The very best of     Brand Content 2010 I            IIIII           IV
I Cannes Lions 2010Cannes France“ Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the worldsbiggest celebration of cr...
AUDITORIUM                                   HEINEKEN                                   JWT ITALY                         ...
YELLOW CHOCOLATE                                  YELLOW PAGES                                  NEW ZEALAND               ...
REPLAY                                 GATORADE                               TBWA/CHIAT DAY                              ...
LIVESTRONG                                   NIKE                               WIEDEN+KENNEDY                            ...
II          The Cristal FestivalCrans Montana - Switzerland« Since its creation in 2001, the Cristal Festival unitesthe pr...
SANDWICH                             Walkers / Pepsico                                AMV BBDO UK                         ...
MES COLOCS                                 BNP Paribas                                PUBLICIS CONSEIL                    ...
STREET CHILDREN                              CARITAS UK                         LEO BURNETT UKRAINE                       ...
BEING HOMELESS                           SAMUSOCIAL PARIS                           PUBLICIS CONSEIL &                    ...
LOUD                               ESTEE LAUDER                             & TOMMY HILFIGER                              ...
IIIParis¨- Grand Prix du Brand ContentParis - France« The Grand Prix of Brand Content aims to reward the besteditorial bra...
UDANCE                                  ALWAYS                              STARCOM, NEWCAST                       GOLD – ...
STREET FASHION                              LA REDOUTE                           ZENITH OPTIMEDIA ,                       ...
PIMP MON TRACTEUR                            MCDONALDS                       FUSE /OMD/ MTV NETWORKS                      ...
THE GREATEST GAME                               LOUIS VUITTON                                OGILVY ONE                   ...
THE BEST AD IS YOU                            GILLETTE – P&G                               STARCOM                        ...
IV        One Show EntertainmentNew York - USA“ One Show Entertainment is the longest running award show of itskind to exc...
PORTRAITS OF                               BRADDOCK                            LEVI STRAUSS & CO                          ...
REAL GOOD                                EXPERIENCE                                    BLU DOT                            ...
IHOBO                                DEPAUL UK                            PUBLICIS/LONDON/                           TWENT...
HARDEST WORKING                              AMERICAN                                 MITCHUM                             ...
The Very Best of Brand Content - 2010
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The Very Best of Brand Content - 2010


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The Very Best of Brand Content - 2010

  1. 1. The very best of Brand Content 2010 I IIIII IV
  2. 2. I Cannes Lions 2010Cannes France“ Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the worldsbiggest celebration of creativity in communications. As the mostprestigious international advertising awards, more than 24,000entries from all over the world are showcased and judged at theFestival. Winners receive the highly coveted Lion trophy, presentedat four award ceremonies throughout the week. The Festival is alsothe only truly global meeting place for advertisers, advertisingand communication professionals. ”
  3. 3. AUDITORIUM HEINEKEN JWT ITALY GOLD OUTDOOR, PR PROMO & ACTIVATION LIONS & SILVER DIRECT LION & BRONZE DIRECT LIONCHALLENGEConnect with the core audience – aging young men,with increasing work and family duties – in anemotional way that will make them remember what thebrand stands for (i.e. friends and entertainment).IDEACreate an unconventional brand experience, bystaging a fake classical music concert at the sametime as the Real-Madrid vs Milan AC football game.Trap 1000 Milan AC fans into believing they will missthe match because they are attending that concert toplease their bosses / teachers / girlfriends. Thenreveal it was all a joke 15 minutes after the concerthad begun, while broadcasting the event live on TV,just before the match.RESULTS6,000,000 people saw it live on TV; 10,000,000 heardabout it the day after; 5,000,000 visitors flocked ontothe dedicated website during the two weeks thatfollowed the event.LINKS
