The Octo Beckadona Story


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Boolprop Team Challenge #4

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The Octo Beckadona Story

  1. 1. The Adventures of the Octo Beckadona Team Boolprop Team Challenge #4
  2. 2. Once upon a time, there were four young women. They didn’t know each other all that well but they were determined to become best friends. The four young women were Tick aka Zoe, Fiona, Beth, and Shadey.
  3. 3. <ul><li>They started off by winning the Motherlode Lottery and moving into a grand castle. This castle was called the </li></ul><ul><li>Octo Beckadona Castle. </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>Once they were settled in, the first thing that Shadey did was she annoyed the fish. </li></ul>
  5. 5. <ul><li>Fiona went upstairs and played video games in one of the ten towers. </li></ul>
  6. 6. <ul><li>Zoe put soap in all ten fountains on the roof… </li></ul>
  7. 7. … while Beth watched an interesting movie. All in all, they seemed quite boring. But their boring lives would soon become much more interesting.
  8. 8. It was early in the morning when Fiona went into the living room. She’d found that the grandfather clock was rather alluring.
  9. 9. Upon turning the hands of the clock, Fiona had an image appear to her of a woman dressed as a SWAT team member examining some dog collars. A man was staring at her. Finally, the woman said, “Blazej, you do realize that I’m your daughter-in-law, right?” “Yes, Erin, I know,” the man replied. He sounded slightly disappointed. “Okay. So, stop staring at me! It’s freaking me out and I really don’t want to have to arrest my father-in-law,” Erin responded. The image disappeared suddenly and Fiona was pulled back into reality.
  10. 10. Immediately, she hunted down the nearest member of the household. She just happened to find Beth. “Hey, I just saw the strangest thing while I was playing with the clock. Beth, do you know exactly where we are?” Fiona inquired.
  11. 11. “ We’re in Sedona, aren’t we? This is where the Kellers, the Dawsons, and the Kats live,” Beth answered. Although Beth was correct about where they were, she was also wrong. The castle was actually a moving castle. No, not like Howl’s Moving Castle. It was a different kind of moving castle. This moving castle traveled from place to place depending on its mood.
  12. 12. The castle had decided to go to Sedona because it was in the mood for a small neighborhood. Sedona didn’t have very many people; the population was only at fourteen without Beth, Zoe, Shadey, and Fiona. The young women didn’t know this about their castle, though.
  13. 13. That night Zoe had a strange dream.
  14. 14. She dreamt she woke and looked out her bedroom window. Instead of seeing Sedona, she saw an entirely different place.
  15. 15. “ Good morning Zoe”, said Shadey. “Did you sleep well?” “Well, not really. I had a strange dream.”
  16. 16. “ I dreamt the castle had moved again but it was somehow confused.” “What do you mean?” Asked Beth. “I’m just worried there is something broken with the castle’s sense of direction, and I think it might have been me who broke it when I…
  17. 17. … when I put soap… in all the fountains on the roof,” Zoe finished in an embarrassed voice.
  18. 18. “ Hahaha! Really? You put soap in all the fountains?” “Yeah, all of them. Where are we by the way, are we still in Sadona?” Zoe asked.
  19. 19. “ Going by the current welcome wagon I would say we are in Veronaville,” Beth answered.
  20. 20. “ So the castle does move about,” Zoe said. “But that’s OK, don’t you think?” Shadey asked Fiona. (whose hair had mysteriously grown long overnight)
  21. 21. “ I think Zoe is right to be worried, we aught to go and check it out right away,” said Fiona.
  22. 22. So up on the roof the four simselves went, Zoe leading the way.
  23. 23. “ This isn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be,” Fiona said. “Surely this can’t be the reason why the castle is confused.” “Well, I don’t know, I did add quite a lot of soap,” Zoe admitted. “How much did you add?” Asked Beth.
  24. 24. “ Umm, about 20 boxes,” Zoe confessed. “It will be fine, you can hardly see any of it now,” Fiona reassured her.
  25. 25. Suddenly the simselves heard a loud voice coming from the tower next to the telecope.
  26. 26. “ There is someone in there .” Fiona whispered. “ Who can it be?” Shadey whispered back.
  27. 27. “ I’m going to find out ,” whispered Beth more bravely than she felt.
  28. 28. As the door opened the simselves saw a young man sitting in front of a computer. He was obviously having some problems with it, going by the way he was complaining at it.
  29. 29. “ What??!! But this is Riverblossom Hills?! I want a small neighbour hood, preferably without coffee-drinking guys in skirts.”
  30. 30. “ Hmm, where have you taken us to now?”
  31. 31. “ Perhaps I’ll be lucky this time?”
  32. 32. “ ARRGH! This is Veronaville!”
  33. 33. “ I’ll try again. Where am I now? Oh, Pleasantview. Hmm, not bad.”
  34. 34. “ Ugh, Don Lothario in a hot tub. No thanks, I think I’ll pass.”
  35. 35. “ What is wrong with this thing? It was working fine yesterday.”
  36. 36. “ Oh no, not Strangetown, I’m sick to the teeth with that neurotic Nervous.
  37. 37. “ Hm, I get the feeling I’m not alone.”
  38. 38. “ WOAH!”
  39. 39. “ Oh you gave me such a fright ladies. What you are doing here in my castle? “ Your castle?” the four simselves exclamed. “Who are you?” asked Shadey. “Don’t tell me your name is Howl and your computer is Calcifer.”
  40. 40. “ Ha ha! No; my name is Drew and I am the ‘behind the scenes’ guy so to say.
  41. 41. “ I am the one who makes sure everything works and is running smoothly round here.”
  42. 42. “ Only, as you may have noticed, I’ve been having problems all night and I can’t seem to find out what the problem is.” Drew finished. “Ah”, said Shadey, “There is something we ought to show you. Try not to get too mad.”
  43. 43. “ What has happened to my servers? They are full of soap ?!!” Drew wailed.
  44. 44. “ I’m so sorry Drew, it was me who did it,” Zoe admitted ashamedly. “Have I broken them?”
  45. 45. “ Don’t worry Zoe, I will just have to clean the system out. It was needing a bit of cleaning out anyway, so I guess you did me a favour.”
  46. 46. “ Friends?” Drew asked and gave Zoe a big hug while the other simselves smiled happily.
  47. 47. “ So Drew, is it OK if we stay here?” Fiona asked. “We really like this castle, and we have already named it ‘Octo Beckadona’ which is our Boolprop team name.”
  48. 48. “ Sure you can stay,” Drew said. “I dare say you have already made yourself at home here.”
  49. 49. (Whatever gave him that impression?)
  50. 50. Moral of the story? If you want to mess things up a bit – add soap! The End