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A primer on internal branding


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A primer on internal branding that details the importance key considerations and strategies for ensuring employees can deliver on a brand promise.

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A primer on internal branding

  1. 1. September 2014
  2. 2. Brand Attributes Differentiation Relevance Quality Personality Value Consistency Community Business Benefits Price Premium Loyalty Market Share Advocacy Brand Extension Reputation Halo Recruitment
  3. 3. You’ve done customer research. Looked at the market. Come up with a smart strategy to define, clarify or update your brand. NOW WHAT? Even the most resonant, compelling brands must get from concept to reality. Brands need to become credible and real in the minds (and hearts) of consumers through execution. Though logos and ads are nice, you need to actually deliver on the brand promise to build equity. And that’s requires more than a marketing plan….
  4. 4. HOW do you deliver on your (new) brand promise?
  5. 5. How do you deliver on your (new) brand promise?
  6. 6. Proactively look at all the factors that shape your employees’ ability and willingness to deliver on the brand promise. Then make sure your activities at these touch points are relevant, aligned and effective.
  7. 7. Employees need direction and support… Informed Trained Supported Motivated …before they can deliver on the brand promise
  8. 8. Inform Brand Culture Purpose Market Train Work Requirements Products/Services Roadmap Strategy Support Tools Training Coaching Collaboration Motivate Incentive/Recognition Mission/Values Leadership Participation/Dialogue
  9. 9. Brand DNA Consumer Insights Market Trends Competitive Landscape Employee Insights Ideally, a brand identity should be shaped not just by external market research and planning, but also by internal realities like company culture and employee insights. The best brands reflect and reinforce their company’s workplace culture.
  10. 10. Employees being able to deliver on the brand promise is the price of entry. Employees being motivated – even passionate – to live the brand is the real goal, and a much higher bar. That requires sustained employee engagement: alignment, productivity, passion and loyalty.
  11. 11. Customers won’t believe in your brand if your employees don’t…  Believe in it  Act on it  Talk about it  Promote it  Defend it Mobilize your employees to be your brand ambassadors
  12. 12.  Engaged employees are: informed, motivated, productive, loyal, even passionate  (Happy) employees can also be very effective advocates for brand, company  Key engagement metrics include:  Alignment with manager  Satisfaction with job  Likelihood to recommend job  Intent to stay or leave
  13. 13. Brand Workshops Internal Campaigns Executive Coaching Advocacy Programs Training Modules Incentive/Recognition Programs Employee Surveys & Audits Organizational Assessments Orientation Programs
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