Motorcycle Pro Gear Products


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ToeJamm Motorcycle Gear Shift Covers
Wipe 'N Ride Instant Detail Cloths
GravityStrap Passenger Strap
BeastLeash Action-Cam Safety tethers

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Motorcycle Pro Gear Products

  1. 1. was established in 2011 to promote our own products: ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers Wipe „N Ride Instant Detail Cloths GravityStrap Passenger Strap BeastLeash Camera Leash ToeJamm and Wipe „N Ride have been Awarded the Rider Magazine‟s Member Tested Seal of ApprovalOur Packaging and Printing materials are Manufactured in the USA. Our Paper and Ink are Certified Green* Best Guarantee in the Industry * Certifications available upon request - Excludes promotional stickers
  2. 2. BeastLeash Camera Safety Tethers Leash it or Loose it!MPG PRODUCTS
  3. 3. ToeJamm Publication Date July 2010 Wipe „N Ride Publication Date August 2010ToeJamm Wipe „N Ride Publications
  4. 4. Wipe „N Ride “Stretch-Activated” Instant Detail Cloths Made in the USAWipe „N Ride Instant Detail Cloths are the ONLY “Stand-Alone” cleaning product formotorcycles and there‟s nothing else like it on the market.Wipe „N Ride Instant Detail Cloths create a static charge and release built-in polish whenthey are quick-stretched. The activated cloths attracts dust and dirt. They work withoutwater and are reusable. Stretch a portion at a time and one cloth can be used over andover until it looses it‟s effectiveness. Wipe „N Ride cloths clean and polish the entiremotorcycle; painted metal, glass, chrome, ABS/plastic, leather & vinyl. They are not a“car wash in a cloth”, but a single sheet of this remarkable product will detail an entiremotorcycle in minutes and keep a clean bike shining for months. Wipe „N Ride arecompact and portable. The handy carry pouch can be stowed on the motorcycle or in anypocket. Compact – Portable – Waterless - Reusable
  5. 5. “Loved how the wipes worked. My bike was dusty after a Poker Ride and it wiped down like a new bike.It was amazing how it made the bike sparkle.”“this product was the very best - oh my gosh - talk about ease of use. when my bike and I got wet, I wiped"us" down and we were off again. Love it!”“Im amazed at how these cloths picked up dirt from my already clean (I thought) bike. They will workvery well to touch up your bike after a ride. They are easy to pack and very easy to use. Just stretch themto activate the cloth and wipe.”“The Wipe N Ride is a great product. If your bike is just dusty, you dont have to wash it, just wipe it. Itsamazing how much dust and dirt it picks up. I thought my bike was just a little dusty. After using the WipeN Ride, It had more dust than I thought. The Bike looked like I polished it, when all I did was wipe itdown.”“Quick and easy way to clean up the bike without the soap & water mess. Puts on a good shine too”“These little babies are smokin hot! They work great, how innovative. The only thing was when I wasstretching them to get the static flowing they ripped a little, maybe I just dont know my own strength.”“Its the best dust getter ever.Its not only for your bike its works great inside your vehicle on you dashboard well every where inside.”“Excellent product! Wipe N Ride does exactly what it says it will do, and that is get your ride lookinggood for Bike Night. I carry one on my bike for quick cleanup at the end of the riding day. Highlyrecommended in areas that have hard water because Wipe N Ride cleans without water.”“Great product. The price of $9.99 for 10 of the wipes is damn good. I already checked out their websiteand will order more when Ive used the samples.”
  6. 6. Custom FitToeJamm Gear Shift Covers fit over just the black rubber “shift-boot" at the end of the shift leverToeJamms are Low Profile and do not alter shifting characteristics or “feel” unlike other bulky “wrap-a-rounds”.ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers are made of genuine Velcro® VelStretch® material. VelStretch® iselasticized to stretch just a few millimeters in one direction.ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers install PERMANENTLY without tape, tools or glue. The seams areheat-sealed and nylon stitched to prevent fraying and they last for thousands of shifts.ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers are not a “One Size Fits All” solution.ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers are CNC die cut to exact tolerances. Available in 7 sizes for a customfit.ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers are convenient. Installation takes just a few minutes and you wontforget to put it on, take it off, loose it or have to replace it when it‟s stolen.ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers are a simple solution for effective and long-term protection from up-shift scuff marks. Made in the USA
