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Oil and the Achuar


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Oil and the Achuar

  1. 1. Some of the threats . Any kind and amount of resource extraction incl. using land for ag, farming, traffic of species, overhunting is similar, its leaves are massively used by the Achuar for the construction of the roofs of their houses, its fruits are also used as food and the wood to make handcrafts”. “The extraction of the inner core of young chonta pambil palm trees ( Iriartea deltoidea ) is also decimating some populations of this species inside this territory”. Deforestation including the low intensity selective cutting of trees in the forest surrounding the indigenous communities “ The population growth leads to more pressure over the natural resources” “ The situation of the chaapi palm tree In 2003, 39 million barrels of Ecuadorian oil came to California (2). In 2008 , imports of Ecuadorian oil to California It is estimated that all the oil under Achuar territory would meet the petroleum needs of the US for 21 days. In 2008, the US got 1.1% of its electricity using oil (petroleum) producing about 590 Gigawatts of power climbed to 62.5 million barrels - up more than 60 percent (2)
  2. 2. Int roduction to their Indigenous cu lture T heir unique perspective on wealth and what it means to be a millionaire Brief examples of how things from the jungle function as things that people in non-indigenous cultures would usually pay money to receive
  3. 3. Occidental Petroleum in Achuar Territory in Peru: a Legacy of Harm BLOCKS 104 or 106 Occidental Storage Facility Other areas of pollution and environmental degradation As of March 8, 20 10 the case is pending in CA federal appeals court. The appeals court will be deciding whether to grant <ul><li>Occidental produced oil from 1975 to late 1999 in northeastern Peru near Ecuador, where the indigenous Peruvian Achuar have lived for centuries. </li></ul>The plaintiffs (Peruvian Achuar) claim that the company violated the industry standards and the environmental regulations by dumping a total of 9 billion barrels of toxic oil by-products in watersheds used by the Achuar people. <ul><li>Since Occidental hadn’t cleaned up the area by 2000, a group of 25 indigenous Peruvian Achuar people filed the lawsuit Maynas Carijano v. Occidental Petroleum on May 10, 20 07 </li></ul>Will be deciding whether to grant Occidentals request to have the law suit done in Peru. Pics: Occidental request to have the
  4. 4. Squirrel monkey Traditional food, less consumption currently because of reduced population of monkeys Bird species : “The Achuar territory is home to more bird species than the total amount of bird species that are found in the entire United States” (7). Species of Trees : “ 25 acres in their territory can contain more than 700 species of trees, about the same as in all of North America ” (7) Fish : “A single pond here can sustain a greater variety of fish than are found in all of Europe’s rivers” (7). 7. Dream People of the Amazon . Dir. Larry Lansburgh. 2005. Green Planet Films. 8. . on the Achuar indigenous land, is such an effective muscle relaxant that western medicine uses a compound derived from this vine for open heart surgery Corary , a substance derived from a plant found More than 2,000 plants with potential anti- cancer properties are found only in the rainforest Benefits to Western Medicine Western Science has not even been able to count, let alone identify, all the species of plants, animals and insects that live in a healthy tropical rainforest (7). than 20 different species of trees exist per acre”(8). Biodiversity Trees per acre: “In the jungles of the Upper Amazon 100 species of trees per acre have been recorded. In the temperate forests of North America & Europe, rarely more Bird species : “The Achuar territory is home to more bird species than the total amount of bird species that are found in the entire United States ” (7).
