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Delicious Clone - Delicious Clone is one of the most popular public social bookmarking websites and it is also most demanded website clone in international market. Delicious Clone by NCrypted is completely customized so it can be made as per client requirements.

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Delicious Clone by NCrypted

  1. 1. Delicious Clone By NCrypted Customized Delicious Clone by NCrypted – Why Choose NCrypted Websites
  2. 2. Social Bookmarking Site Clone Websites like Delicious, Reddit and Digg are keeping bookmark of news identified points like Sports, Technology, Politics, and many more. Delicious Clone by NCrypted offers compelling characteristics which will give clients a complete new experience. Delicious Clone is a standout amongst the most Popular Social Bookmarking sites. Website Clone will have all essential characteristics like it uses non progressive arrangement framework where users can tag all their bookmarks easily.
  3. 3. Social Bookmarking Site Clone Social Bookmarking websites are usually used by all internet marketers to bookmark webpage or content.
  4. 4. Benefits of Delicious Clone Various benefits of Delicious Clone are listed below,  No technical knowledge required to use Delicious Clone  Easy Search facility will be provided  Users are able to see their bookmarks on the home page as well as they are allow to add their templates on user profile  All email accounts are applicable to register and more
  5. 5. Front End Features  Sign Up - Sign in with existing Facebook, Twitter accounts  Profile Management – This includes Personal details, Profile Photo management, Settings  Find friends - Facebook Friends, Twitter contacts, Featured Users, Follow other users  Discover - This feature includes bookmarked Links management, Comment management, recent tags panel
  6. 6. Back End Features  Manage User - Admin can manage registered users from back end area in Delicious Clone.  CMS - Admin is able to manage all content on the website. Content Management System is completely user friendly and easy to use.  Manage Post - Admin has complete rights on submitted posts by the registered users. This Feature is useful to stop the spammers or black listed users. This also helpful to manage posted comments on the post.
  7. 7. About NCrypted NCrypted Websites offers customized Website Clones and readymade website clone script such as AirBNB Clone, LinkedIn Clone, Delicious Clone, StumbleUpon Clone, Pinterest Clone, Reddit Clone, EzineArticles Clone, Amazon Clone, Digg Clone, eBay Clone, Freelancer Clone, Shopzilla Clone and 80+ other Website Clones. We are also offering Custom Website Design for more than 70+ categories, for more details visit NCrypted Websites.
  8. 8. Contact Us NCrypted Websites Email us at More Details Social Bookmarking Site Clone