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Mentor an Entrepreneur in Jordan


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Mentor an Entrepreneur in Jordan

  1. 1. Opportunities with Mowgli this Winter 2011-2012!Mentors!Mowgli Jordan is now recruiting mentors for the next mentoring programmes which will take place in8-11 December 2011 and 19-22 January 2012. To get involved, you have to be quick! Read moreabout what’s involved in a Mowgli programme here. Mowgli Mentoring Experience: 8-11 December 2011 and 19-22 January 2012. These two programmes are funded by the Arab Partnership Fund; a UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office initiative to strengthen support to countries of the Middle East and North Africa. These programmes follow the format of our unique Mowgli Mentoring Experience. This programme follows the format of our unique Mowgli Mentoring Experience. With 4-days of intensive learning and relationship building, and support from our expert facilitators, you’ll develop a framework to work with your mentor throughoutthe year, helping them grow and learn as business owners. Click here to read about Mowglimentoring.The mentees/entrepreneursMentees will be screened and selected based on a set of criteria, that look, among other aspects, at thefollowing: a developed business with a structure and secured funding, trade for at least a year,diligence and perseverance in establishing the business, personal qualities of leadership;commitment to mentoring for one year (minimum 2 hours per month plus the initial 2-dayprogramme) and willingness to pass on the benefits of mentoring when the process finishes.Click here to view Mowgli’s Criteria for ParticipationThe MentorsThe mentors will be identified and pre-qualified through a rigorous selection process, and are typicallyInternational successful business practitioners with varied industry experience. They would havetravelled, worked across borders and have a proven track record in the strategic side of business.The workshopOur year long Mowgli Mentoring Experience commences with an introduction to mentoring programmewhich incorporates mentee and mentor matching, relationship building and the development of aframework by which the mentee and mentor will operate for the remainder of the year long relationship.
  2. 2. The first 2 days involve the mentors only, providing them with knowledge and tools to participatesuccessfully in this experience. In the second part of the program, mentors and mentees will be pairedduring an accelerated relationship-building activity, followed by one-to-one sessions. The pairs will workon understanding each other while the mentee sets his business proposition as well as personaldevelopment plans coupled with measurable goals.Going forward, each mentee will drive the experience, while his/her mentor will react to the goals andobjectives and provide support in achieving them. Further interaction will take place by phone calls,emailing and messaging over a period of one year. Open up a Mowgli Mentoring Process Map formore detail about what the Mowgli programme (MME) involves, or visit our FAQ pages to findout more.The outcomesThe expected outcomes of this mentorship program are: enhanced chances of business success,guidance during key transitions and decisions in growing a business, understanding the value ofmentoring as a leadership development tool, learning the art of working across cultures and/or possibleaccess to new markets.The venueThis experience will take place in a (remote & peaceful) resort in Jordan, away from the daily hassles.Participants will enjoy the amenities of the venue, and some side activities such as walks or visit to localattractions.The CostsAll participating mentors are encouraged to make a minimum financial contribution which covers thecost of their participation on the Mowgli programme, and on this unique experience. Generally thiscontribution covers flights/travel costs and accommodation. Should mentors have difficulty meetingthese costs, consideration to a grant being made will be given in exceptional circumstances. Mowgli willdiscuss each mentor’s contribution individually at the interview stage of the application process.If you would like to be considered for the programme above, please go to Mowgli and submit an application via our online form. Deadlines for applicationsfor the December and January sessions are 18th November and 8th January respectively.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About MowgliThe Mowgli Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to harness the power ofmentoring worldwide – inspiring and nourishing entrepreneurship and the building of sustainableeconomies through the creation of aspiration, jobs and opportunity – towards the goal of alleviatingpoverty (