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  1. 1. As the genre of my film was horror I had to look back at other films within the horrorgenre. So I decided to look back at other trailers such as Shaun of the dead and thegrudge. While watching these trailers I have noticed they have many things incommon and the main things are the way they use mise-en-scene, codes andconventions, characters and settings. With the Grudge trailer I noticed they usedreally dark lighting such as low key lighting and the reason they have done this wasto create tension and make the trailer scarier. Also in the Grudge trailer I havenoticed that they have used a character which is the villain in just white night robewhich is what we have used in our film as our villain wears the white robe. They haveused many props in the film Shaun of the dead such as the bat and the otherweapons which shows that they are fighting something which is the zombies and thisjust outlines the horror genre. The way the audience can tell our trailer is horror is bythe way we have used mise-en-scene such as the setting we have used as we useda house which is one of the typical settings for an horror film, the camera shots wehave done such as the close ups where we could show the audience a little view ofthe villain and we have used other shots such as establishing shots to show thesetting, we also chose to shoot the trailer at night because again this would outlinehorror and this would make the film much more scary as no one is out at night andno one can save the victim. Also the costume we have used was the long whiterobe on the villain as we took this idea from The Grudge and The Exorcist.
  2. 2. On our teaser trailer we decided not to reveal the villains face to much asthis would tease the audience to watch the film as they would want to seehow the villain looks like. In the trailer we added an black and white effectto the villains face as this would hide her emotions and this would make herlook more scary. We use technical codes and conventions and we madethe trailer fast paced as it is a teaser trailer so it is short and we have to trygiving quite a lot of information as we can.Within both trailer I have chosen to keep the trailer fast paced. The reasonwe chose to make it fast paced in our teaser trailer is because we wantedto get the audience more engaged and we had to do this by flashing shortscenes at them and some images. In the teaser trailer we decided to addsound effects such as the bang sound effect which we got from YouTube,the reason we did this is because we wanted to make the audience jumpand be scared and when we showed a little clip at the end of the teasertrailer of the villain we decided to make the bang sound a bit louder whichmakes the audience jump and scare them that this is the killer. We also tookthe idea in the teaser trailer of the villain picking up the camera from thefilm Paranormal Activity because while watching this trailer I found it reallyscary the way the ghost just picks up the camera and you just look eye toeye with the ghost. It almost gives that feeling that the ghost is really lookingat you.
  3. 3. Me and my group decided to add text and we did this to grab the audience attentionmore and this would make them think more when reading the text and leave enigmas intheir heads that what does this mean. In the teaser trailer I chose to add a text at the endwhich said the secret will be revealed this October. The reason I did this was because in theteaser trailer the victim is trying to find out the secret and the audience is thinking what is thesecret so I decided to add this text to tease the audience that in October they would beable to come see the film and find out the truth.When editing the teaser trailer I used the blade tool to cut out the scenes which we filmed, Idecided to make them shorter as I wanted to teaser trailer to run at a fast pace and switchfrom different scenes so I had to cut out the filming I did not need and then I decided to justput short clips.
  4. 4. The way me and my group have challenged the codes andconventions in real media products is the way we havemade the female character the villain and we are makingher kill the people. Normally in horror films and other films youwould see the women as the innocent one and they aretrying to escape or in most horror films the female is the onewhich survives such as Sidney from Scream. But we havedecided to take out the male role and go against thestereotype that men are the strong and the harsh ones, wechose to make the villain a female and make her look as thestrong one and she is doing the haunting. We have also stuckthe fact that women always survive as the victim is also a girland she is being haunted but in our trailer we do not reveal ifshe has been caught, killed or survives because we want toleave enigmas in our audience mind.
  5. 5. When I made my teaser trailer I did a focus group which I asked some girls and boyssome questions on my teaser trailer. When I asked them my first question aboutwhat they liked I found out that most of them liked the way I used my sound effectssuch as the person breathing as this gave them a ghost feeling that someone wasin the room with them, they also liked the way I used the bangs effect which Iedited into the teaser trailer as this made them scared, especially when I used it atthe end and showed an image of the villain this was done good because it madethem jump as I raised the volume of the bang.Another thing I found out they liked about my teaser trailer is the edits I used suchas the blur and the black and white effect. They think the way I used this on myvillain was really good because it did not reveal the villain too much and alsomade her look scary. They said it was not good to reveal the villain as this wouldtease them to go watch the film.Some things I found out they did not like about the trailer is they length, someanswers I got back told me I should make the teaser trailer a bi long. One persontold me that I need to add more scenes as he did not hardly know what washappening in the trailer and this would not persuade him to go watch the film. So Iwould need to in the future when producing a film trailer add more scenes andmaybe some text so it could give the audience a clue about what is happening.
