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Display Advertising - Top 5 Trends in 2013 - by


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Think display advertising is dying? Think again!

Display advertising is going through a revival. It is spreading its grasp on new channels, growing through new innovation, modernizing, and developing and growing to surpass analysts’ expectations.

Irrefutable evidence is presented from multiple sources about new exciting trends that are being monitored and changes that are expected in the industry.

These five trends are guaranteed to make you reconsider the display advertising ecosystem, rethink your current strategies, and spark ROI-improving enhancements to your plans. These 5 display advertising rends include shocking information about:
• Mobile advertising
• Social Networks
• Real Time Bidding
• Private Exchanges
• Dynamic rich media
• DSPs and Buying Platforms
• Real Time Analytics


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Display Advertising - Top 5 Trends in 2013 - by

  1. 1. Top 5 Display Advertising Trends in 2013 by Kfir Moyal Copyright © 2013 AdClartity. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. 2013’s Display Advertising Trend #1: Display grows into Mobile and Social and remains very concentrated across channels • 18.1% growth expected of US display advertising this year to reach a total of $20 billion, where the majority is concentrated with the top 5 players • 55%-65% mobile ads growth rate expected with US spend of $7 billion. • Mobile display advertising has increased its market share of total mobile spending by no less than 8% to 39%, growing at over 120% CAGR. • About 1 out of every 3 display ads appear on social sites. • Publishers like Facebook, Pandora and Twitter controlled a majority of mobile display ad spending at 52% in 2012 vs. 39% in 2011. Copyright © 2013 AdClartity. All rights reserved. Sources: IDC, eMarketer, Comscore
  3. 3. 2013’s Display Advertising Trend #2: RTB will grow dramatically and reach 19% of total Display Advertising but will still rely on humans • RTB Spend will grow above 50% annually through 2016 • Private exchanges will enable premium inventory to be sold over RTB and draw $1.2 billion in direct inventory sales. • According to agency execs, RTB enables improvements in ad effectiveness anywhere between 20% and 150%. Sources: IDC and eMarketer (2012/2013) Copyright © 2013 AdClartity. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. 2013’s Display Advertising Trend #3: Native & Rich-Media Dominate Display in 2013 • 51% of ad agencies report a rise in client demand for dynamic rich media ads, and another 20% expect increased interest this year. • A shift from standard formats like Skyscraper, MPU and leaderboards to being innovative with sizes and formats like billboard, Wallpaper and Half Page will occur. • An immersive display experience will see larger, more interactive canvases that will provide engager's with great content in the one place and native integration into publishers sites. Sources: Jivox and Mopub (2012 and 2013) Copyright © 2013 AdClartity. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. 2013’s Display Advertising Trend #4: DSPs and Programmatic buying will continue to develop while Ad-Networks and Buying Platforms remain strong • DSPs will continue to develop and dominate display ad spend in 2013; however, will remain similar to its current structure. • Social Media networks are starting to integrate with DSPs. Facebook’s major new Exchange is a great example and more will follow suit. • DSPs become interwoven into online targeting/ behavior. 0 20 40 60 80 100 Burst Media Collective Display RadiumOne Tribal Fusion Microsoft Media Network US Vibrant Media Casale Media - MediaNet ValueClick Networks Federated Media Publisher… Real Media Group - 24/7 Access Genome from Yahoo! AT&T AdWorks AOL Advertising Specific Media Google Ad Network Top 15 Ad Networks / Ad Buying Platforms by Reach Source: Comscore 2013 Copyright © 2013 AdClartity. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. 2013’s Display Advertising Trend #5: Real time ad analytics will go mainstream and require marketers’ real-time response • Real-time planning and reallocation will go mainstream, moving from a 'nice to have' to an essential feature of digital campaign delivery and evaluation. • Creative agencies will be required to respond more quickly to insights by reworking inefficient creative on the fly. Copyright © 2013 AdClartity. All rights reserved. Source: eMarketer 2013
  7. 7. About AdClarity AdClarity is the premier Enterprise Competitive Intelligence suite providing both media sellers and media buyers with advertising competitive intelligence. How can it help you? Join more than 7,000 media professionals worldwide including: Advertisers, Publishers, Ad-Networks, Affiliate Networks, DSPs and SSPs, Exchanges and more. Contact us at: • Email: • Web: • Phone: 1-888-760-9006 • Address: 244 5th Avenue New York, NY, 10001 US • Find New Traffic Sources Find out which publishers and ad-networks your competitors are running on and what works • Cut the Middle Man Uncover where your advertising is running and increase revenue and profitability • Real-time Market Intelligence Understand ad and publisher trends in real-time • Discover and Profile Sales Opportunities Identify highly active advertisers with large display budgets and get their email and phone details • Streamline Media Planning Optimize media strategy through better insights Copyright © 2013 AdClartity. All rights reserved.