In partnership withAt GSMA World Congress February 2013GSMA Head OfficeSeventh Floor5 New Street SquareNew Fetter LaneLond...
32Congratulations on being selected totake part in the GSMA NFCExperience. The GSMA, inpartnership with Sony, is pleased t...
5The GSMA has partnered with Sony,to provide selected delegates theopportunity to take part in the NFCExperience with a co...
76Near Field Communication (NFC) iswireless technology that enables youto use your mobile to maketransactions such as paym...
NFC Interactive Zones andSmart PostersNFC Interactive Zones and smartposters will be located along thewalkways, registrati...
1110The applicationson your XperiaThandsetThe Telefónica WalletThe Telefónica Wallet applicationon your Xperia handset pro...
1312The Accenture Vouchers andCoupons application on yourXperiaT will allow you to collectvenue and city information digit...
1514Barcelona City Council is workingwith the Mobile World Capital’s pilotproject on the promotion andimplementation of NF...
1716TelefónicaTelefónica is one of the world leadingintegrated operators in thetelecommunications sector, providingcommuni...
1918VisaVisa Europe is a payments technologybusiness owned and operated bymember banks and other paymentservice providers ...
2120ConnecthingsNumber 1 in Europe, Connecthings isthe leader in NFC tag managementsystems with services operating in 16ci...
23Where to take part in the NFC Experience in BarcelonaRestaurants7 Portes14 Pg. d’Isabel IIBarcelona1881 per Sagardi3 Pl....
2524Rita Rouge33 Del CarmeBarcelonaSagardi Bcn Gòtic62 ArgenteriaBarcelonaSagàs, pagesos i cuiners &Co13 Pla de PalauBarce...
2726Casa de Tapes Cañota7 LleidaBarcelonaEl Bistrot de Santss/n Pl. dels Països CatalansBarcelonaElche71 Vila VilàBarcelon...
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Nfc experience brochure. MWC 2013 - Servicios Financieros


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Nfc experience brochure. MWC 2013 - Servicios Financieros

  1. 1. In partnership withAt GSMA World Congress February 2013GSMA Head OfficeSeventh Floor5 New Street SquareNew Fetter LaneLondon, EC4A 3BFUKTel: +44 (0)207 356 0600Fax: +44 (0)20 7356 0601Email: info@gsma.comWeb:
  2. 2. 32Congratulations on being selected totake part in the GSMA NFCExperience. The GSMA, inpartnership with Sony, is pleased tobe able to provide you with thiscomplimentary XperiaTM T, the officialhandset of the NFC Experience at theGSMA Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2013. With your NFC-enabled XperiaT smartphone youwill be perfectly positioned get themaximum benefit from the NFCExperience which runs throughoutthe event and the city of Barcelona.With thanks to our partnersTelefónica, Visa, Gemalto, la Caixaand Accenture, the handset will comepreloaded with a number ofapplications: A Telefónica Walletincluding a la Caixa Visa gift card andmobile contactless paymentapplication with €15 to spend; avoucher application with couponsthat can be redeemed with Near FieldCommunication (NFC) throughoutBarcelona, and the official MobileWorld Congress application includingthe NFC Badge.The NFC Badge is an application thatwill enable you to download your‘virtual’ MWC entrance pass and IDto your handset, which once verifiedwith your ID on the first morning,means you will not need to carryvaluable ID documentation with yourall week to gain access to the main site*.The inclusion of NFC technology inmobile phones has a huge potential tomake our lives easier by letting us,with a simple touch, experience newtransaction and payment servicesacross a range of sectors andindustries. The SIM card supportsthis by providing the highest level ofbank grade security. NFC technologyhas been in existence for a few yearsnow and the GSMA is working withthe mobile and key industry sectorsto further drive adoption and use ofthis technology over the next 12 to 24months. More information on howwe are doing this can be found on theGSMA Pavilion at Stand CS80 inCongress Square, so do visit us there.I’d like to thank all our partners forhelping us to make the NFCExperience happen at this year’sGSMA Mobile World Congress, andwe hope it will be the first of many.This booklet will show you how andwhere you can use your XperiaT tomake the most of the NFC Experienceboth throughout the show and in thecity of Barcelona, and details of allour participating partners can befound here. Please don’t forget tovisit us at the NFC Centre, at StandCS90, in Congress Square where wecan give you more information andprovide any help and support yourequire to take full advantage of theNFC Experience.We hope you enjoy our NFCExperience.Pierre CombellesBusiness Lead,Mobile NFC Services, GSMAForeword*You will still be required to wear your physical badge at all times and it will be required for access to the main Conference Sessions