  6. 6. I also got some audience feedback from the video I took from my class mate mojowho is also studying media. I asked him to talk about my poster and my front covermagazine. Some good things he said about the poster was the way I used the red textand the e red blood spills as these were good codes and conventions for horror. Alsoin my poster he liked the way I used the font when writing the name of my film. For myfront cover magazine he liked the way I used the blur effect on the masthead as thiswas different to other Empire magazine as this would tell the audience this is an horroredition. He said he likes the way I put the horror films on the side of the magazine asthis told him straight away this was a horror magazine. He liked the key image as thiswas the main villain and she looked really scary and he likes the back ground of themagazine as this was the setting of the film. So overall I used mise-en-scene wellthrough the costume of the villain and the way I used the setting at the back of themagazine.I also did a podcast of a girl this time who was another student from my media classand she also spoke about the poster and front cover magazine. The things she liked inmy poster was the red text and the blood spills and the red text. She also liked the wayI used my villain in three images as she looked scary. In my front cover magazine sheliked the masthead effect which I used the blur. She liked the background as well andshe also liked the key image as it covered up most of the page. The way I used darkcolours is another thing she liked as this represented horror.
  7. 7. Some things they did not like about the front cover magazine is the way I put the ironman 3 bubble there as it did not go with the rest of the genre of the magazine. Theydid not like the fact I showed my villain too much in the magazine and the posterbecause this did not tease them enough to go watch it in the film as this spoilt it.Overall I learnt that I should of made my teaser trailer a bit longer as this would givethem a better idea of what is going on. I need to add more scenes and maybeexpose some of the other characters in the trailer. In my magazine I should not haveput the iron man 3 poster as this did not fit in with the trailer but I tried to do thisbecause I wanted to make it cross genre so this would attract a wider audience butthis not work out well.But I did many things they liked such as in my trailer they loved the sound effects I usedas this made them jump and it went along with the trailer, they like the way I used theedits and this was the way I hid the image of the villain. In my magazine they lovedthe way I used low key lighting and made the background the setting of my trailer, thelike the way I did my masthead as the blur effect I used made it more spooky andgave that ghost feeling. The way I put other horror films also made the magazine thehorror genre. In my poster they liked the way I used the red text and the red bloodspills as this represented horror and danger so this was good, they liked the way I usedthe key image many times as this told them the villain was the main character.
  8. 8. Slideshare and Final Cut ProThis allowed us to share our PowerPoint presentations online. Slideshare. The reason weneeded this was because we had to put up our PowerPoint presentations on our blog andthe best way to do this was by using slideshare.Another software we have used which has helped us a lot was final cut pro. This softwarehas allowed us to put our video together. This software let u upload everything from ourimages, our filming and sound effects. We were allowed to put the whole trailer togetherand put it in whatever order we wanted. We could add images wherever we wanted andmake sound effects play for long periods. And the best tool on this was the blade toolbecause this allowed us to cut out whatever we did not want. In our filming we shot somescenes but did not need all of it especially in our teaser trailer as we needed the scenes togo quick so the blade tool allows you to cut what you don’t need then you just go to theselect tool and click on the part which you did not want and then delete it.
  9. 9. The way we have used our laptops to help is by using them toaccess software’s such as Microsoft word and PowerPoint whichwe have used to create our work and do some of our work. Weused word documents when we were analysing the trailers,posters and magazine front covers and we used the PowerPointwhen making mood boards and while making the evaluation.After a few months the school installed the new Apple macswhich were really good and had the main software which wehave used to make our film trailers and that software is Final CutPro which is a software to make and edit videos.
  10. 10. We have used Photoshop in our coursework to help us createsomething really important which is my magazine front cover andmy poster. The first time I used this was when I did my preliminarytask back in AS media but I struggled to use this. But I am morecomfortable now and know how to add affects such as the motionblur affect which came out really well because it gave that spookyghost effect. The software is overall really good because it allowsyou to upload images from your camera which you have taken andthe software allows you to edit the images and make effects tothem such as black and white, low key lighting or high key lighting.The best features of this was the motion blur because it allowed meto edit the title and make it look attractive as this is one of the mainthings the audience would read first, other things like the magicwand tool was amazing as if I wanted just the image of just ourvillain but I took the picture in her sitting room, I could use the magicwand tool and the rubber tool to get rid of the sitting room at theback and take away and crop out all the parts I did not need until Ihave a perfect picture of our villain
  11. 11. We used a Nikon camera to do shoot most of our filming. We first started shootingaround the school area where we used a classroom to shoot some of our trailer andthen we decided to use some of the grass area at the back of the school to try andmake it look like a forest. When we was shooting all these clips we decided to makethe male character the main victim but we then decided to change this and decidedthe female role should be the victim. So then they decided to go and get some propssuch as the white contact lenses and do make up so thats when they took the Nikoncamera and went home and started shooting at the house. This is where the maintrailer was filmed. They used the camera to shoot some scenes on the road where oneof my group lived. Then they did some filming in the house where they used thekitchen, sitting room and other rooms in the house.They also took some shots such as close ups to show the ghost picking up the camera,they used establishing shots on the street at night so people can see where thelocation is. We also shot some over shoulder shot where you see the girl talking on thephone and then you see the ghost from behind. We decided to shoot many sceneslike this where you could see the ghost stalking the victim and chasing the victim.Some scenes such as when she runs into the room and closes the door. Another scenewhich is like this is when she is talking on the phone in the sitting room and you can seethe ghost watching her from the door.