  7. 7. “This is the simplest, most effective solution to the specific problem of shifter marks on your left shoe that I haveever seen.”“WOW, finally a simple idea that really works. It was a little hard to get in place, but once I did, it really workwell. It didnt interfer with the feel of the shifter or operation of the bike.”“What a simple inexpensive innovation that protects footwear from scuffs.”“Quick installation with durable materials. Top-rate stitching & excellent fit. I ride about 10,000 miles ayear, and I expect this to last several years. ““A great idea whos time has come, it is a great product, that is easy to use, and easy to install as well.I lookforward to using this product on my other bike as well.”“easy installation, attractive on the bike, does the job it was ment to do. I have recomended it to my friends”“I was sent 2 covers because the size for my Kawasaki Concouse 1400 was unknown. I used Size C and with alittle work it slipped into place BEAUTIFULLY. I only got to test it for a 100 miles because of the weather here inWyoming, but it protected my brown boot just as promised. Would recogmend and say why did it take so long!!!”“The idea seems a bit whimmpy but it works as advertised. Im old school and polish my dress shoes. ToeJammkeeps my shoe from getting scuffed up on the shifter. If it works for polished shoes my riding boots will beprotected in the long run. It was easy to install and does not interfere with shifting.”“This product does exactly what they say it will do. I was able to ride with a pair of tan work boot and not onescuff on them. You can now ride and not worry about scuffing you shoes or boots.”
  8. 8. Passenger forward motion, weight transfer and helmet impacts candistract the rider and affect reaction time, braking distance and handling. Although a nuisance under normal conditions, Passenger shift can become a critical control factor in extreme situations. The GravityStrap Passenger Strap- Prevents the passenger from sliding into the rider. Rider belts and gas tank grab handles don‟t restrict the passenger‟s forward motion.- Helps keep the passenger in place under aggressive braking or emergency maneuvers. The passenger is NOT locked to the machine and GravityStrap is designed to release in the event of impact or crash.- Reduces Rider Fatigue. Keeps excess weight off of the rider‟s back and wrists.- Universal design fits all types of motorcycles. Easy on, Quick Release Shock Cord, Compact and Portable. Extensions available for Watercraft, Snowmobiles and ATVs.- Made from lightweight, Military Grade polypropylene mesh with a tear strength rating of 800 PSI. Genuine Velcro® fasteners are Exhaust-Heat resistant to 110 °C/230 ° Improves Two-Up Riding Safety, Stability, Comfort & Control Patent Pending
  9. 9. BeastLeash Camera LeashBeastLeash Camera Leashes provide retention security for GoPro and other Portable HD DVR Action Cameras. Suction cups and double- sided tape can fail causing catastrophic damage or loss. Enthusiast‟s shouldn‟t rely on the factory mounts alone to secure expensive cameras. Quality materials, quality constructionNylon Wrapped Elastic Shock-Cord, Shock-Cord is Crimped not tiedin a knot, High Impact Polymer Slide-Lock Secures to Frames, Handle Bars, Mirrors, Rider Gear & EquipmentBeastLeash is not designed to prevent damage in the event of crash or other impact. Made in the USA
  10. 10. Product Pricing*GravityStrap: Includes GravityStrap, Carrypouch, Quick Release Shock-Cord, Instructions andDecal. $24.95 each.Wipe „N Ride: 10-Pack $12.95 per Package.Wipe „N Ride: 5-Pack $7.95 per Package.ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers: Any Size $11.95 each.BeastLeash Camera Safety Tethers: IncludesTwo, 24” Closed Loop Safety Tethers. $7.95 perPackage. *Excludes Tax & Freight