moTwin - 5 Tips to Build Awesome Mobile Enterprise Apps


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5 Tips to build awesome mobile enterprise apps. This primer introduces some basic principles that will guide cutting edge application development. moTwin Platform is a mobile application development and runtime platform that enables advanced features and rapid development, with an emphasis on realtime data delivery and context-based app functionality. Use moTwin Platform to expedite your development process and embrace these advanced principles. For more information, visit

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moTwin - 5 Tips to Build Awesome Mobile Enterprise Apps

  1. 1.       5 tips to build   awesome mobile enterprise   apps. An introduction to great app development using moTwin Platform  
  2. 2.     1. Real-Time Data Streaming   Ensure that the data your user access is dynamic and up-todate. Because milliseconds matter. Mobile devices are checked every six and a half minutes—150 times a day! Is your app displaying up to date data? Users expect data to be live, responsive, and accurate at all times. Provide your users with access to accurate and up to date information, for their final bid on an auction, a   multi-currency bank transfer, or the traffic during their commute.     High-performance can mean a lot of things, but to moTwin it means both fast and efficient. moTwin’s real-time technology is based on a push protocol in which data is sent by the server as soon as it is available. From an infrastructure perspective, this also means that connections are established only once and, contrary to polling, no news means no activity. Combines this with moTwin’s differential cache management and our dynamic API orchestration and you get ultra-responsive apps (native and web-based) to fully satisfy all your high-end customers. No more “pull to refresh.”     
  3. 3.     2. Connected Apps         Your enterprise is ready to "speak mobile." A little help is all it takes to harness the power of your backend resources. Connected—that’s what enterprise apps are. Translating existing web and desktop applications for mobile often requires a lot of backend preparation work—exposing new REST APIs, leveraging existing web services or accessing a remote database through an unsupported driver. A mobile middleware with   ready-to-use connectors will get you there in no time.     moTwin Connectors and Connector API provide a quick and easy way to communicate with most backends or cloud service. From its robust JDBC connector to its premium connector, there’s always a solution to integrate your mobile app with your services. On top of that, moTwin’s server-side cache capability mixed with its strong tendency to exchange data in real-time will guarantee that your mobile users get the message quickly while keeping backend load low.     
  4. 4.     3. Instant notifications     Reach out to your users with relevant and useful requests for action. Anytime, anywhere. Improving communication with your users can make a big difference in the way they value your services. Mobile apps now easily integrate messaging capabilities that offer a more personalized experience. Use mobile notifications to start a chat conversation, offer a one-time discount, invite people to call you   back—interacting with your users is easier than ever.     moTwin’s unified notification service helps businesses focus on the message, not the delivery mechanism. moTwin Platform conveniently integrates with your CRM and modern analytics solutions and offer a flexible way to target your audience, and trigger the right messages through the best channel. With moTwin in-app notifications, even faster real-time interactions take place directly within your apps for an optimized user experience.     
  5. 5.     4. Context Awareness   Use deep insights, connect disparate pieces of information, and provide better experiences to your users. Personalization is a critical differentiator among applications. Users are so close to their mobiles that a lot can be gleaned by looking at their usage pattern. A user who only uses your service first thing in the morning is very different than somebody who accesses your app throughout the day. Build contextaware apps that behave differently based on location, time of day, or   usage history on additional channels.     For moTwin, context is so much more pervasive that simply device location. Our understanding of context includes three different sources of information: 1. The ‘mobile context’ tells us about the phone’s operating system, screen resolution, network and network operator, and yes, the location. 2. The ‘app context’ shows the way the app is being used (is someone logged in, what are the pages most visited, what’s the navigation pattern, etc.). 3. The ‘server context’ and all the activities fetched from different systems via moTwin’s connectors (CRM history, e-commerce transactions, recent payments, etc.). This information is easily retrieved via our SDKs (iOS, Android and HTML5) and our connectors, and it can be used to better serve your customers. Used in conjunction with relevant and timely notifications, mobile apps become proactive and personalized for improved user engagement and increased revenue per user. 
  6. 6.     5. Connection Stability     Networks are not as ubiquitous as we hope. Don't let a poor connection stand between you and your users. Data packets struggle to penetrate urban canyons and keep up with speeding trains. Is your app optimized to work consistently no matter how weak the connection? Are your users always able to connect to your services, no matter where they are or what they do? Recent studies show that mobile users are not very patient. Apps that address this problem will have a head start that can directly translate into increased   revenues.     moTwin Platform optimizes end-to-end data exchanges by: 1. Enabling developers to build mobile-optimized APIs to optimize the amount of data exchanged with the app no matter what backend services are exposed. 2. Providing a push-based communication protocol which minimizes the payload through compression, multiplexing, and state of the art cache management. 3. Enabling powerful offline mode through built-in data cache management. With its set of backend connectors that allow bi-directional, real-time data access to enterprise services, on premise or in the cloud. The Connector API permits integration with key systems even if they don’t expose developer-friendly APIs. 
  7. 7.     6. Bonus! Optimized life cycle: mutualized code base, fewer client-side updates, increased security. Today’s mobile landscape is such that going mobile means developing apps for several platforms (Ex.: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 8.1, etc.), several versions of their respective OS, and several sizes of devices. And then there’s the maintenance of these apps for years to come. Building for the long term without sacrificing performance and usability can be a tricky problem to solve. With a platform you can build multi-tier apps to simplify the life cycle of your developments and your apps. We believe that the future of mobile involves multi-tier apps where the UI strongly resides on the device for an optimal experience but where most of the business logic, data adaptation & orchestration run server-side. Such a model allows developers to mutualize a large part of the development process, simplifying the updates and the overall management of the apps. Additionally, being one server away from the enterprise backends allows sprawling connected apps to integrate with these web services without compromising security or putting the corporate data at risk. moTwin Platform helps enterprises build the next generation of mobile applications. For more information, visit