  5. 5. More than 1/3 of the total least 317 species birds in Achuar territory nationally endangered can only be found in two other places in Ecuador outside of the Achuar territory Listed as Vulnerable (VU) by IUCN Biodiversity live in Ecuador number of birds on Earth live in South America. of the bird species of S outh America At More than 50%
  6. 6. 1. To preserve the Earth’s tropical rainforests by empowering the indigenous people who are its natural custodians 2. To contribute to the creation of a new global dream and vision of equity and sustainability for all Some of the upcoming seminars 2 most important missions of the Alliance Sat May 22 from 10:00AM - 4:30 PM in Napa, CA and Atascadero, CA at the Awakening Ways Spiritual Center St. Joseph Parish Center , Sun Jun 6 12:30 PM - 4:45P M Alameda, CA, US If people are not able to attend the seminar, there are excellent resources on the website to help people experience a portion of the symposium or if people are interested in hosting a Symposium, they are highly suggested to contact the Community Coordinator nearest to them Pachamama has a commitment both to develop tangible , real-life projects through which rainforests provide more direct economic benefit standing than cut as well as to broaden the general economic view so that the value of standing rainforests and the costs associated with their destruction are measured and counted. Pachamama Alliance all St. Joseph Parish Center , Sun Jun 6 12:30 PM - 4:45P M Alameda, CA, US St. Jo seph Parish Center , Sun Jun 6 12:30 PM – 4: 45 PM Alamed a, CA 2. To contribute to the creation of a new global dream and vision of equity and sustainability for all Atascadero, CA Most recent project: doing free Changing the Dream of the Modern World Symposium around the world
  7. 7. Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve fans out around an ephemeral lagoon crowded with plant and bird life. “A wooden boardwalk meanders its way from the river through the jungle to the lodge itself, and on out over the lagoon, Kapawi is accessible only by air-flying in small planes over an unbroken green expanse of rainforest. Mammals incl. freshwater dolphins birds (more than 570 species in the area) Biodiversity providing an ideal location for early morning bird watching” Kapawi Ecologe and Reserve
  8. 8. Contribution to the Achuar Community (per passenger): US$ 10.00 entry and US$ 2.50 per night “ For me, the alliance that resulted in Kapawi is very important” (7). “When tourists come here they can take something back to their own countries” (7). “They can learn about our customs, then go back and share that with their families and friends” (7). In turn, those people can come here and learn about us” (7). “ I hope this enterprise succeeds so that the oil companies won’t come in here and destroy our forests, kill our animals and fish and pollute the rivers that we depend on” (7). “This is the most important thing that I can think of” (7). -Mauro Mukuchan, an Achuar man Kapawi Ecologe and Reserve - Local Benefits
  9. 9. Kapawi Lodge The entire ecolodge was made in “authentic, traditional Achuar design concepts” without a single metal nail. Part of the view of the lagoon from balcony of the room There are 18 double rooms, each with private baths. Some of the rooms can also be converted to triples and some of the rooms share a balcony looking on to the lagoon and are ideal as family accommodations. Each bed has its own mosquito net and every room is equipped with a security box. There is solar heated water available on most afternoons. Environmentally friendly methods such as biodegradable soaps, and trash recycling systems are also being utilized.
  10. 10. Ecotourist activities outside Ecolodge In addition to the wildlife viewings from your room or near the resort, there are also other ecotourism activities that they offer <ul><li>Guided excursions: </li></ul><ul><li>Day & night guided hikes </li></ul><ul><li>Achuar community visits </li></ul><ul><li>night and day canoeing </li></ul><ul><li>Kayaking </li></ul><ul><li>Fishing </li></ul><ul><li>Bird watching </li></ul><ul><li>Swimming and tubing </li></ul><ul><li>In-Depth Guided Excursion and Spiritual Cleansing: </li></ul><ul><li>Private candlelit River Cruise: </li></ul><ul><li>Float down the river in a canoe at night with just the sounds </li></ul><ul><li>of the jungle making noise for </li></ul><ul><li>more than a million acres </li></ul><ul><li>Spiritual Cleansing </li></ul><ul><li>Visit the house of an “authentic Shaman of the community” </li></ul><ul><li>They will cleanse “your spirit with the local drink ayaguasca and immerse you in an ancient ritual” </li></ul>← There are cultural community visits that can include shopping or no shopping ↑ Guided Day Hikes↓
  11. 11. 1:20-2:20 2:55-3:05 Fishing in the Amazon with barbasco root youtube