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  • Put on the student CD a small, mostly empty, dreamweaver website for Finger Lakes Wine Tours, so that you can go through all the steps with the students. Get a good free online keyword generator that we can use in class. INDEPENDENT EXERCISE Their own interest or sites TOPICS What is an algorithm? Keyword proximity Analyze where your traffic is already coming from Link bombing Googlebot – entire slide just on google? Sandbox effect? Sitemap and redundant navigation More online resources: seo websites, wordtracker, monitor your se rank, ACTIVITIES Comparing search results on different search engines Writing a title, description, and keyword list How to look at your competitor’s Source Code (and understand it)
  • Always double-check menu to match revisions in the outline.
  • What exactly do web spiders index?
  • What ARE the best keyword generators today? demo of this tool at Keywords list to use in web development: Finger lakes wine tours, finger lakes wine tour, Finger lakes, finger lake, fingerlakes, fingerlake, wine, winery, wineries, vineyard, vineyards, grapes, tour, tours, new york, ithaca, cornell, tasting, lunch, dinner, food-pairing, wine trail, organic Cayuga, seneca, keuka, lake, county, country Event, vacation, limo, van, bus Book your reservations, make reservations, register, sign up, purchase, free, coupons Red wine, white wine, List of types of wines Tourism, travel, visit
  • * It is said that as many as 25% of searches contain misspellings or typos. However, search engines are NOT case sensitive. Exact phrase matches seem to create scoring advantages on google. < keyword permutation generator Try some searches on your terms from the more general to the specific. Create different pages on your site with different emphases. You may be surprised which pages attract the most traffic.
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  • Search Engine Optimization (2009)

    1. 1. Search Engine Optimization Proven methods of increasing website traffic your instructor: matthew wyllyamz
    2. 2. Search Engine Optimization Getting started today Quick introductionsQuick introductions » Customizing this courseCustomizing this course AdministriviaAdministrivia How to have a great classHow to have a great class Menu of possible topicsMenu of possible topics
    3. 3. Search Engine Optimization Quick introductions » customizing this course Who are you and what do you do?Who are you and what do you do? What is your experience with …What is your experience with … » MS Windows, the Internet, and the WebMS Windows, the Internet, and the Web » Search Engines and SEOSearch Engines and SEO » Website development and HTMLWebsite development and HTML What do you hope to accomplishWhat do you hope to accomplish by learning more about SEO?by learning more about SEO? What is something interesting aboutWhat is something interesting about you?you?
    4. 4. Search Engine Optimization » matthew wyllyamz Software instructor since 1993, with an emphasis on multimedia, graphic design, and Internet development. Have created courses for Jefferson County Adult Ed, Colorado Christian University, Productivity Point, Colorado Free University, and the Department of Defense. Taught Apple Macintosh classes exclusively for five years, and have been active on the Internet since 1994. Corporate graphic designer / webmaster for two years ('97-'99). Took that site from 10,000 visits/month to 70,000 visits/month. Blogmaster for seven years. ('99-'05) Developed an audience of 800,000. TODAY: Independent contractor: technical and creative instructor and consultant, artist, amateur photographer, and author. BA in English writing, and have sold three books. »
    5. 5. Search Engine Optimization Administrivia Workshop scheduleWorkshop schedule » Two daysTwo days » 12:00pm – 4:00pm12:00pm – 4:00pm » Two sessions per dayTwo sessions per day » Short break (20 mins)Short break (20 mins) around 2pmaround 2pm Facilities …Facilities … » Bathrooms, vending, Starbucks …Bathrooms, vending, Starbucks …
    6. 6. Search Engine Optimization Please set cell phones to silent or turn off.Please set cell phones to silent or turn off. UnderstandUnderstand concentrated computer training:concentrated computer training: » Class is part discussion, part lecture, part hands-on. » PARTICIPATE! Ask questions. Answer questions. Take notes. » Watch the screen, then try it yourself. » This is a cooperative learning environment: We are here to learn from each other. Keep in mind that this class was designed for aKeep in mind that this class was designed for a specific level of student:specific level of student: How to have a great class
    7. 7. Search Engine Optimization Keep in mind that this course was designed for aKeep in mind that this course was designed for a specific level of student:specific level of student: Created for » a semi-experienced computer user with a comfortable working knowledge of Windows and the Web » The beginning SEO who knows little or nothing about search engine optimization NOT created for » the beginning computer user » the more intermediate or advanced SEO most importantly …most importantly … How to have a great class
    8. 8. Search Engine Optimization Make it fun!Make it fun!  most importantly …most importantly … How to have a great class
    9. 9. Search Engine Optimization Menu of possible topics DAY TWO Using your keyword list, and getting traffic Understanding Page Rank HTML concerns The importance of links So, how do you get links? Third-party gimmicks Pay–per-click and other fee methods Methods to Avoid Do you need a “robots.txt” file? Conclusions… … and a word about your CD DAY ONE Understanding SEs, and creating a keyword list What is a Search Engine and how does it work? Survey of the Search Engine landscape What is Search Engine Optimization? Defining your Niche(s) Tips for creating a keyword list Choosing domain names
    10. 10. Moving on …Moving on … DAY1
    11. 11. Search Engine Optimization Be careful what you wish for.
