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Top 7 Telescopes for Kids Back To School


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This back to school PowerPoint on kids' telescopes is made by Frank from Moyea Software, the author of the e-Learning blog

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Top 7 Telescopes for Kids Back To School

  1. 1. ByFrankFrom<br />
  2. 2. Tasco<br />100x50mm Refractor Telescope<br /><ul><li>Ideal for kids & novices
  3. 3. Sturdy refractor telescope design
  4. 4. 50mm objective lens provides optimum light allowance
  5. 5. Alt-azimuth mount
  6. 6. Rack-and-pinion focusing
  7. 7. Includes tripod, accessory tray & glow-in-the-dark stickers</li></ul>Tasco 100x50mm Refractor Telescope<br />Yourkid’s 1sttelescope choice inthisBack to School<br />
  8. 8. Back to School 2nd Telescope Choice <br />TascoSpecialty 30076150<br />30x76mm Refractor Telescope<br /><ul><li>Compact & versatile design
  9. 9. Comes with a convenient carrying strap
  10. 10. Great for kids’ camping and land viewing</li></ul>Tasco Specialty 30x76mm Reflector Telescope<br />
  11. 11. Top 3rd Telescope Choice For Kids Back to School <br /><ul><li>For budding astronomers to start exploring the sky
  12. 12. High-quality optics provide crisp, clear images
  13. 13. 402x maximum magnification range
  14. 14. Sturdy tripod, rugged construction
  15. 15. 60mm objective lens provides optimum light allowance
  16. 16. 25mm, 12.5mm, 4mm eyepieces</li></ul>Tasco 402x60mm Refractor Telescope<br />Tasco<br />402x60mm Refractor Telescope<br />
  17. 17. Zhumell Zenith<br />60x600mm Refractor Telescope<br />The4thTelescope Choice <br />For Kids Back to School <br /><ul><li>Easy to set up right out of the box
  18. 18. Sturdy aluminum alloy tripod for rock solid stability
  19. 19. Comfortable viewing with 45 degree prism
  20. 20. 3x Barlow lens for greater magnification
  21. 21. 2 Eyepieces and a carrying case
  22. 22. 5x20 Finder scope to easily locate & track a favorite celestial object</li></ul>Zhumell Zenith 60x600 Telescope<br />
  23. 23. Celestron<br />60mm PowerSeeker Telescope<br />Right for novices & children<br />Accurate & compact<br />Cheap & easy assembly<br />High-transmission optic coatings<br />Includes a 20mm (35x) & a 4mm (175x) eyepiece, and 3x Barlow lens that triples viewing power<br />Celestron PowerSeeker 60 Telescope<br />The5thTelescope Choice For Kids Back to School <br />
  24. 24. Tasco<br />50x50mm Refractor Telescope<br />A terrific two-piece combo for the explorer in the family. <br />The land and sky telescope is ideal for entry-level surveying, with 2x finder scope and 35x land eyepiece. <br />The 19-piece 900x microscope includes assorted examination and preparation tools, slides and sample specimens.<br />Tasco 50x50 Refractor w/ 900x Microscope<br />Top6thTelescope Choice For Kids Back to School <br />
  25. 25. TascoLuminova<br />578x60mm Refractor Telescope<br />Top7thTelescope Choice For Kids Back to School <br />1.25-inch eyepieces deliver sharp images, wide field of view<br />25mm, 12.5mm, and 4mm eyepieces included<br />120x magnification; 60mm aperture<br />Easy-to-use slow-motion controls<br />Light weight & portable<br />Tasco 578x60mm Refractor Telescope<br />
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