  4. 4. YELLOW CHOCOLATE YELLOW PAGES NEW ZEALAND COLENSO BBDO NEW ZEALAND GOLD MEDIA LION / SILVER TITANIUM & INTEGRATED LION & BRONZE CYBER LIONCHALLENGEChange how Yellow Pages are perceived. Make them atool as modern and as relevant as Google, whether itbe online or offline.IDEAShow how Yellow Pages can help anyone get any jobdone by giving a random person a nearly impossibletask – i.e. creating something that “tastes of yellow” –to be completed only by contacting experts andbusinesses found in the Yellow Pages.RESULTSOnline Yellow Pages usage climbed 9% 61% recall for ;the campaign and 27% Neo-Zelanders talking about itin everyday speech (= the most talked-about campaignin New-Zealand); selling a piece of direct marketingfor $2 and making it the fastest selling chocolatebar ever in New Zealand.LINKS
  5. 5. REPLAY GATORADE TBWA/CHIAT DAY LOS ANGELES GRAND PRIX PR & PROMO & ACTIVATION, GOLD FILM, PR, PROMO & ACTIVATION & TITANIUM & INTEGRATED LIONS & SILVER MEDIA LION & BRONZE CYBER LIONCHALLENGEReconnect with a target that is no longer drinkingGatorade, that barely has time to exercise and/orthat thinks Gatorade mainly addresses youngsportsmen needs.IDEABring back the original players (now in their mid30s) from two 1993 high school football teams toreplay their rivalry game that ended in a 7-7 tie –thus making them realize how a little bit oftraining, confidence and Gatorade are enough toreignite their athletic spark and to keep being anathlete, no matter what. Then turn it into a fivepart online documentary for all to see.RESULTSRegional Gatorade sales increased 63% Replay ;generated US$3,415,255 worth of earned media (fromjust US$225,000 in paid media – i.e. 14,000%ROI); season1 content aired nationally to 90 million households;named one of CNN’s Top Stories of 2009.LINKS
  6. 6. LIVESTRONG NIKE WIEDEN+KENNEDY PORTLAND GRAND PRIX CYBER & GRAND PRIX INTEGRATEDCHALLENGERenew Nije’s broader commitment to sports – that doesnot only encompass moments of joy and success, butalso acknowledges moments of doubts, uncertaintyand difficulties – as illustrated by its Couragecampaign, launched during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.IDEAGive consistency to the Lance Armstrong’s sponsoringand make the most of his fight against cancer,associated with his Livestrong foundation. Build a‘It’s About You themed campaign, that ties togethermany different pieces: an inspirational film series,a Lance Armstrong Just Do It commercial, print, out-of-home advertising… And a new medium: The Chalkbot– which allows the world to see people’s words ofmemoriam, hope and courage chalked onto the roadsof the Tour de France.RESULTSSales increased 46% during the campaign; theLivestrong Facebook community doubled; the Chalkbotgathered 4,000 followers on Twitter and wrote 5400messages.LINKS
  7. 7. II The Cristal FestivalCrans Montana - Switzerland« Since its creation in 2001, the Cristal Festival unitesthe professionals of the advertising world: the main agencies,advertisers, producers, directors, Media, survey companies,journalists, TV producers ... in a series of rich and convivialexchanges. The Cristal Festival promotes French and Europeanadvertising creations and rewards the best work produced onvarious media. »
  8. 8. SANDWICH Walkers / Pepsico AMV BBDO UK CYBER / INTEGRATED / GRAND CRISTALCHALLENGECreate new consumption opportunities for Waljers’crisps, and promote them on both B2B & B2C levels.IDEAIllustrate the brand promise (Walkers can help makeany sandwich better) through a funny brand utilityoperation, where the Brand takes control of theEnglish town named Sandwich, turning its inhabitantseveryday life into something extraordinary. Hence theresulting surprise events, such as Jenson Buttondriving a cab around town, Pamela Anderson pouringbeers at the local pub, free sandwiches for everyonemade by triple-Michellin-star chef Marco Pierre Whiteetc. Eventually, the brand benefited from massiveearned media, generated either through the tweets ofcelebrities involved, the posts of local inhabitants ontheir Facebook profiles and their blogs or thenational news coverage. In the end, it even convincedmajor supermarkets to give Walkers a long-term spacein the sandwich aisles.RESULTSA 5% increase in sales; £3.2 million worth of coverage;53% recall; 1.6 million views for the videos – all thisthrough a one day event, with a minimum traditionalmedia spend.LINKS
  9. 9. MES COLOCS BNP Paribas PUBLICIS CONSEIL Cristal Festival - Consumer Marketing & Brand Activation / Cyber / Media / Brand ContentCHALLENGECreate brand preference among the 18-25 year-olds – akey target for banking, as they represent newcustomers, who are all the more scarce as peoplehardly ever switch banks once they have settled onone after leaving their parents’.IDEAHold true to BNP Paribas communications territory(dramas & movies) and create a webseries revolvingaround one of the main issue affecting young people –housing. Then link it to the solutions the bank offersthem in that domain. Let it be directed by an acclaimedauthor – Riad Sattouf, best known for its depiction ofyoung people through its first feature film, Les Beauxgosses. And plug it to a 360 platform (TV, press, radio,web) where the brand is not mentioned at first – andthen uses the characters as spokespersons.RESULTS6,5% increase in the number of young people applyingfor credit; 1,6%increase in the number of young peopleopening accounts; more than 11 million Internet views;more than 20 000 fans on Facebook; at the request of TVchannels in great affinity (MCM / NRJ 12) with thetarget audience, prime time broadcast of 10 episodes ofthe series.Links :