  3. 3. 5The GSMA has partnered with Sony,to provide selected delegates theopportunity to take part in the NFCExperience with a complimentaryXperiaT, one of Sony’s marketleading handsets, encompassing thelatest in NFC technology.Mobile payments are just thebeginning of what is possible; forgetmessages and e-mail links. This NFC-enabled Android smartphone makesit easy to share content, phone tophone. Just hold your phone againstany other NFC handset, and watchthe sharing happen.The XperiaT will give you theultimate HD experience with a razorsharp HD clarity on a 4.6” displayscreen. The 13 MP fast capturecamera goes from sleep to snap in justover a second with a single key click.That’s not all; you also get full HDvideo recording with live streaming.The XperiaT will enhance yourexperience of social applications andentertainment. You can enjoy gamingwith PlayStationTM Certified. Pre-installed ‘Video Unlimited’, ‘MusicUnlimited’ and PlayStation® Storeapps from Sony EntertainmentNetwork gives you access to thelatest Hollywood blockbusters,millions of tracks and PlayStation®Mobile games.With NFC; you can tag your friendsand colleagues in a photo, or initiatemulti-player games by tapping yourhandsets together. Check in at places,or even “like” things Facebook-stylein real life by reading an NFC tag.Hold your phone close to a pair ofspeakers to start playing your music.Or simply connect your Xperia T™via MHL of your TV to enjoy the bigscreen with your friends and family.Check out Sonys booth in Hall 6 tosee how the company is enabling arange of NFC-enabled devices tobring your entertainment experiencesalive.For more information – the official handset for the NFC Experienceat Mobile World Congress 2013Your XperiaT ata glancen Slim, ergonomic arc designn 129.4 x 67.3 x 9.35 mm / 139 gn 4.6” HD Reality Display withMobile BRAVIA® Enginen Full 1080p HD video recordingn 13 MP fast capture camerawith Exmor R™ for mobileCMOS sensorn PlayStation® Certifiedn Android 4.0 and the latest 1.5GHz dual core processorn Screen Mirroring and DLNA®4
  4. 4. 76Near Field Communication (NFC) iswireless technology that enables youto use your mobile to maketransactions such as payment instores, restaurants, vending machines,public transport, information andpayment in museums, and also toidentify yourself, exchangeinformation, download or send dataand much more.Using NFC you can transferinformation between your phone andother NFC devices, such as phones,NFC tags or payment devices. Forexample, you can share webaddresses, contacts, phone numbers,music tracks, videos or photos.NFC tags are small programmedinformation areas that can beembedded on posters, on billboardadvertisements or next to products inretail stores.Touching a tag can give youadditional information such as maps,web addresses and movie trailers.NFC can also be used to exchangeinformation handset to handset aswell as for a number of otherinnovative use cases.For more detailed information onNFC technology please is Near Field Communication?Mobile World Congress offers a trulyinteractive experience for exhibitors,vendors, and attendees to participatein an environment where informationand transactions are exchangedthrough mobile using NFCtechnology.The NFC Experience at the GSMAMobile World Congress will create anopportunity for you try out some ofthese services first-hand. As part ofthis initiative, the GSMA willshowcase an integrated range ofmobile NFC services throughout thevenue and city of Barcelona. NFCtouch points will be abundantthroughout the exhibition floor,rewarding you when you ‘tap’ withinstant access to information aboutthe event, the city as well as a varietyof offers and downloads.With your NFC-enabled XperiaT, youwill be able to take full advantage ofall the NFC technology at locationsthroughout the Fira Gran Via venueand city of Barcelona.These include the NFC Badge,information points, discountvouchers, and payment capabilities.The variety of locations andincentives offered by the NFCExperience will provide you with areal life experience of Mobile NFC.Airport Smart PostersThe experience starts when you arriveat Barcelona airport; tap the NFC tagson the smart posters for informationabout the Congress and the NFCExperience.NFC BadgeThe virtual NFC Badge application isthe official NFC application for entryto MWC13. It will enable you to enjoyease-of-access during MWC usingdedicated lanes at the North andSouth Entrances, and will mean thatyou will not have to repeatedly showphoto-ID every time you enter.The NFC Badge is available for theAndroid 4.0 and Windows 8operating systems on handsets whichare NFC enabled. The applicationwill be pre-loaded and ready to useon your Sony handsets; moreinformation on how to use the NFCBadge application will be available atthe NFC Badge Help Desks locatedclose to the main Registration areas orat the NFC Centre at stand CS90 inCongress Square.See page 13 for full NFC BadgeApplication instructions.NFC Centre - Congress Square(Stand CS90)The NFC Centre, at the heart of theNFC Experience, is located inCongress Square and there you canspeak to our NFC Experts, and NFCExperience partners. There will belive demonstrations showcasing howthe technology works and theopportunity to collect informationand vouchers and coupons forredemption using your Sony handsetsat locations in the city of Barcelonawhere you see the NFC hotspots.Activating NFC on yourXperiaT1 From your Home screen, tapthe Application screen icon.2 Find and tap Settings >Wireless & networks.3 Mark the NFC checkbox.NFC is activated by bringing twoNFC devices together. Themaximum reading distance isabout one centimetre, whichhelps prevent unauthorisedcommunications.The NFC Experienceat the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013
