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  1. 1. Creative and Media: Level 2 Higher Diploma The Project Level 2 Higher Diploma Creative and MediaUnit 1: Scene8.4.2 Evaluating the creative processStudent Book pp 254–55 Use the template below to help you to evaluate the creative process that you went through when completing your project.Describe how you generated your initial ideasI generated ideas through primary research, secondary research and meetings. I wanted to do anexhibition of photography. I wanted the photography to be based on London sites.Why did you choose one particular idea to develop further?My partner for the project and I combined our ideas. Her ideas were that she anted to a fashionshow on clothing. I wanted to do an exhibition of photographs on London sites. We combinedthese ideas to make a photography exhibition on how diversity is presented through fashion inLondon. I liked this idea because taking photographs of London sites is pretty boring but addingmodels to present cultures in London sites is much more interesting.How successful were the research methods that you used?The primary research with Hannie Syeda, a professional model, was successful as she helps andgave us advice how to know and choose the right people to model for our project.The primary research with Toby, a professional photographer, really helped me boost my skills asit was a session that taught me the technical terms of photography and he helped me know thedifferent camera angles. He also set us tasks to do and take photographs in Victoria Park.The secondary research using the internet as well as books help me find out the history behindeach culture’s fashion as we needed for the exhibition ti stick up with the photographs, therefore itwas very successful.What went well during the production process and what didn’t?Went well Did not go well • We had quite a lot of people during the • On the exhibition date, we set up the audition therefore we had variety of exhibition and when we were finishing people to select from to present be in our putting up the photographs it was too photographs. late as the visitors already started coming in to see it which was quite • Everything went as planned for example embarrassing. we always finished before the deadlines we set ourselves. • During the exhibition, we had positive comments and some suggestions which are can be useful in the future. © Pearson Education Ltd 2008. Copying permitted for purchasing institution only. This material is not copyright free. 1
  2. 2. Unit 1: Scene Creative and Media: Level 2 Higher Diploma Unit 1: Scene • During the exhibition, around 15-20 people attended altogether it went really well. Identify the equipment and materials that you used Diploma Level 2  Information TechnologyI used: • A digital camera • A computer and coloured printer • A laminator • Tables • Display board Explain what technical skills you developed whilst doing the projectI developed my camera skills. During my project, I experimented taking photographs fromdifferent angles and zooming in and out and flash etc. If you were to do this project again, what changes would you make?I would make sure, that during the exhibition day, that I will prepare the exhibition room 30minutes before the exhibition time. That way the visitors coming in won’t find be still preparingthe exhibition room.2 © Pearson Education Ltd 2008. Copying permitted for purchasing institution only. This material is not copyright free.