  10. 10. STREET CHILDREN CARITAS UK LEO BURNETT UKRAINE MEDIA CRISTALCHALLENGEEven though the problem of homeless children isreaching an all-time high in Ukraine, people seemless and less concerned about it – mainly becausepolice tend to remove them out of public view, outsidethe city.IDEAMake the most of street art and flyposting to bringchildren’s figures back into the city centres andinto people’s top of mind – with a simple messageaccompanying those illegal posters: ‘you can removeme, but not the problem’. While street artists keptreplacing the ripped-off posters, inserts using thesame key visuals and tagline were inserted intomagazines – and intrusive banners and pop-ups weredisplayed on various websites. Last but not least,some celebrity pictures on Facebook were photobombedwith the children’s figures inserted in thebackground.RESULTSPR; public debate; increase in donations.Links
  11. 11. BEING HOMELESS SAMUSOCIAL PARIS PUBLICIS CONSEIL & PUBLICIS.NET (FRANCE) CYBER & INTEGRATEDCHALLENGEFight against prejudices people may have regardingthe homeless – one of them, shared by 1 person out of2, being that if a homeless person cannot get off thestreets, it is hisher fault – at a time when the SamuSocial needs funding more than ever (both from thegovernment and individual donations).IDEARecord homeless people’s everyday life as they liveit – that is through their own own eyes, thanks to apair of sunglasses with a built-in camera . Thenfalsely appeal to people’s voyeuristic tendencies byinviting them (through banners, press inserts andstickers) to watch the whole experience on adedicated website. And make them experience how hardit is to get off the street, by preventing them fromleaving the site once they have launched the video(when visitors want to leave, an error messageappears : ‘sorry, it’s not that easy to escape thestreet’) – save a click on the Samu Social logo, theonly way to escape, which redirects them to adonation page.RESULTS A 12% increase of individual donations; a 10%increase of government funding; more than 100.000people visited the site during the first week of thecampaign – and 72%of them returned to the site.Links
  12. 12. LOUD ESTEE LAUDER & TOMMY HILFIGER THE HOURS CRISTAL FESTIVAL BRAND CONTENT SPECIAL MENTIONCHALLENGEStand out from other fragrances in a saturatedmarket (over 250 new product launches per year) andcreate preference among young people.IDEABuild a lifestyle brand by creating an integratedcampaign that ties the product and itscommunications together around music – a keyinterest of young people. Partner with a rising andtrendy band (The Ting Tings) and involve them atevery stage, from the design of the product (record-shaped bottle, fader-knob-like cap) to the print,digital and TV campaigns (recording of an exclusiveanthem, entitled ‘We’re not the same’) – the wholeoperation ending with a live + digital event (anexclusive Ting Tings concert). A dedicated web radiowas also launched to build further upon theproduct’s universe.RESULTS$1.800.000 worth of PR coverage; 300.000 downloads ofthe anthem song; 506 000 Facebook fans; TommyHilfiger decided to expand the Loud message to otherproduct ranges, such as Tommy Hilfiger Denim.LINKS
  13. 13. IIIParis¨- Grand Prix du Brand ContentParis - France« The Grand Prix of Brand Content aims to reward the besteditorial brand strategies and to promote the talents ofprofessionals on this field of expertise. Innovation, quality andimpact are the key criterias of the juries in the process ofselecting the winners. »
  14. 14. UDANCE ALWAYS STARCOM, NEWCAST GOLD – GRAND PRIX DU BRAND CONTENT ENTERTAINMENTCHALLENGEReach 11-15 year old target’s (TV addict, digitalnatives) Brand Preference for Always by creating anemotional bond and dialogue. Make the brand becomethe hero through a powerful story able to interestthe crowd aiming to reach effective ROI. Transformtheir affinity to the brand into buying intentions.IDEAConceive a web-series concept with the catchphrase :« feeling good with your body in order to make yourreams become reality ». Orchestrate a nationalcasting and select 7 finalists who will be sent toNew York where they will take dance lessons with aworld famous choreograph. The winner will dance inthe music clip of the French singer Sheryfa Luna.Build the strategy around a digital campaign, adedicated web site, a star, interaction, realadventure.. Choose strategic partners as MSN, NRJ andDailymotion.RESULTSFirst web-series to reach such huge a success thatit ended up becoming a TV partnership. 1,6 millionviewers of the videos on Internet and 8 millioncontacts on TV, very important media exposure andearned media generation.LINKS
