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Worksheet 2.3.1b


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Worksheet 2.3.1b

  1. 1. 2.3.1bFinal preparations B<br />Student Book<br />pp 68–73<br />Describe your role and responsibilities in the performance project.My role during the performance is prop manager. I am responsible for gathering all the required props for the performance. I have to attend all rehearsals and take notes on all the different props that we will need for the performance.Who are the other members of your team? What are their responsibilities?Moushomi Hanif is my partner for prop manager. We both are in charge of props. There are many members of my team. For example Zara is the director and Sabrina is the make-up artist who is responsible for all the make-up for the performance. We also have a publicity manager (Renee) and her role is to make posters and put them up for the public in time for the performance.Describe the tasks you will be undertaking in the final stages of the preparation process and during the performance itself. Include deadlines for completion of individual tasks. I had to ensure that all the props were ready to use for the performance and that they were safe to use. We had a final rehearsal with the props and made sure everyone knew how to use and handle their props.List the resources you will be using. Is everything ready to use? Has technical equipment been checked to ensure it is in good working order? All the lighting and sounds were managed by our sound and lighting technicians who took notes. Mr Macintosh fixed the lighting and sounds ready for the performance.<br />