  5. 5. NFC Interactive Zones andSmart PostersNFC Interactive Zones and smartposters will be located along thewalkways, registration areas, andwithin the exhibition halls of FiraGran Via. By tapping on the NFC-enabled tags on the smart posters youwill be able to use your NFC-enabledhandset to access exhibitordirectories, venue and conferenceinformation, and much more.Look out for the ‘Tap Here’ marksaround the venueTouch and pay at NFC-enabledpayment terminals in Fira Gran Viaand in the city of BarcelonaThe Visa mobile contactless paymentapplication, within the TelefónicaWallet, is included on your handsetand is pre-loaded with a la Caixa Visagiftcard for €15 for you to spendwithin the venue and at selected retailoutlets throughout Barcelona. Youwill be able to purchase drinks andfood from NFC-enabled Point of Sale(PoS) terminals throughout the FiraGran Via where you see this mark.There are morethan 15,000contactless-enabled PoSterminals in retail outlets throughoutBarcelona where you will be able totry out your payment capabilities.Look for the “Barcelona Contactless”signs in the retailer outlets.For a full list of retail outlets whereyou can use your paymentapplication in Barcelona, please seepage 23 of this booklet, or visit theNFC Experience smart posters in theInteractive Zones, or the NFC Centrewhere this information can bedownloaded to your handset.Tour the city of Barcelonawith NFCThe city of Barcelona, in collaborationwith the Mobile World Capital, isproviding NFC information points toenhance your enjoyment of the City.NFC touch points will be available atthe airport, selected restaurants, intaxi cabs, and central tourist locations,such as: Miró Foundation, Gaudi’sPedrera and others. By tapping NFCtags, you can receive discount offers,information downloads and access tomobile applications.WiFi and AirtimeThe handset contains €20 per personTelefónica airtime – €5 for voice and€15 for data, so you should set it touse WiFi wherever you can within thevenue. There are many free WiFizones including all the NFCInteractive Zones and networkingareas around the Congress.The WiFi setting can be foundunder the Settings Menu/WiFi.The free WiFi details are below :BarcelonaContactlessNETWORK MWC2013_FREE_WIFIPASSWORD mwc2013wifi98
  6. 6. 1110The applicationson your XperiaThandsetThe Telefónica WalletThe Telefónica Wallet applicationon your Xperia handset providesa simple and intuitive service tomanage NFC secure applicationsand credentials stored in theGemalto NFC SIM Card in thehandset. (Fig 1)You can use the Telefónica Walletapplication to make mobilecontactless payments, using the laCaixa Visa contactless gift cardthat has been preloaded on thewallet, with the secure credentialsstored on your Gemalto NFC SIMcard. (Fig 2)Open the Telefónica Walletapplication and then tap the laCaixa Visa contactless gift card todisplay it. (Fig 3)Touch on the card to initiate yourcontactless payment process and thenfollow the prompts displayed on yourhandset. (Fig 4)You will need to hold your handset tothe payment terminal until youreceive an audible and/or visualsignal from the terminal, confirmingyour payment has been sentsuccessfully to the retailer. A pop upwill appear on your handsetsummarising the transaction willappear on your application,indicating your payment has beensent successfully. Please alwaysremember to check the paymentterminal in the retailer, to confirm theresult of the transaction. (Fig 5)Fig 1 :The TelefónicaWalletFig 2 :la Caixa Visacontactless gift cardshown inside theTelefónica WalletFig 3 :la Caixa Visacontactless giftcard displayedFig 4 :Wallet ready forpayment – hold yourhandset to thepayment terminalFig 5 :Result of thetransactionTo make a mobile contactless paymentNote :Any contactless payments attempted which exceed the balance on your laCaixa Visa contactless gift card (€15) will be declined.This gift card is exclusive to Mobile World Congress attendees and cannot betopped up. Refunds cannot be provided on goods purchased with thepayment gift card on the Sony handsets.
  7. 7. 1312The Accenture Vouchers andCoupons application on yourXperiaT will allow you to collectvenue and city information digitallyand use it to redeem vouchers andcoupons, pre-loaded on your handset,in shops and restaurants aroundBarcelona. If you have location basedservices activated, and dataconnectivity, the maps tool will alsohelp you to locate them.To get startedThe first time you open theapplication, you will be asked toinput your Registration ID/Badge.You will then have full access, viayour handset, to all the retail discountoffers in the form of vouchers andcoupons. (NOTE : personalinformation will not be stored in theapplication or in the couponingsystem thereafter).How to use the ApplicationAn intuitive user interface will guideyou through its use, simply touch theapplication to open it and you will beable to navigate through a list ofshops and restaurants in Barcelona,providing you with informationabout the offers and where to findthem.Offer redemptionLook out for the NFC Experiencehotspots in each of the participatinglocations, showing the logo above.Simply tap your mobile phone on thetag in the shop and restaurant toredeem your voucher. Once you dothis, the offer will disappear from theapplication and a beep will sound, tonotify both the user and the salesassistant that the voucher offer hasbeen successfully redeemed.Once redeemed, the offer cannot beused again and it will not appearanymore in the application.Your Sony handset has been pre-loaded with the official GSMA MobileWorld Congress application and thevirtual NFC Badge application.The MWC13 mobile application willgive you information on everythinggoing on at the event, will save yourpreferences as you use it, and willsynchronise with your ‘My MWC’account.