  12. 12.  we used the internet a lot especially when doing ourresearch. We used websites such as Wikipedia to find outinformation about institutions such as twisted pictures andLionsgate. The reason we wanted to find out informationon them is because these are the institutions which wouldbe distributing our film. We also used the internet to findinformation on different directors. The reason we wantedto see different directors is because we wanted to seehow they produce their films and how they use theirbudget. I used Google to find images of existing postersand film magazines so that when it came to producing myposter and magazine I could use their ideas and set myselfa template. I also used Google to search other things Ineeded for my research such as statistics for teenagers asthey were our main target audience.
  13. 13.  When it came to analysing my trailers I had to find sometrailers from YouTube. I searched for horror film trailers andthis is where I found Saw 2, Shaun Of The Dead and TheGrudge. I also used YouTube to find sound effects such asthe bang which I used when making my teaser trailer. Ihad to look up different sounds which I could use. And Ialso found the girl singing ring around the roses from there.We also used the sound track from Mama when we madeour main trailer and the teaser trailer. So YouTube helpedus when finding sounds especially the non-diegetic soundswe used. The girls in my group also used YouTube to lookat clips of how to do make-up so they searched how tomake their skin pale and have the ghost image then theyused one video which we have put on the group blog.
  14. 14. We used this as a portfolio for our work. Everything we havedone from producing our trailers to research has gone ontothe blog. As there are three of us in our group we eachproduced our own blogs which we put our own work into butthen we created a group blog where we put some workwhich involved us all as a team. Things like the actual trailer,the storyboard, analysis of settings, analysis of sounds, analysisof our props and costume have all gone onto the groupblog. But things like our own analysis of trailers, posters andmagazine front covers. Our poster and magazine front coverhave also been put in our own blog.
  15. 15. When every film institutions makes a film they have always putpromotion as one of the main things as this is the way they wouldattract the audience and they would have to advertise in many waysso that many people do find out about the product. So they wouldcreate a trailer, poster and maybe promote on an magazine. So I havedecided to do all them as well with my group. We decided to createan trailer which is one of the best ways of advertising as this gives theaudience a better view of what is going to happen in the film whereasa poster is just a frozen image but the trailer has scenes from the film,has sounds which would create an dramatic effect, has all thecharacters, has text so that the audience can have a hint about what isgoing to happen in the film and also the institution’s because theaudience know what specific institutions produce. So we decided tocreate this and this would be the best way of promoting as this wouldbe played on internet such as YouTube as people watch trailers onthem, social websites such as Facebook and Twitter as people sharethe links but most of all trailers are mostly seen when people go cinemaas before the film starts there is around 25mins of adverts and trailers soif we was o ply our trailer before a big film then we would be likely toattract more customers.
  16. 16. As well as the trailer I then decided to go and make a teaser traileras some people prefer trailers which are fast faced and sometrailers which don’t tell them too much about the film so theydecide to watch the teaser trailer as this would not spoil the film forthem and also because it is fast paced.Then my group decided to individually create our own poster, thereason we did this was because posters are also a big way toadvertise. This is known as guerrilla marketing as institutions put upposters in really busy places where people would walk past andnotice. So I have created a poster where I will put undergroundstations such as the big stations at Kings Cross where 1000’s ofpeople go past everyday and this would make it much more likelyto be seen. Also after creating a poster I could put it up in otherplaces like on billboards which are seen by nearly every personwalking on streets and who drive a car as the billboards are massiveand can be seen. Things like bus stops and shops could even put upthe poster.
  17. 17. Finally I decided to create a magazine front cover as this is something peoplebuy in their every day life. Magazines are sold in many different shops and sometimes shops like hairdressers buy magazines just to leave in their shop for theircustomers to read. I chose to advertise my magazine front cover in an magazinecalled Empire which is one of the biggest film magazines. The reason to this isbecause of the other big movies they have advertised such as SAW, The Batman,The Avengers and Ironman. They promote films in every genre which is goodbecause this means many people buy this magazine as the magazine targetmarket would be for people who love films overall because they put films fromevery genre so this means they would attract many customers. So I have alsodesigned a magazine front cover to attract many customers.In my magazine I have put the name of our film as this would allow audience toresearch and know more about our film, I have included other horror films so thatthe audience know clearly the genre of our film is horror. I have put a scarypicture of our villain so that the audience can have a better view of the villainand see how scary she looks. I have used dark colours to stick to the typicalcodes and conventions of horror which is low key lighting as this creates thatdramatic tension and also as the villain in my magazine front cover is wearingwhite she would stand out if the rest of the magazine is black and dark colours. Ihave also included a bubble with information on the Ironman