  15. 15. STREET FASHION LA REDOUTE ZENITH OPTIMEDIA , NEWCAST, MONDADORI FRANCE PUBLICITÉ GOLD – GRAND PRIX DU BRAND CONTENT CAT.COMMERCE, DISTRIBUTIONCHALLENGEAttract and increase proximity with youngconsumers and bring the new brand signature« everything is authorized » (Tout est permis) to life.Increase the notoriety and improve the brand image(as it is too often perceived as “old fashioned” and“average quality”).IDEAOrganize a teasing phase through a nation widedigital casting and recruit models to prepare aStreet Fashion Show. Build up a strong mediapartnership with Grazia, and take profit of all itscommunication means (PR, editorial, website andsocial networks..) to orchestrate the campaign. Theselected consumers wear La Redoute creations,pictures are edited in Grazia (top 3 become gueststars). An iPhone Shopping application is also built.RESULTSA powerful media integration : La Redoute & Grazia.500 participants to the casting. 70% of readers wantto discover next campaigns and 64% think they nowhave a more positive perception of La Redoute as abrand. 11% of click rate on the iPhone applicationin one week.LINKS
  16. 16. PIMP MON TRACTEUR MCDONALDS FUSE /OMD/ MTV NETWORKS GOLD – GRAND PRIX DU BRAND CONTENT CAT. ALIMENTATIONS, BOISSONSCHALLENGERe-launch of the famous Mc Farmer for one month,and animate the chains dynamism and entertainmentvalues. Strengthen the brand friendliness to theeyes of the “15-24” years old target and its “nature &authenticity” oriented positioning on the verycompetitive fast-food market.IDEAAssociate the campaign to a successful MTV program,Pimp My Ride and produce a special episodepresented by a famous humorist, Ramzy Bédia : PimpMy Tractor. Incarnate the product’s “authenticity”through the choice of the concept and theparticipants of the program : young farmers andtheir tractors. Organize media orchestration of thecasting and of the consumer audience through a 360approach : display , press, TV and billboardcampaign.RESULTS24 broadcasts of the program, 11 467 000 contactsreached through the MTV audience (BtoC)LINKS
  17. 17. THE GREATEST GAME LOUIS VUITTON OGILVY ONE GOLD – GRAND PRIX DU BRAND CONTENT CAT. LUXECHALLENGEIncrease the brand’s engagement on a multi-generational male target through the world.Continue nourishing the “The Journey” campaign on anew field. Make football meet with “premium” througha very emotional and premium approach. Incarnatethe “iourney” by making emerge consumers’ memoriesof big Football achievement moments (for instance,what they were doing, where they were and how theyfelt when Maradonna made his team win the worldcup in 1986.)IDEAAn epic encounter of 3 styles, 3 generations, 3countries… of footballers : Zinedine Zidane, DiegoMaradona and Pelé. Tease the audience about the factthat the stars will soon play 1 on 1 baby-footmatches. Ask visitors to vote, on an interactiveplatform, for who they think will win, showstatistics of votes through the world, make itpossible to share comments and votes on socialnetworks.. Make it possible to them to direct a videointerview of the players by choosing the questions,cutting, editing the video and sharing it with theirfriends…RESULTSMost successful Louis Vuitton campaign ever.Thousands of fans through the world watched andcommented. Over half a million visitors through theworld.LINKS
  18. 18. THE BEST AD IS YOU GILLETTE – P&G STARCOM GOLD – GRAND PRIX DU BRAND CONTENT CAT.HYGIÈNE, BEAUTÉ, ET COSMÉTIQUECHALLENGEPre-launch buzz campaign for Gillette Fusion ProGlide in France aiming to build a momentum for theofficial launch. Attract the attention of potentialcustomers pre-launch by captivating 2/3 of the Frenchmale populations attention. Generate “real” consumerambassadors for the brand.IDEACreate a viral hoax : Leak a footage from the shootwith JCVD refusing to do what is asked of him for aTV spot. Activate media through a partnership withTF1 (the leading TV network and online portal) tolaunch the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide open castingcampaign for real men to replace JCVD asspokesperson. Make “Real men” sign up across thecountry to experience first-hand and on camera.RESULTS1980 casting participants, 41 PR clipping and TVcoverage, 5 186 984 views, over 60% of the target wasexposed to at least one brand campaign message.LINKS