*Features include:n Favourite speakers – list andbookmark your favourites to see.n Personalised event schedules –create your own personal schedulefor the week.n Attendee networking – browseattendees and don’t miss out onmeeting those all-importantnetworking occasions.n Exhibition Maps – find exhibitorsof interest and plan your routesthrough the venue.n NFC Badge – Direct link to yourNFC Badge for Android 4.0devices and higher.To use the NFC Badge application:n Log into the application using thesame username (email) andpassword you used to create yourMobile World Congress personalregistration account.n Upload a passport quality photoof yourself to your NFC Badge.n The first time you enter the venue,you will be asked to show yourphoto ID upon collection of yourphysical badge, to validate yourphoto in the application and toconfirm your identity.n Once your photo is validated itwill show green on your handset,you may use any of the NFCBadge access lanes at the venueand enter the event withouthaving to repeatedly show photoID.n You will be required to show ID tovalidate your NFC Badge andphoto when collecting yourphysical badge. Please note thatyou will still need to have yourphysical badge on you at all times,including for entry into GSMAConference sessions.More information on how to use theNFC Badge application is available atthe NFC Badge Help Desks locatedclose to the main Registration areas orat the NFC Centre at stand CS90 inCongress Square.Vouchers and Coupons MWC Application and the NFC badge*Your MY MWC login is required tosynchronise between online portal andonline application
  8. 8. 1514Barcelona City Council is workingwith the Mobile World Capital’s pilotproject on the promotion andimplementation of NFC technology inorder to improve the visitors’experience.The NFC Experience in Barcelonaprovides a tour that starts in theairport, where Mobile WorldCongress attendees are welcomed tothe city with a smart poster thatprovides the opportunity todownload city information by simplytapping the tag with their NFC-enabled handset. The NFC-enabledcity tour follows a selection of touristvenues, where visitors can use theirNFC-enabled mobile devices to getinformation about each attraction.The different venues participating inthe tour are:n Sagrada Famílian MNAC (National Art Museum ofCatalonia)n MACBA (Contemporary ArtMuseum of Barcelona)n CCCB (Centre of ContemporaryCulture of Barcelona)n Joan Miró Foundationn Picasso Museumn La Pedreran Mobile World CentreAt all of these tourist points, you willfind the NFC Experience Tour smartposter where you simply ‘tap’ yourNFC-enabled mobile device on thesymbol to access to the venuesinformation.Help and support for the handset andthe applications on the handset willonly be provided throughout theGSMA Mobile World Congress at theNFC Centre, between the hours of8am and 8pm.Help and information on the use ofthe NFC Badge application isavailable at the NFC Badge HelpDesks located close to the mainRegistration areas or at the NFCCentre at stand CS90 in CongressSquare.Support for your XperiaT can befound at: and supportAround Barcelona
  9. 9. 1716TelefónicaTelefónica is one of the world leadingintegrated operators in thetelecommunications sector, providingcommunication, information andentertainment solutions, withpresence in Europe and LatinAmerica. Operating in 25 countries,as of September 2012, Telefónica’stotal number of customers amountedto 313.8 million.Telefónica has one of the mostinternational profiles in the sectorwith more than 75% of its businessoutside its home market and areference point in the Spanish andPortuguese speaking markets. At theend of September 2012, in LatinAmerica, Telefónica was providingservices to more than 210.1 millioncustomers, becoming the leadingoperator in Brazil, Argentina, Chileand Peru. Telefónica also hassubstantial operations in Colombia,Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador,Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua,Panama, Puerto Rico, Uruguay andVenezuela.In Europe, on top of the Spanishoperations, the Company hasoperating companies in the UnitedKingdom, Ireland, Germany, CzechRepublic and Slovakia, and wasproviding services to more than 102.9million customers as of the end ofSeptember 2012.The Group stands in eighth positionin the telecommunications sectorworldwide in terms of marketcapitalisation and first position as aEuropean integrated operator. It is infifteenth position in the Eurostoxx 50ranking, composed of the majorcompanies in Europe (September 30th2012).la Caixala Caixa was awarded the world’smost innovative bank award in 2011and it has since continued to maintainits status as the