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  1. 1. Crash Course on CreativityObservation LabBefore you enter the store:Does the store draw you in? If so, how?Not much,light-special display of the product-large signs of good pricesIs the door open or closed?Some close some openHow does this make you feel?Open welcome – largenessHow big is the sign lettering and in what font?Huge,What does it tell you about the store?The famous and the style of the brand itselfEnvironment:What is the color scheme of the store? How does this affect you?Green & yellow-make you feel fresh about the product blue mean quality and styleWhat type of floor does the store have? How does this effect the environment?White clean shiny ceramics , clean and large spaceHow high is the ceiling? How does this feel?High more feeling of space and open environmentHow brightly lit is the store? How does this affect you?High light –make you feel the good qualitie of the productHow loud is the environment?Calm &open environmentWhat is causing the noise?People & musicIs there music playing? If so, does it fit the environment?Yes, fit the environment and the product and the eventIs the store warm or cold?Better than outside
  2. 2. Is the store crowed with merchandise or is it sparse?SparesDoes the store have a distinctive smell?YesWhere is the cash register located?At the door cornerHow visible is the store security?Not visibleHow long do you want to stay in this store?(open)Long timeDoes the environment influence the perceived value of the merchandise?YesPersonnel:How long does it take before a sales person initiates contact?Few moments and then make contactDoes the salesperson have a script to follow with each customer?noDoes the salesperson treat different customers differently?All the sameWhat is the ratio of salespeople to customers?Constant to the salespeopleWhat age and gender are the employees?Mainly Males middle agesAre the salespeople using the store products?Not muchDo the salespeople have a uniform?YesDo the salespeople match the stores image?No not very much
  3. 3. Products:What is the first product that you notice?Hot offersIs there a central display table with featured products?noWhere are items that are “for sale” located in the store?Allover the placeHow are the products arranged? By function? By price? By color?FunctionAre there free samples or demonstrations?noWhat products are at eye level?Middle pricesWhat items in the store are in the least accessible locations?Not constantWhere are the most and least expensive products located?Expenseve high level and leastlow levelAre the prices of the products easy to find?yesAre there impulse items near the cash register?Kids attracting thingsCustomers:Are most customers alone or with someone else? What is the relationship?Groups, familyWhat is the average age and gender of the customers?All ages and typesWhen a customer enters the store, do they tend to walk in the same path or direction?Directions not constantHow long do customers stay in the store, on average?At least 1 hour
  4. 4. Do customer touch the products? Is this encouraged?Yes it’s okDo most customers appear to be on a mission or are they browsing?BrowsingWhat percent of customers purchase products in the store?Most of them-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------