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K W Canada Newsletter


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K W Canada Newsletter

  1. 1. New Canadian Keller Williams Website Visit our completely re- designed Canadian homepage! It was a glorious occasion on September 23rd as Keller Williams Canada celebrated the launch of our first Market Centre in Atlantic Canada. The day started with the Dean of Keller Williams University Faculty, Dick Dillingham presenting the "24 Topics" of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book to a packed crowd of new KW agents and their guests. Dick's personable style was ideally suited to the welcoming Maritime crowd. After the 5 hour seminar, the official Launch Party began. Over 300 people were in attendance including OP's Jeff Hooper, Glenn McQueenie, Chris Davies, Area Director Diane Mitchell and Canadian Market Centre Administrator Bonnie Stager lending support. Directors Corner Congratulations Halifax! From the Desk of John Furber, Canadian Director M O N T H L Y U P D A T E O N T H E N E W S A N D E V E N T S A T K W C A N A D A KELLER WILLIAMS CANADA Newsletter S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 0 Congratulations to Operating Principal Jerry Murphy and his wife Annette, Team Leader Valerie Folk, Market Center Administrator Linda Megehey and Director of First Impressions Tammy O’Leary. A special John Furber Canadian Director congratulations to Ron Birmingham and Kevin Fudge whose vision and energy made all of this possible. The first transmittal for Keller Williams Halifax will take place on October 1st with a current agent roster of over 45 agents. All of us in Canada warmly welcome the team at KW Halifax to the Keller Williams Canada family!
  2. 2. “This is Our Moment” “Keller Williams is on the verge of something really incredible!” said Mark Willis, CEO of Keller Williams Realty, during the State of the Company address at this year’s Mega Camp in Austin, TX. Looking ahead to a market that is likely to be “a little shaky for the next few months,” Willis emphasized to a powerfully packed convention hall of close to 1,500 of the company’s market center and regional leadership that, “we are on the threshold of greatness with opportunities like we have never seen before.” Reflecting on North American market conditions, Willis pointed out that “Keller Williams is shining through with positive energy at a time when the rest of the market has lost energy and steam. Among the company’s key accomplishments cited: • “We profit shared more than $26 million year to date, and have surpassed $300 million in profit share since the start of Keller Williams profit share program.” • In an especially difficult market such as the US Keller Williams continues to outpace the industry, as evidenced by an 8.5 percent increase in agent count year to date, vs. a 3.5 percent drop in NAR membership. In Canada that number is even more remarkable, showing an 18% agent count increase year-to-date. “We are now in the same 10,000 increment for agent count as our next largest competitor,” Willis noted. “It’s our destiny to surpass them and to become No. 1 in the next 12 months” – a feat that will be largely fueled by those in attendance. “You are the best leadership team that exists in this market!” How Canada Ranks in the KWRI System *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Aug. 2010 PROFIT #11 #12 #13 #14 Gulf States N. California & Hawaii Canada California - West/LA PROFIT SHARE #12 #13 #14 #15 Southwest Florida South Canada California Central & South CLOSED VOLUME #4 #5 #5 #7 California North & Hawaii Texas N. & New Mexico Canada Northwest Mark Willis Chief Executive Officer
  3. 3. Mega Camp 2010 Keller Williams Realty International hosted it’s annual Mega Camp this year between September 13-16 to a sold-out crowd. Agents from across Canada and the United States met in Austin, TX in greater numbers than ever before. It was an incredible week of training, masterminding and networking, not to mention presentations from executive leadership and a keynote presentation by Chris Gardner. MC AGENTS WRITTEN CLOSED GCI #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 # Volume # Volume Ottawa Realty (ON) 288 2,977 959,040,060 2,636 844,809,804 20,429,999 Toronto - Don Mills (ON) 160 838 276,055,279 833 274,742,984 5,769,681 Whitby/Oshawa (ON) 118 884 232,441,244 882 232,038,244 5,274,396 Toronto - Beach/Riv. (ON) 83 576 209,037,203 575 208,722,203 4,447,703 Kitchener (ON) 86 656 267,985,258 650 266,461,120 3,643,784 Top Producing KW Canada Market Centres by YTD GCI *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Aug. 2010 Click HERE to view a clip from Mark Willis at the State of the Company Address KW Referred 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament The Keller Williams Referred Realty annual golf tournament is taking place on September 29th to benefit Rachel’s Rainbow Fund, a charity which supports leukemia research at the Hospital for Sick Children. The event will take place at the Highlands Golf Club in Bradford Ontario and includes 18 holes, BBQ lunch, various contests and an after-dinner social with dinner and prizes to be won. Only 100 playing slots are available, to register contact Jenn O’Kane at 1-888-790-7489