global leader in themobile contactless payments arena.To date, la Caixa has rolled-out over15,000 contactless PoS terminals inand around Barcelona along with 500contactless ATM´s, making la Caixathe only bank in the world, to havedone so.For the NFC Experience initiative, laCaixa has provided 3500 Visacontactless gift cards which areavailable on the XperiaT handsets.The balance of €15 on each card,provided courtesy of the GSMA andMobile World Capital, will give youwith the opportunity to try out thepayment services for yourself.About the GSMAAbout our partnersSony MobileCommunicationsSony Mobile Communications is asubsidiary of Tokyo-based SonyCorporation, a leading globalinnovator of audio, video, game,communications, key device andinformation technology products forboth the consumer and professionalmarkets. With its music, pictures,computer entertainment and onlinebusinesses, Sony is uniquelypositioned to be the leadingelectronics and entertainmentcompany in the world. Through itsXperia™ smartphone portfolio, SonyMobile Communications delivers thebest of Sony technology, premiumcontent and services, and easyconnectivity to Sony’s world ofnetworked entertainmentexperiences. For more information:www.sonymobile.comThe GSMA represents the interests ofmobile operators worldwide. Spanningmore than 220 countries, the GSMA unitesnearly 800 of the world’s mobile operatorswith more than 230 companies in thebroader mobile ecosystem, includinghandset makers, software companies,equipment providers and Internetcompanies, as well as organisations inindustry sectors such as financial services,healthcare, media, transport and utilities.The GSMA also produces industry-leadingevents such as the Mobile World Congressand Mobile Asia Expo.For more information, please visit the GSMAcorporate website at or MobileWorld Live, the online portal for the mobilecommunications industry,
  10. 10. 1918VisaVisa Europe is a payments technologybusiness owned and operated bymember banks and other paymentservice providers from 36 countriesacross Europe.Visa Europe works at the forefront oftechnology to create the services andinfrastructure which enable millionsof European consumers, businessesand governments to make electronicpayments. Its members areresponsible for issuing cards, signingup retailers and deciding cardholderand retailer fees.Visa Europe operates a high volume,low cost business model that providesservices to its members. Its surplus isreinvested into the business and usedto improve capital and reserves. Inthe last six years, Visa Europe hasinvested over €1 billion in newtechnology and infrastructure.There are 466m Visa cards in Europewhile €1 in every €6.75 spent inEurope is on a Visa card. Almost 80%of Visa Europes business is on debitcards and, in the year to September2012, over €1 trillion (€1.02bn) wasspent on Visa debit cards. Annualonline spending on Visa cards inEurope topped €200 billion (€202bn)for the first time in this period andnow accounts for more than 20% ofVisa Europe’s processed business.Since 2004, Visa Europe has beenindependent of Visa Inc. andincorporated in the UK, with anexclusive, irrevocable and perpetuallicence in Europe. Both companieswork in partnership to enable globalVisa payments. As a dedicatedEuropean payment system VisaEurope is able to respond quickly tothe specific market needs of Europeanbanks and their customers -cardholders and retailers - and tomeet the European Commission’sobjective to create a true internalmarket for payments.For more information, please visitwww.visaeurope.comGemaltoGemalto is a pioneer in NFC, whichcan turn a mobile phone into apayment or a transport device, IDbadge, car key and more beyondmobile connectivity services. It usescontactless technology to let youtouch your phone to a reader and pay,download coupons, access thesubway and many more things.Different service providers such asbanks, retailers, transport operators,access control suppliers, advertisersand others can therefore securelyload their application into the UpTeqNFC SIM.Indeed, Gemalto’s solution is themarket reference NFC secure element,an open and secure service platformthat enables mobile networkoperators and service providers todeploy NFC services today and in thefuture. It is the worlds first high-endSIM to obtain American Express,MasterCard and Visa Certifications.Its unmatched flexibility for easy on-boarding – the addition of new NFCservices - also makes it attractive fornew high value services such asmobile identification, couponredemption, loyalty programs andtransit cards. The availability of thisfully certified NFC SIM, unique onthe market, provides a strategic time-to-market advantage for mobileoperators, banks and serviceproviders looking to deploy NFC on alarge scale.UpTeq NFC SIM is alreadysuccessfully in use by millions ofcustomers worldwide.AccentureAccenture is a global managementconsulting, technology services andoutsourcing company, with 257,000people serving clients in more than120 countries. Combiningunparalleled experience,comprehensive capabilities across allindustries and business functions,and extensive research on the world’smost successful companies, Accenturecollaborates with clients to help thembecome high-performance businessesand governments. The