  19. 19. IV One Show EntertainmentNew York - USA“ One Show Entertainment is the longest running award show of itskind to exclusively recognize the intersection between brands andentertainment. With a diverse jury from the entertainment,production and advertising industries. Beyond traditional productplacement, One Show Entertainment honors the strategy andcreative thought process that inspires todays riveting brandmessages, while producing content that is genuinelyentertaining. ”
  20. 20. PORTRAITS OF BRADDOCK LEVI STRAUSS & CO WIEDEN+KENNEDY & DON’T ACT BIG GOLD –CAT. DOCUMENTARY FILMCHALLENGEInvesting in Levi Strauss’ American brand identityand differentiation, its historical brand sharedvalue and taking a position towards consumers inthe midst of a global financial crisis context.Develop a positive corporate worth of mouth campaignand stimulate sincere brand ambassadors by engagingconsumers in a meaningful conversations.IDEABuild up a collaboration with Braddock,Pennsylvania, a broken town struggling to reinventitself and create a parallel with the brands values.Invest in the town’s community center, public library,and urban farm. Communicate across the Americas fromthe top of Canada, throughout the United States,Mexico and South America, through a campaign thattells the story of the people of Braddock inassociation with IFC and Sundance Channel. Cinema, TV,print, out-of-home installations, digital elements andmore.RESULTSSecond quarter revenues for 2010 are up 8% on 2009 ,with much of the marketing activity around he newwomen’s range yet to emerge. Strong earned mediageneration, word of mouth.LINKS /
  21. 21. REAL GOOD EXPERIENCE BLU DOT MONO GOLD CAT. INNOVATIVE MEDIACHALLENGEDemonstrating the product benefits not by tellingthem but by putting the product in real people’shands, through an audacious communication strategythat incarnates the brands “avant-gardes” values.Generating a natural and sincere WOM and verbatimsaround the brand and its products qualities toincrease notoriety with limited budget.IDEAPut some “Real Good Chairs” in the streets of NewYork. Film the reaction of people who pass by,towards the chair. Wait until someone takes it andbrings it back home. Follow the person through GPSsignals thanks to a device installed under thechair. Go ask the person why he or she took thechair and what he or she thinks about it : comfort,design, quality of material, etc… The concept isinspired by the “curb-mining” (the act of findingfurniture and art on the street).RESULTSGreat PR and earned media generation. For two days,the experiment captured the fascination of NewYorkers, the blogosphere and beyond, with presscoverage by everyone from Dwell to the The New YorkTimes Magazine.LINKS
  22. 22. IHOBO DEPAUL UK PUBLICIS/LONDON/ TWENTYSIX DIGITAL/ MR & MRS SMITH/ WHILELOOP/ THE MILL GOLD CAT. GAMING ONLINECHALLENGEIncreasing awareness and donations amongst ayounger target audience (as the average donor age of65+) for the youth homelessness charity, Depaul UK.Pushing young individuals to face the complex andsad truth about the Homeless-issue by using the rulesand storytelling of a serious-game application, inorder to deliver message both emotional and rational,and create reaction.IDEABuild up an application of a virtual homeless whowill live in the users iPhone for 3 days. The userwill have to look after him. If the user doesn’t givehim what he needs his life spirals will go out ofcontrol, he’ll spend money on drugs not food, sell hissleeping bag. iHobo shows how complex the homelessproblem is and that giving them some money is notthe answer. At the end of the game, the user can playagain or donate to Depaul UK.RESULTSHobo reached no 1 in the App Stores free app chartwithin a week of its launch and in just over threeweeks, it had achieved over 300,000 downloads.LINKS
  23. 23. HARDEST WORKING AMERICAN MITCHUM CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY/BRETT RATNER BRANDS/LOS ANGELES GOLD CAT. ENTERTAINMENT CAMPAIGNCHALLENGEFirst campaign since 2005. Mitchum needs to increaseawareness and proximity with a strategic target.They want to express that Mitchum accompaniesAmericans each day of hard work, in their brand DNAand attract a brand engagement from the“hardworkers ” target by giving them their momentsof glory and time to appreciate their own work andask for appreciation, as they deserve.IDEAFeature a contest designed to find and reward thehardest working person in the country based onvideo submissions to the campaigns site Activate TV, print anddigital media, as well as social networkingplatforms. Enable nominees to campaign forthemselves an online campaign tool kit and acampaign site with a unique URL. Give them customweb banners, and the possibility to even create andpurchase physical goods (such as shirts, mousepads,and mugs) encouraging the public to vote for them.RESULTS500 participants generating successful WOM andEarned media, 7800 fans attracted to the Facebookpage, 1238 followers to twitter.LINKS
  24. 24.