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  1. 1. Questionnaire Results How my audience research will affect my process in to creating my short film
  2. 2. IntroductionI created a survey in order to see what my target audience would like to see in a short film and what are the key elemants in order to make a short film successful.From the feedback, I will base the results and apply them to my short film.
  3. 3. It appears that 20 subjects have participated in my survey,10 being female, and the other half being male. This isgreat since my product is being targetted at both genders.From these results I can say that my feedback is going tocome back neutral with results from both genders. Thismeans I will be able to contrstuct a film using the resultswhich will cater for this audience.
  4. 4. Gender Cont.. The amount of females and males that The amount of male and females that have participated have participated 12 Male, 10 Female, 10 10Participation 8 6 4 Female Male Male 2 10 10 Female 50% 50% 0 Male Female Series1 10 10 Gender The right chart displays the amount of the males and females whom have participated. The bars are equal, therefor showing that there were 10 of each. On the right is a pie chart, visually displaying that 10 of my subjects were male and the other 10 were female.
  5. 5. The results for question two, shows that my participants were in the age group of 16-19. This is great for me since my product will be aimed at this group. This means that the results I will be receiving will be vey rich, reliable and suitable for my construction stage.This also proves that by posting my survey on social networking sites, I will be tagetting my audience. Since that is the place they will most likely to be.
  6. 6. Cont… The age group of my participants Age group of the participants 25 16-19 20 0, 0% 20 0, 0%Parcipants 15 16-19 13-15 10 16-19 5 13-15 20-25 20-25 0 0 0 13-15 16-19 20-25 20, 100% Age group So from these charts you can see that 100% if my participants were in the age group 16-19. This is excellent for my research, since I am targetting my product at this group.
  7. 7. Question 1 and 2So the answers from questions one and two, tell me what kind of answers I will receiving and from what gender and age group.My film will be targetted at the two groups, both genders and the ages from 16-23.
  8. 8. From these answers it appearts that Comedy is the most popular answer. Therefore i will be sticking with my selected genre comedy, as the reuslts show that this will work best in a short film.
  9. 9. I must make sure that that the editing, narrative and characters skill in acting are great!
  10. 10. The voting on which area appeals in a short film So from this chart I can 12 Visually say that for my 10 10 Short film to be success- sound Ful I will need to make 8 camerashots Sure the acting will be good. editingvotes 6 4 4 miss-en-scene 4 acting 2 2 narrative 0 0 0 area
  11. 11. %100 of my subjects say that sound is very important in a short film. So this means I will not be doing a silent comedy. Sound is very important in films, especially comedy films as the main task is to make the audience laugh.
  12. 12. My short film must be up to five minutes, but my target audience believes that a short film should be up to 7 minutes and plus. It appears that if I do make a short film this long, I must make sure it appears to be very entertaining and not boring.
  13. 13. My target audience highly believes that the narrativeshould focus on two characters rather than one. Thiscan be because two characters is seemed to be verypopular due to comedy films such as ‘PineappleExpress’, ‘Dude Where’s My Car’ ect. So I will comply bythese results and ensure that there will be twocharacters in my short film.
  14. 14. Question 8 asks the audience what they expect to see ina short film, my subjectsHave basically gave me a list of conventions that Iexpect to see in a short film.I will apply these comments from my subjects and applythem to my film, for example‘A movie that has a moral at the end…’
  15. 15. More comments…
  16. 16. From researching conventions of short films, I had seen thatone popular convention, That you may not see in short filmsare that there are many twists, for example…‘The black hole’– the character gets him self trapped in side the vault (pleaserefer to my early posts) Or ‘Extra Virgin’ the young girl askedwhat virgin meant, as in the Oil…wheras her mum explainedher the proccess of losing your virginity. It appears that fiftypercent of my subjects believe there should be, whereas therest do not care. Therefore I will include a twist in my shortfilm.
  17. 17. For my last question I set up a pole to see which of my ideas would work great for this kind of audience. It appears that the first option has appealed to %75 of the subjects. Therefore I will stick with this narrative.
  18. 18. To conclude• Comedy was most popular genre• 50% believed that acting appealed to them most• Sound is important in a short film• Subjects believes that a short film should be 7+ long• Two characters in a film• There should be a twist• The best narrative for my film –a love hate relationship between two friends