companygenerated net revenues of US$27.9billion for the fiscal year ended Aug.31, 2012.Accenture Mobility is focused onenabling its clients to achievebreakthrough growth throughout therapidly changing mobile ecosystem.Accenture Mobility offers fivemobility services includingconsulting, software services –applications, software services –devices and platforms, managedservices, and business integrationservices.These are designed to helporganizations embrace business toemployee (B2E), business toconsumer (B2C), business to business(B2B) and machine to machine (M2M)business opportunities. Accentureoffers mobility and embeddedsoftware services across a wide rangeof industries and platforms, includingAndroid™, Apple® iOS, Blackberry®,Linux®, Meego™, Symbian®,Windows® Phone and WindowsPhone 8.
  11. 11. 2120ConnecthingsNumber 1 in Europe, Connecthings isthe leader in NFC tag managementsystems with services operating in 16cities across 2 continents.Connecthings cloud based platformgives access to contextual and real-time services and allows managingthe tags’ life cycle and their associatedcontextualised services andapplications - proximity services,mapping, coupons and e-ticketingand interactions with mobile apps.Connecthings is based in London,Paris and Madrid.www.connecthings.comPress contact :contact@connecthings.comopenTrendsopenTrends is a software engineeringfirm, specialising in mobileapplications, and a reference in open-source software development inSpain. openTrends has a line ofcorporate services exclusivelydedicated to the development ofmobile applications including native,web and hybrid applications and alsoQR and NFC solutions for iOs,Android, Windows Phone, WindowsMobile and Blackberry. openTrendsprovides IT engineering staffspecialising in technologies businesssolutions based on open-sourcesoftware. openTrends services arefocused on business improvementand IT efficiency for large clients, inboth the private and public sector. Italso provides business productivitysolutions oriented to SMEs.In briefn Mobile Solutions : mFieldServices,mPortal, iCorporate, mSocial,mCRMn Technology Consultingn Graphic Design & Usabilityn Architecture & DevelopmentFrameworksn Enterprise Content Management:SocialWeb, Corporate portals,CMS, App integrationn Productivity Tools: eForms ,BPM,PKI, Digital signaturen Enterprise Solutions: ERP, CRM,eCommerce, Business IntelligenceDuring this year’s GSMA MobileWorld Congress, 20 GSMA staff willbe using their XperiaT NFC-enabledhandsets to access their hotel rooms.With the SeosTM application providedby ASSA ABLOY, the global leader indoor opening solutions, the trialparticipants, roaming from theirhome O2 UK operator, will check in atHotel Porta Fira Santos, using theirSony handset. They will receive theirroom keys straight to their handset,sent Over The Air and held securelyin the SeosTM applet stored in theirG&D NFC SIM in the XperiaT. Allour trial participants then need to doto access their hotel room is simplytouch their handset on the NFC hoteldoor lock mechanism from VingCardElsafe to enter their hotel room.ASSA ABLOY has developed theSeosTM ecosystem to make thispossible. The SeosTM ecosystemconsists of interoperableelectromechanical locks and readers,mobile phone applications, a securedigital key delivery mechanism and aTrusted Service Manager. Theseintegrated elements support issuing,delivering and revoking digital keyson NFC-enabled mobile devices thatare used to open doors to homes,hotels, offices, universities, hospitalsand commercial buildings.Hotel Porta FiraSantos is consideredone of the most hightechnology hotels inthe Barcelona area;also it is the closesthotel to Fira Gran Via 2. It has 320rooms and suites equipped withcutting edge technology. Hotel PortaFira Santos is an award-winningskyscraper having been presentedwith the prestigious “EMPORISAWARD 2010” architectural award.Hotel lock trial
  12. 12. 23Where to take part in the NFC Experience in BarcelonaRestaurants7 Portes14 Pg. d’Isabel IIBarcelona1881 per Sagardi3 Pl. de Pau VilaBarcelonaAgua30 Pg. MarítimBarcelonaAttic120 La RamblaBarcelonaBar Lobo3 Pintor FortunyBarcelonaBestial2 Ramon Trias FargasBarcelonaBraseria Rossini13 Pl. ReialBarcelonaCa l’Isidre10-12 De les FlorsBarcelonaCal Pinxo Palau de Mar1 Pl. Pau VilaBarcelonaCal Pinxo Platja124 BaluardBarcelonaCan Majó23 Almirall AixadaBarcelonaCan Ramonet17 MaquinistaBarcelonaCan Ros7 Almirall AixadaBarcelonaCan Solé4 Sant CarlesBarcelonaCañete17 UnióBarcelonaCasa Leopoldo24 Sant RafaelBarcelonaCent Onze111 La RamblaBarcelonaCuines de Santa CaterinaLocal 1-26 Mercat de Santa CaterinaBarcelonaEl Chipirón de Moncho’sLocal 55-55A MaremagnumBarcelonaEl Gran Café9 AvinyóBarcelonaEl Nou Ramonet5 CarbonellBarcelonaEl Regulador105 La RamblaBarcelonaEls Quatre Gats3 MontsióBarcelonaElxLocal 9 MaremagnumBarcelonaEmperador1 Pl. Pau VilaBarcelonaFonda España9-11 Sant PauBarcelonaHard Rock Cafe Barcelona21 Pl. de CatalunyaBarcelonaIrati Taverna Basca17 Cardenal CasañasBarcelonaKaiku1 Pl. del MarBarcelonaL’Arròs12 Pg. Joan de BorbóBarcelonaLa Cuina del DO1 Pl. ReialBarcelonaLa Gavina1 Pl. Pau VilaBarcelonaLa Llavor dels Orígens6-8 VidrieriaBarcelonaLa Llavor dels Orígens4 Passeig del BornBarcelonaLa Mar Salada58 Pg. Joan de BorbóBarcelonaLa Taberna del Cobre53 ArgenteriaBarcelonaLa Terrassa del DO1 Pl. ReialBarcelonaMagatzem del Port1 Pl. Pau VilaBarcelonaMarina Moncho’s19-21 MarinaBarcelonaMarítim4 Moll d’EspanyaBarcelonaNeri Restaurant5 Sant SeverBarcelonaOrio Bcn Gòtic38 FerranBarcelonaRestaurant Casino19-21 MarinaBarcelonaRita Blue3 Pl. Sant AgustíBarcelona