    12. 12. Search Engine Optimization How do *you* find what you’re searching for on the Web?
    13. 13. What is a Search Engine and how does it work? Spiders or Web-Crawler bots Search sites vs. Human directories What is a meta search engine?
    14. 14. Survey of the Search Engine landscape Which search sites really matter?* Google 66% Yahoo 21% MSN 07% 04% AOL altavista netscape more? … * Market share data Fall 2007 by
    15. 15. Search Engine Optimization What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engine results for targeted keywords. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results or the higher it "ranks," the more searchers will visit that site. SEO is often thought of as “the most cost-effective” method of bringing additional visitors to your web.
    16. 16. Defining your Niche(s) Define who are you and what you do. How do you create a proper list of keywords? » Brainstorming » HOT vs. competitive keywords » Generators » Researching your peers » Be broad … and then narrow » Be open to change, and expect the unexpected Optimizing your keyword density in … » Page content » Code
    17. 17. Search Engine Optimization Tips for creating a keyword list Ideally you should not even begin designing or creating a site until you have done your keyword research. If your site already exists, the first step should be to take a look at which keywords people are already using to find your pages. Ask everyone you know what keywords they think they would type into a search engine to find your type of site. Remember to be geographically specific. Use misspellings and multiple versions of the same words or phrases.* Prefer to use phrases as opposed to single keywords. Beware of using others’ trade-marked company or product names, particularly if it is misleading in any way. Utilize industry-specific jargon for savvy searchers. Understand the searching process: researching, shopping, and buying.
    18. 18. Search Engine Optimization Choosing domain names Look at what’s already out there. Use your most critical keywords in your domain names.* Don’t rule out the use of hyphens to separate words. Understand the difference between human-friendly vs. SE-friendly Check the registry for the domains that interest you. Register as many names as you can afford. *Studies show that internet searchers are more likely to click on results when the search term appears in the domain name.
    19. 19. Moving on …Moving on … DAY2
    20. 20. Understanding Page Rank Does your rank matter? What about your peers? What factors provide your rank? How can you see rankings? The first page and the “Fold” Utilizing the Google toolbar
    21. 21. HTML concerns Understanding the basic structure of website code Title » Writing descriptive titles Description » Selling the search engine browser Meta tag keywords Using <head>, <strong>, and <em> tags Alt image tags » Also beware of using images in lieu of real text characters File names and directory structure Links … … within and to your site must be worded properly The actual content of the pages!
    22. 22. The importance of inbound links The #1 thing search engines look at? Each link to your site is a vote of confidence in your content. Links make it easier for the SE spiders to find your pages. Every link is a doorway to your web that may bring visitors. However, link QUALITY is key: » The page rank of the pages linking to yours » The “relevance” of those pages » The “anchor text” of incoming links
    23. 23. So, how do you get links? PRIMARY METHODS Search engines Directories and Listings “Links pages” and … Reciprocal links from peers Web rings and Link farms
    24. 24. Search Engine Optimization Third-party (and other) gimmicks Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace YouTube Second Life Wikipedia Blogs or Message boards Web articles Digg (et al) Podcasting and RSS Create a web-based service as a site “back door” Avoid spamming
    25. 25. Pay-per-click and other fee methods
    26. 26. Methods to Avoid How to get your site penalized or banned Black Hat SEO Remember that SEs have it in their best interest that your pages are accurately indexed. Keyword stuffing (spamdexing) Invisible text Redirects and Cloaking
    27. 27. Do you need a “robots.txt” file? This file, created by the webmaster, and placed in the root level of the website, may direct cooperating SEs to NOT index certain pages in your web. neous/robot_txt.asp
    28. 28. Search Engine Optimization Conclusions … You cannot learn the violin in a day or two. Search engine optimization is a skill – like any other – that requires gradual & continual practice & improvement. Consider SEO to be an ongoing process. Monitor your results regularly. Work on it regularly. Stay upbeat! … but if you get frustrated, remember: You can always turn off the machine and walk away. :) Good luck. Best wishes. And get in touch if you need more help!
    29. 29. © 2008 by m.wyllyamz