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Worksheet 2.2.1 job description (actor)


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Worksheet 2.2.1 job description (actor)

  1. 1. 2.2.1Job description<br />Student Book<br />pp 60–67<br />Undertake some research into your chosen role and gather information to answer the questions below. <br />Job titleActorWhat skills does this person need to carry out the role?Must have good acting skills and confidence. What are this person’s responsibilities during the planning phase of a performance?They must attend all the rehearsals and meetings and keep up to date. They must understand and be aware of everything going on before the performance date.What are this person’s responsibilities during the staging of the performance?They must know where on stage they should be and when they should get off and on stage.To whom is this person accountable? The actor is accountable to the director (Nosheen). If they are having trouble or cannot make it to a rehearsal etc, they have to go see the director and explain it to her.What are this person’s responsibilities in terms of health and safety?Appropriate movements and clothing. Attend rehearsals and make sure they’re fit and healthy enough to perform.<br />