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Digg Clone by NCrypted provides complete customized website clone so it can be built as per client's requirements and required functionality.

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Digg Clone by NCrypted Websites

  1. 1. Digg Clone By NCrypted Get complete customized Digg Clone from NCrypted with various Features
  2. 2. Social Bookmarking Site Clone • The vast majority of People are usually uploading their content with most of these types of social bookmarking web sites and get targeted traffic through presently there. Digg Clone by NCrypted is usually fully customized and so it is built as per almost all buyer requirements and as well supply full rights on the website so business owner will make just about any modifications on the website in case they need to. • Readymade Website Clone Script not necessarily offers full rights on the website so it's very good to own your customized Digg Clone by NCrypted.
  3. 3. Social Bookmarking Site Clone Social Bookmarking is usually used by most of the people on the web who are actively engaged on the web and making website bookmarks regularly.
  4. 4. Benefits of Digg Clone • Users are able to submit the content like Articles, Images, Audios or Videos • Users are able to sign up with their existing Facebook and Twitter account • Digg Clone is developed with fully Search Engine Friendly Structure • Easy Content Management System is provided so admin can manage all details on the website
  5. 5. Front End Features • Sign in with existing Facebook or Twitter accounts • News Story Panel - In this features User can Like/Unlike the story, can share the post on Facebook or Twitter • Popular Panel and Upcoming Panel - In Popular Panel the stories will be displayed with information, Like/Unlike facility while in Upcoming Panel the list of new upcoming stories will be displayed • Social Networking Panel - Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are listed to share content directly to their existing accounts
  6. 6. Back End Features • Manage User - Admin can manage registered users from back end area in Digg Clone by NCrypted • CMS - Admin is able to manage all content on the website. Content Management System is completely user friendly and easy to use. • Manage Post - Admin has complete rights on submitted posts by the registered users so he can edit or delete the comment as per client's regulation.
  7. 7. About NCrypted NCrypted Websites offers customized Website Clones and readymade website clone script such as AirBNB Clone, StumbleUpon Clone, LinkedIn Clone, Delicious Clone, Elance Clone, Freelancer Clone, eBay Clone, Reddit Clone, Pinterest Clone, Amazon Clone, EzineArticles Clone, Shopzilla Clone and 80+ other Website Clones. We are also offering Custom Website Design for more than 70+ categories, for more details visit NCrypted Websites.
  8. 8. Contact Us NCrypted Website Email us at sales@ncrypted.com For More Details Social Bookmarking Site Clone