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Presentation for Partner Disitrct Algebra and Geometry teachers

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  • 20 minutesI am a math team leader I am a math IL I am an administratorMy first official day of teaching is Monday 8/7I have a been teaching 1-3 years I have been teaching 4-9 years I have been teaching 10-15 years I have been teaching for 16-20 yearsI have been teaching for 21-25 years25 years plus! I traveled in state for summer vacation I traveled out of state for summer vacation I traveled out of country I am a lionI am a bobcat I am a
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  • August plc

    1. 1. • Sign In • Update school info • Pick up certificate • Review Blueprints • Complete Table for assigned unitPUHSDSeptember 5, 2012
    2. 2. • Three PLC dates (September, February and April)• Register for testing on the ning.• Students take Midterm in late December or early January and you must bring all student work with you to the February meeting• Midterm will be posted on ning in early December• Share resources
    3. 3. • Fewer and more rigorous. The goal was increased clarity.• Aligned with college and career expectations – prepare all students for success on graduating from high school.• Internationally benchmarked, so that all students are prepared for succeeding in our global economy and society.• Includes rigorous content and application of higher- order skills.• Builds on strengths and lessons of current state standards.• Conceptual versus procedural
    4. 4. • The same goals for all students• Coherence• Focus• Clarity and specificity
    5. 5. PARCC
    6. 6. • The Common Core proposes a set of Mathematical Practices that all teachers should develop in their students. These practices are similar to the mathematical processes that NCTM addresses in the Process Standards in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
    7. 7. Number off 1-12 throughout the room• Unit 1 is teams 1 and 7• Unit 2 is teams 2 and 8• Unit 3 is teams 3and 9• Unit 4 is teams 4 and 10• Unit 5 is teams 5 and 11• Unit 6 is teams 6 and 12Select 4-6 questions per standard that aligns with theblueprint for your standard. Submit your selections toMona before you leave.
    8. 8. • What are three things I learned? • What are two things I would like to more about?AQT/GQT • What is one thing that I am still confused about? •