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Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group


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Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group (MPVG) is the largest provider of veterinary services in Singapore since 1985. We operate a network of 9 clinics throughout the city.

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Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group

  1. 1. Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group
  2. 2. Introduction  Welcome to the powerpoint presentation of Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group (MPVG). Established in 1985, MPVG is the leading and largest provider of veterinary services in Singapore. We operate a network of 9 clinics conveniently located island-wide, a state-of-the-art tertiary care centre and a centrally located after-hours emergency centre, our veterinarians are always available to our patients.
  3. 3. Veterinarian Services : ● General Consultation ● General Health Screening & Vaccination ● Specialized Surgical Procedures ● Sterilization ● Dental Scaling and Extractions ● Offical ALLERCEPT® Laboratory providing Serum IgE Testing
  4. 4. Our Aim : We have a diverse group of veterinarians who are dedicated in providing different areas of veterinary care to our patients including senior veterinarians who have completed post- graduate training in dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, advanced imaging, surgery, TCM and acupuncture. Working together with our network of internationally qualified veterinary specialists, the Group aims to provide the quality assurance of veterinary medicine that is integrated, evidence based and peer-reviewed.
  5. 5. “For more information regarding this, please visit:"
  6. 6. “For more information regarding this, please visit:"