  4. 4. Top Producing Associates by YTD GCI Associate Market Centre Associate Market Centre #1 Jin Chen Ottawa Realty (ON) #11 Doug Coulter Kitchener (ON) #2 Matthew Shulman Toronto North (ON) #12 Gordon Charles Springle Toronto-Beach/Riv (ON) #3 Gary Tiwana Abbotsford (BC) #13 Craig Hedderson Whitby (ON) #4 Marvin Alexander Newmarket/Aurora (ON) #14 Liane McKinley Ottawa Realty (ON) #5 Roy Choi Port Coquitlam (BC) #15 Sue Davies Whitby (ON) #6 Haris Yusufzai Ottawa Realty (ON) #16 Marianne Baird Anderson Ottawa Realty (ON) #7 Lester Carkner Ottawa Realty (ON) #17 Mary-Anne Gillespie Ottawa Realty (ON) #8 Joanne James Ottawa Realty (ON) #18 Robert Roland Toronto - Don Mills (ON) #9 Jason Bunker Kitchener (ON) #19 Glenn McQueenie Toronto - Don Mills (ON) #10 Chris Scott Ottawa Westside (ON) #20 Max Vanderheide Whitby (ON) Top Producing Teams and Groups by YTD GCI Team Market Center Team Market Center #1 Paul Rushforth Team Ottawa Realty (ON) #11 Kaushansky & Brown Team Toronto-Beach/Riv. (ON) #2 Bennett Real Estate Pro's Ottawa Realty (ON) #12 Mitchell Team Newmarket/Aurora (ON) #3 Mike Clarke Group Toronto-Beach/Riv. (ON) #13 Dekker Team Ottawa - Solid Rock(ON) #4 Mulholland & Ross Grp. Toronto-North (ON) #14 Hooper Group Ottawa Realty (ON) #5 Pilon/Hamilton Team Ottawa Realty (ON) #15 The Bortoluzzi Team Toronto-Don Mills (ON) #6 The Sachko Team Whitby/Oshawa (ON) #16 Peroff Team Newmarket/Aurora (ON) #7 Jim Reitzel & Associates Kitchener (ON) #17 Ottawa Realty (ON) #8 Lepp Team Whitby/Oshawa (ON) #18 Real Estate Guys Toronto-Don Mills (ON) #9 Mullin/Lloyd Team Whitby/Oshawa (ON) #19 The Jimenez Team Mississauga (ON) #10 Floyd Group Ottawa Realty (ON) #20 Josh Bath Team Port Coquitlam (BC) YTD Top Producers *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Aug 2010 *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Aug. 2010
  5. 5. MC AGENTS WRITTEN CLOSED PROFIT SHARE #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 # Volume # Volume Ottawa Realty (ON) 288 2,977 959,040,060 2,636 844,809,804 358,830 Toronto - Don Mills (ON) 160 838 276,055,279 833 274,742,984 151,381 Toronto - Beach/Riv (ON) 83 576 209,037,203 575 208,722,203 102,564 Whitby/Oshawa (ON) 118 884 232,441,244 882 232,038,244 90,845 Ottawa - VIP (ON) 77 451 135,953,822 451 135,953,822 76,368 Top Producing KW Canada Market Centres by YTD Profit Share Training and Event Highlights Millionaire Real Estate Agent: The 24 Topics with Dick Dillingham Toronto - October 12 This seminar is based on the NY Time best-selling book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent written by Gary Keller.  It focuses on the most crucial topics you need to know in order to build and maintain a successful real estate business in any market. If you want to learn about and utilize the fundamental models and systems that are essential to success in real estate, MREA: The 24 Topics is for you! Upcoming events • Toronto, ON - Sep 29: KW Referred Golf Tournament [More Info] • Toronto, ON - Sep 30: Commercial Business Development with Buddy Norman [More Info] • Toronto, ON - Oct 12: MREA 24 Topics with Dick Dillingham [More Info] • Vancouver, BC - Nov 2: Business Planning with Rick Geha [More Info] • Ottawa, ON - Nov 12: Inspirational Breakfast with Mo Anderson [More Info] • Toronto, ON - Nov 30: Business Planning with Rick Geha [More Info] • Toronto, ON - Dec 14-15: Recruit Select with Kay Evans [More Info] For more details about any of these events please visit Be sure to join the Keller Williams Canada community on Facebook Become a fan at *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Aug. 2010
  6. 6. Canadian Market Centres Rank Among the Top in the KWRI System *Statistics reflect Aug. 2010 production PROFIT SHARE #1 #2 #3 #4 Atlanta (GA) Ottawa Realty (ON) Greater Portland (OR) Austin Southwest (TX) WRITTEN VOLUME #1 #2 #3 #4 Ottawa Realty (ON) Roseville (CA) Austin Southwest (TX) San Antonio (TX) WRITTEN UNITS #2 #3 #4 #5 Austin Southwest (TX) Ottawa Realty (ON) Roseville (CA) San Antonio (TX) CLOSED VOLUME #1 #2 #3 #4 Ottawa Realty (ON) Austin Southwest (TX) Roseville (CA) Beverly Hills (CA) CLOSED UNITS #2 #3 #4 #5 San Antonio (TX) Ottawa Realty (ON) San Antonio IH10 (TX) Roseville (CA) PROFIT #1 #2 #3 #4 Atlanta (GA) Ottawa Realty (ON) Greater Portland (OR) Austin Southwest (TX) Canadian Leadership Team John Furber Director Diane Mitchell Area Director Martin Farkas Operations Manager Bonnie Stager Regional MCA KW Associate Helps to Raise Nearly $40,000 for Flood Relief Keller Williams associate and Operating Principal of KW Market Centres in Newmarket, Marvin Alexander, joined the mayor of King City, ON and the Consulate General of Pakistan to help raise money for flood relief in Pakistan. Marvin’s band, the Deadbeatz, provided entertainment to the evenings festivities which helped to raise close to $20,000 for the Red Cross, which will be matched dollar for dollar by the Canadian government for a grand total of nearly $40,000!