Ezinearticles clone by ncrypted websites


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EzineArticles Clone by NCrypted is completely customized and also provides various extended features.

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Ezinearticles clone by ncrypted websites

  1. 1. EzineArticles Clone By NCrypted Get fully customized EzineArticles Clone by NCrypted
  2. 2. Articles Websites Clones • Ezinearticles is the best Article Directory we can say because that is fact that they don't distribute all the articles which submitted by the registered users, yet they first affirm them at exactly that point they are permitted to see their live articles on the web. Ezinearticles dependably gives rich content to the readers and that is the greatest in addition to purpose of Article Directory. • Ezinearticles Clone by NCrypted gives all of the rights to admin so they can manage your website clone like EzineArticles.
  3. 3. Articles Websites Clones Articles Websites Clone is a leading In-Demand website clone in the market because it is useful to make your own Article Directory like EzineArticles t start your own online business.
  4. 4. Benefits of EzineArticles Clone • Users can register for free • Unlimited articles can be added by the registered users and the script allows viewing their articles are added • EzineArticles Clone Script provided by NCrypted is fully SEO friendly • Article will be displayed only after it approved by the admin, this feature is used to stop the spammers • Top 10 and Recent 10 Articles shown on Homepage and more
  5. 5. Front End Features • Submit Article - Here Registered users are able to submit their Article content by choosing various Categories • Search Facility - Users are able to search articles by various ways like Search by Country, Search by Author, Search by Category, Search by Categories and Search by Titles • Social Bookmarking Panel – Users are able to share Article on their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and MySpace websites. Social Bookmarking feature is one of the most important features as it is very popular to share articles by doing social bookmarking.
  6. 6. Back End Features (Author) • Profile Management – Here author can manage personal profile like Name, address, country, Profile Picture etc. • Article Management – Here users are able t manage their articles like Edit their articles, Article Title, Delete articles and more. User also can add their relevant Keywords with articles; they also can upload videos from their dashboard. Authors are also able to check their no. of viewers, voters in the Dashboard.
  7. 7. Back End Features (Admin) • Here Admin have all the rights of website management, User Management and Article Management. Admin can block/unblock the users. They also have option to Approve/Disapprove articles. • Admin is able t add Main categories, sub categories, also they can add or remove users profile from EzineArticles Clone. • Admin have complete rights to edit details or content of the article, admin is also able delete articles if they found it with spamming content.
  8. 8. Articles Websites Clones NCrypted Websites offers customized Website Clones and readymade website clone script such as AirBNB Clone, Digg Clone, Delicious Clone, Reddit Clone, StumbleUpon Clone, Pinterest Clone, LinkedIn Clone, EzineArticles Clone, Amazon Clone, eBay Clone, Freelancer Clone, Shopzilla Clone and 80+ other Website Clones. We are also offering Custom Website Design for more than 70+ categories, for more details visit NCrypted Websites.
  9. 9. Contact Us NCrypted Websites Email us at sales@ncrypted.com For More Details Articles Websites Clone