  13. 13. 2524Rita Rouge33 Del CarmeBarcelonaSagardi Bcn Gòtic62 ArgenteriaBarcelonaSagàs, pagesos i cuiners &Co13 Pla de PalauBarcelonaSal Cafés/n Pg. Marítim de la BarcelonetaBarcelonaSaüc49 Via LaietanaBarcelonaSomorrostro11 Sant CarlesBarcelonaSuquet de l’Almirall65 Pg. Joan de BorbóBarcelonaTapa Tapa Maremagnum5 Moll d’EspanyaBarcelonaTapas Club1 Pl. Pau VilaBarcelonaTorre d’Altamar88 Pg. Joan de BorbóBarcelonaUdon Raval69 TallersBarcelona1930 Cantonese Cuisine11 Buenos AiresBarcelonaAlba Granados34 Enric GranadosBarcelonaAlba París168 ParísBarcelonaBar Velódromo213 MuntanerBarcelonaBembì, Modern Indian377 Consell de CentBarcelonaBlanc38-40 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaBoca Grande12 Passatge de la ConcepcióBarcelonaBrown 3333 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaCaelis 2668 Gran ViaBarcelonaCafè de La Pedrera92 Pg. De GràciaBarcelonaCaldeni452 ValènciaBarcelonaCasa Alfonso6 Roger de LlúriaBarcelonaCasa Calvet48 CaspBarcelonaCata 1.81181 ValènciaBarcelonaCinc Sentits58 AribauBarcelonaCitrus Restaurantus44, 1er Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaCosta Gallega71 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaCrosmas300 CòrsegaBarcelonaDaps469 Av. DiagonalBarcelonaDiagonal Can Soteras97-99 Pg. de Sant JoanBarcelonaDivinus28 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaEl Café del Gallery249 RossellóBarcelonaEl Nou de Granados9 Enric GranadosBarcelonaEl Japonés5 Ptge. de la ConcepcióBarcelonaEl Principal286-288 ProvençaBarcelonaEl Tragaluz5 Ptge. de la ConcepcióBarcelonaFàbrica Moritz Barcelona41 Ronda de Sant AntoniBarcelonaFarga Granvia630 Gran ViaBarcelonaFastvínic251 DiputacióBarcelonaFonda Gaig200 CòrsegaBarcelonaGaig214 AragóBarcelonaGresca230 ProvençaBarcelonaIndochine Ly Leap82 MuntanerBarcelonaL’Auca39 AribauBarcelonaLa Clara442 Gran Via de les Corts CatalanesBarcelonaLa Terraza del Claris150 Pau ClarisBarcelonaLa Tramoia15 Rambla de CatalunyaBarcelonaLa Vinoteca Torres78 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaLaie Llibreria Cafè85 Pau ClarisBarcelonaLasarte259 MallorcaBarcelonaLoidi248 MallorcaBarcelonaManairó424 DiputacióBarcelonaMatamala13 Rambla de CatalunyaBarcelonaMixtel·la155 Pau ClarisBarcelonaMoments38-40 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaMonvínic249 DiputacióBarcelonaMoovida265 RossellóBarcelonaMussol Aragó261 AragóBarcelonaMussol Casp19 CaspBarcelonaNamaste70 VillarroelBarcelonaNectari28 ValènciaBarcelonaNello’s Bar255 RossellóBarcelonaOut of China100 MuntanerBarcelonaPatagonia Beef & Wine660 Gran Via de les Corts CatalanesBarcelonaPetit Comitè13 Ptge. de la ConcepcióBarcelonaQu Qu24 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaRestaurant 383 Enric GranadosBarcelonaRestauranToc59 GironaBarcelonaSagardi Bcn Centre70-72 MuntanerBarcelonaSamoa101 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaSpeakeasy-Dry Martini162 AribauBarcelonaSushiexpress255 Consell de CentBarcelonaTapa Tapa44 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaTenorio37 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaTickets164 Av. del Paral·lelBarcelonaTopik199 ValènciaBarcelonaTrobador122 Enric GranadosBarcelonaTxapela58 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaUdon Eixample323 Consell de CentBarcelonaWindsor286 CòrsegaBarcelonaABaC Restaurant & Hotel1 Av. del TibidaboBarcelonaEl Asador de Aranda31 Av. del TibidaboBarcelonaEl Trapío25 EsperançaBarcelonaFarga Beethoven11 BeethovenBarcelonaFlash Flash Tortillería25 La Granada del PenedèsBarcelonaFreixa Tradició22 Sant EliesBarcelonaGiardinetto22 La Granada del PenedèsBarcelonaHisop9 Ptge. MarimonBarcelonaHofmann14-16 La Granada del PenedèsBarcelonaL’Oliana54 SantalóBarcelonaL’Orangerie83-93 Ctra. Vallvidrera al TibidaboBarcelonaLe Quattro Stagioni37 Doctor RouxBarcelonaMasia Tibidabo3-4 Pl. del TibidaboBarcelonaMussol Diagonal488 Av. DiagonalBarcelonaVia Veneto10 GanduxerBarcelonaAlkimia79 IndústriaBarcelonaBotafumeiro81 Gran de GràciaBarcelonaEls Jardinets de Gràcia116 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaGalaxó132 Pg. de GràciaBarcelonaL’Arrosseria Xàtiva amb Gràcia26 Torrent d’en VidaletBarcelonaLa Llavor dels Orígens12 Ramón y CajalBarcelonaNomo13 Gran de GràciaBarcelonaRoig Robí20 SènecaBarcelonaL’Arrosseria Xàtiva35 BordeusBarcelonaLa Tertúlia15 MoralesBarcelonaNegro-Rojo640 Av. DiagonalBarcelonaNeichel1-5 Beltrán i RózpideBarcelonaDos Cielos272-286 Pere IVBarcelonaEl Cangrejo Loco27-30 Moll de GregalBarcelonaL’Escamarlà40 Pg. Marítim del BogatellBarcelonaLa Fonda del Port Olímpic7-8-9 Moll de GregalBarcelona
