How to Be Successful and Beloved in Advertising


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Is this strategy document taking the piss? Or is this insight that is deeper than deep? Judge for yourself, kemo sabe.

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How to Be Successful and Beloved in Advertising

  1. 1. How to Be Successful and Beloved in Advertising.
  2. 2. Step One:Get a job in advertising.
  3. 3. Step Two:Be a scientist. Observe.Take a look at what make things andpeople rich and beloved.Start with the real world.
  4. 4. Dating sites like OK Cupid have a lotof data to crunch about whatpeople do to meet someone theylove (even for a night), as opposedto what they say they think.For example, OK Cupid users ratecan rate pictures of each other on a5-point “attractiveness scale”.
  5. 5. This woman is rated a 3.4.Lots of scores of 5s and 4s.
  6. 6. This woman is rated a 3.3.Lots of 5s. But also lots of 1s, thelowest score.
  7. 7. The women on the right gets3 times more messages than thewoman on the left.
  8. 8. OK Cupid’s Insight:“If someone doesnt think yourehot, the next best thing for them tothink is that youre ugly.”
  9. 9. Insight:Being beloved is easier if you’re anot bland -- and people can see it.
  10. 10. (Before we move on, a tangent for all you singlepeople – men and ladies.)OK Cupid has also analyzed what single questionis the MOST LIKELY INDICATOR that someone willconsider having sex on the first date.And that question is:
  11. 11. “Do you like the taste of beer?”
  12. 12. People who like thetaste of beer –regardless ofgender – are 80%more likely toconsider having sexon the first date.Work THAT into aBudweiser pitchthis year.
  13. 13. Moving on…
  14. 14. Holiday Observation:What beloved figure does this sound like? Big belly. Extremely generous. Laughing all the time. Really seems to have his shit together.
  15. 15. Santa?
  16. 16. Santa? Or Buddha?
  17. 17. Insight:Being know for happiness and easy-going generosity can make youbeloved around the world.
  18. 18. What about the fake world ofadvertising and marketing?
  19. 19. Observation:This is the Super Bowl ad peopleconsider the best-ever. The product itintroduced was a miserable flop foralmost a year after it aired.
  20. 20. Conclusion:Beloved -- But Not Successful
  21. 21. Observation:The guy who got his soup at eye levelon this store shelf probably sold moreproduct than any Super Bowl ad ever.
  22. 22. Conclusion:Successful -- But Not Beloved
  23. 23. Observation:This is Steve Hayden – the guy whowrote the “1984” Super Bowl ad.
  24. 24. Steve ran global creative for the IBM atOgilvy – NY from 1997 until this year.
  25. 25. He was well-known as one of the mostgenerous guys in advertising – fromcollaborating to giving credit.
  26. 26. And Ogilvy has traditionally been known forits weekly, in-building happy hours.
  27. 27. Insight:Working hard, doing good work,knowing your shit, and not being a dickwill go a long way to make yousuccessful and beloved – and regularfree drinks don’t hurt.
  28. 28. What final conclusion does thatbring us to?
  29. 29. Fat, drunk and stupidly happy is aGREAT way to go through an advertisinglife – and be successful and belovedwhile doing it.
  30. 30. A final thought
  31. 31. Fake Buddha Quote #197:“When you realize how perfecteverything is, you will tilt your headback and laugh at the sky.”