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  1. 1. Creative and Media: Level 2 Higher Diploma Unit 4: Record Level 2 Higher Diploma Creative and MediaUnit 1: Scene 4.2.5 Materials and resourcesStudent Book pp 120–29 It is important that you consider the materials and resources you will need to create your record.Materials and resources Where can they be found, or do I need to buy them?required Mac computers are available in our Creative and Media lessons and at lunch times T14 club from 12:40pm-1:30pm. But if I use the Mac computers at lunch, I will have to book it because there are otherMac Computer students who use the computers and the computers might all be taken. The school will use their budget to provide my class and me with these tapes to record our music videos for this unit.Mini DV tape The schools Media Resources Office will make the camera available toCamera and tripod all media students for their projects but however it is up to us to book it for the days we really need it because there is only one camera out of all the media classes. The camera and the tripod can be found in T- Block, T14. The software is already installed in only the Mac computers. It is up toiMovie software us to gain skills on how to use it and edit. Everyone who will be in the video will be responsible to bring theirCostumes own clothing. We will give a specific theme. 4.2.5a Extension activity By completing this document accurately and assessing carefully the materials and resources required you will be working towards creating a substantial and detailed plan for the creation of a record in a chosen medium. © Pearson Education Ltd 2008. Copying permitted for purchasing institution only. This material is not copyright free. 1