  14. 14. 2726Casa de Tapes Cañota7 LleidaBarcelonaEl Bistrot de Santss/n Pl. dels Països CatalansBarcelonaElche71 Vila VilàBarcelonaForestier Miramar3 Pl. Carlos IbáñezBarcelonaLa Font de Prades4 Pl. de la FontBarcelonaMontjuïc El Xalet31 Av. MiramarBarcelonaÒleums/n Palau Nacional. Parc deMontjuïcBarcelonaRias de Galicia7 LleidaBarcelonaCan Cortadas/n Av. de l’Estatut de CatalunyaBarcelonaCan Travi Nous/n Jorge ManriqueBarcelonaTaverna El Ficus37 doctor RouxBarcelonaCan Rectorets/n Carretera Sabadell-MolletB140 km.4Santa Perpètua de MogodaTorreón3 BlanesGavà MarAREAS (MEDAS)Terminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatMCDONALDSTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatPorta GaigTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatSemonAirTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatMussolTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatMonchosTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatLizarranTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatMoo265 RossellóBarcelonaDos272-286 Pere IVBarcelonaShopsHarley Davidson207 Joan GüellBarcelonaLoewe91 Pg de GraciaBarcelonaUnion Suiza482 DiagonalBarcelonaBagues Joieria41 Pg de GraciaBarcelonaBoboli45 Rambla de CatalunyaBarcelonaBoutique Lladró101 Pg de GràciaBarcelonaCartier35 Pg de GràciaBarcelonaJosep Tomàs242 MallorcaBarcelonaLa Perla88 Rambla de CatalunyaBarcelonaLupo257 MallorcaBarcelonaMayol Sabateria29 Rambla de CatalunyaBarcelonaMontblanc Boutique99 Pg de GràciaBarcelonaPelleteria la Sibèria15 Rambla CatalunyaBarcelonaPelleteria Solsona14 Rambla CatalunyaBarcelonaRegia39 Pg de GràciaBarcelonaSanta Eulalia93 Pg de GràciaBarcelonaVila Vinateca7 AgullersBarcelonaRaima27 ComtalBarcelonaCottet40 Av. Portal de lÀngelBarcelonaPunto de luz146 Carrer de Pau ClarisBarcelonaZwilling16 Carrer del PiBarcelonaMuji81 Rambla de CatalunyaBarcelonaPODIVM Portal de lÀngel9 Portal de l’ÀngelBarcelonaRabat Joieria99 Pg. De GràciaBarcelonaRibes i Casals7 Roger de LlúriaBarcelonaDesigual - ARCS10 C/ ArcsBarcelonaDesigual - CC ARENASLocal P14. Plaza de EspañaBarcelonaDesigual - ARGENTERIA65 C/ ArgenteriaBarcelonaDesigual - CASP33 B C/ CaspBarcelonaDesigual - CONDAL9 C/ ComptalBarcelonaDesigual - DIAGONAL MARLocal 2560. Avda Diagonal 3BarcelonaDesigual - FERRAN3 Plaza San JaumeBarcelonaDesigual - FERRAN 5151 53 C/FerranBarcelonaDesigual - GRAN VIA 2Local B66 B83. Avda.De la Gran Via 75Lhospitalet del LlobregatDesigual - LA MAQUINISTALocal C42. Carrer Potosi 2BarcelonaDesigual - MAGIC BDNLocal B9 Altillo. C/Concordia 1BarcelonaDesigual - MAREMAGNUM ILocal 32/33 Recinto MaremagnumBarcelonaDesigual - MAREMAGNUM IILocal 104 Recinto MaremagnumBarcelonaDesigual - PASSEIG DE GRACIA47 bajos Paseo de GraciaBarcelonaDesigual - RAMBLAS 136136 Rambla de CanaletasBarcelonaDesigual - RAMBLAS 140140 Rambla de CanaletasBarcelonaDesigual - SPLAULocal 1.29-1.30 Av. del BaixLlobregatCornellàDesigual - TERMINAL SURLocal 67 y 68 Terminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatBurberry56 Paseo de GraciaBarcelonaBOTIGA DEL BARÇATerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatNATURATerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatCUSTOTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatALDEASATerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatITEMS DHOTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatLA MALLORQUINATerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatCRYSTALTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatCHOCOLAT FACTORYTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatCOTTETTerminal 1 AeropuertoEl Prat del LlobregatLA MALLORQUINAPlaça UniversitatBarcelonaBURBERRY - LA ROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsCOACH - LA ROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsESCADA SPORT - LA ROCAVILLAGELa Roca del VallèsMICHAEL KORS - LA ROCAVILLAGELa Roca del VallèsERMENEGILDO ZEGNA - LAROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsLOEWE - LA ROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsFCBOTIGA - LA ROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsFURLA - LA ROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsHACKETT - LA ROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsHUGO BOSS - LA ROCAVILLAGELa Roca del VallèsLUPO - LA ROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsPOLO RALPH LAUREN - LAROCA VILLAGELa Roca del VallèsSAMSONITE - LA ROCAVILLAGELa Roca del VallèsSWAROVSKY - LA ROCAVILLAGELa Roca del VallèsTAG HEUER - LA ROCAVILLAGELa Roca del VallèsBarsEL CAFÉ DEL VICTOR12 Carrer de la TapineríaBarcelonaEDELMANN6 Avinguda de Portal de LÀngelBarcelonaLA TABERNA DEL BISBE6-8 AvINGUDA DE LA CatedralBarcelonaALSUR CAFÉ4 C/ Sant Pere Mes AltBarcelonaSET DE GOTIC5 C/ MontsióBarcelonaBLAU CUCINA E CAFFE5 C/FreixuresBarcelonaLA PACIENCIA53 Rambla del RavalBarcelonaSandwitch& Friends27 Paseo del BornBarcelonaEL ROSAL DE LA TAVERNA27-29 Paseo del BornBarcelonaSandwitch& Friends5 Rambla catalunyaBarcelonaLLAMBERT5 C/ FusinaBarcelonaFANTÁSTICO177 C/ ParisBarcelonaMIXTEL·LA155 C/ Pau ClarisBarcelonaTelefèric27 Plaza LetamendiBarcelonaCUEVANO115 C/ Via augustaBarcelonaDANGO BARCELONA423 Av. DiagonalBarcelonaHAPPY ROCK373-385 CC Arenas.Gran Via de les Corts CatalanesBarcelonaJOALI7 Pz SolBarcelonaCan Xurrades57 Gran de GraciaBarcelonaAVENIDA 460460 avda diagonal 460BarcelonaBarnabier16 C/ MarinaBarcelonaCASINO DE BARCELONA19-21 C/ MarinaBarcelonaCAN GANASSA6 Plaça de la BarcelonetaBarcelonaL ÒSTIA3 Plaça de la BarcelonetaBarcelonaROVICA BAR56 Rambla CatalunyaBarcelona9 GRANADOS9 Enrique GranadosBarcelonaBARRAVAL104 HospitalBarcelona