The severity of crashes is usually higher than just normal - either critical or blocker Example of a blocker crash: Crash when logging into Facebook Add “crash” to the keywords if it is just a crash Add “topcrash” to the keywords if the bug is a top crash. Important to try to reproduce the crash
  14. 14. Some project ideas... - Need a better way to test facebook apps and reproduce frequent Firefox crashes there
  15. 15. References Mozilla Crash Stats page -> http://crash- Join the Crash Analysis Project in QMO: http://