Social media sl.pptslide show for presentation 22.6.12 final edit 22.4.12


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This is the ppt that I used at the ACFE e_showcase in Melbourne on Friday 22nd June 2012. In my showcase I showed how I have used social media in our small community of Benambra and how it has united us with outside groups as well. I was so proud to be with Ev from Buchan and Kate from Benambra with my leaders, Junita and Leo

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Social media sl.pptslide show for presentation 22.6.12 final edit 22.4.12

  1. 1. Social Media (Face Book) In theSmall Community of Benambra
  2. 2. • A good tactic for such a sparse region, it will attract all age demographics.• Benambra is an isolated area in East Gippsland high country with a mainly ageing population who suffer the tyranny of distance.• By starting the community with a blended approach, we hope to encourage them to go further.
  3. 3. Benambra Neighbourhood House Group Page• A place to keep our community informed as to what is happening at our centre• Provide information on technology and new apps• A place to share ideas and ask questions• To keep up with what other organisations are doing
  4. 4. BNH Group paGe
  5. 5. The Trail 3 Other Pages Community 2 4 Benambra NeighbourhoodFacebook Page House 1
  6. 6. Other Groups within the CommunityPAGES:•Benambra Click Clack Club Page…..Invitee onlyGROUPS:•Benambra Angling Club (shared admin)……….open•Benambra Neighbourhood House……….open•Wild Dog Forum……….open•Victorian High Country Fishing Classic……….open•Benambra Click Clack Club Group……….Secret•East Gippsland Omeo Region Buy Swap•Home Cooking Recipe Group•High Country Heritage
  7. 7. Other groups we are• members of: E-capability• ACFE e-mentor• Facing IT• eFacilitate• Australia e-Series• Buchan Neighbourhood House and many other neighbourhood House pages• East Gippsland Network of Neighbourhood Houses• e-learning PLN• Get Toned• National Truckies
  8. 8. Mission• To continue with facebook for our community. – To introduce Kate Faithfull to the e-mentor group. Kate is our trainee coordinator and very willing to be included. – All this will enable community members to access the neighbourhood house for the how to part of it all thus creating a new learning environment while developing skills about social media. – It will give clients a sense of pride in being able to learn IT skills and what can be achieved by an older generation. – To help clients understand the privacy rules within the use of internet. – To develop a safe and comfortable online space for all. – Centre has 4 computers and 3 laptops. We have put in for funding to get all computers up to date and to buy 3 ipads. – We have trained staff on hand. – Due to size of town target groups can be accessed and identified easily. – Give clients choices. – Isolation does not mean that community misses out, our aim is to welcome all.
  9. 9. Farewell from Benambra