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Thannksgiving dfa cinfo2013


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Thannksgiving dfa cinfo2013

  1. 1. THANKSGIVING AT DFAC November 28, 2014 @1130-1400 The 45 Sustainment Brigade Senior Leadership will serve Thanksgiving Day meal to Soldiers, family members, retirees, and guests. Meal prices listed below. Subsistence in Kind (SIK)/Meal Card Holders Family Members of E-4 and below Family Members of E-5 and above Active Duty Officers & Enlisted (BAS) Authorized Civilian & Military Retirees No Charge $6.40 $6.40 $7.50 $7.50
  2. 2. A Military Thansgiving We offer gratitude this day For blessings multiplied, For family, fellowship and friends Who remain by our side. Through many seperations, An distances so vast The lesser love would be subdued. It’s doubtful it would last. We share these bonds of feeling That stretch between our souls When distance seperates us As we pursue our goals. But you have favored us with friends, And families that clutch Us close although we wander Around the globe so much. So Lord on this day we offer thanks, And bow our heads in prayer, We recognize your the source Of all the love we share. ~B.V. Dalhen