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Euromarc summary copy 2


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The summary of the 4 brochures on Mountain quality food Romania.

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Euromarc summary copy 2

  1. 1. The EuroMARC project European mountain agrofood products, retailing and consumers - conveys information on how to develop mountain quality food products. There are 4 brochures: in this presentation the summaries. The brochures can be downloaded from Mountain Quality Food
  2. 2. Bring the mountains home This brochure is designed to explain to the small producers in the Romanian Carpathians and to eco-tourism providers: - how you can benefit from cooperations, - what you could learn from other examples, - where you can obtain advice and support.
  3. 3. Boost your sales This brochure is to give advice to farmers and processors of mountain quality food products about using marketing and labelling to raise sales.
  4. 4. Conquer mountains together Brochure with recommendation for farmers, processors and retailers on working together to increase shared benefits.
  5. 5. Mountain products on the political menu Recommendations for the protection and promotion of mountain products through legislation.