Building	  EngineerList,	  the	  Startup	  Roots	  Way                         For the community, by the community - one e...
There’s	  no	  better	  time	  to	  be	  a	             tech	  startup	  software	  engineer...Tuesday, July 26, 11
There’s	  a	  ferocious	  war	  for	        talent	  raging	  on	  in	  Silicon	  Valley.	                                ...
NO                                                                                               T!                       ...
What	  matters	  most?Tuesday, July 26, 11
People!Tuesday, July 26, 11
The	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  problem	  does	  not	  lie	  with	                                                    ...
Startup-­‐friendly	  software	  engineers	  are	                          a	  unique,	  minority	  breed.                 ...
We	  focus	  on	  software	  engineers	                         because	  they	  are	  the	  leaders	  of	                ...
Production	  or	  conversion	  of	  talent	                  via	  education	  cannot	  happen	  quick	                  e...
 	  	  	  	  	  Overview                                                                                                  ...
Inaugural	  Startup	  Roots	  SG	  Fellows              •        10	  weeks	  from	  May	  2011              •       Appli...
My	  Paper	  -­‐	  25	  Jul	  2011Tuesday, July 26, 11
Talks,	  Networking   Fun	  &	  CamaraderieTuesday, July 26, 11
While	  encouraging,	  current	  model	  lacks	  momentum            Singapore-­‐based	  talent	  source	  limited;	  net	...
In	  designing	  Startup	  Roots’	  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence	                initiative,	  we	  drew	  inspiration	  from...
•          To	  fellows,	  Startup	  Roots	  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence	  is...                   -­‐      On-­‐the-­‐job	 ...
Startup	  Roots	  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence                       Select	  &	  award	          3	  batches	  /	  yr:      ...
Early	  Talent	  Distribution	  has	  been	  built                                                    and	  around	  the	 ...
Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence	  Fellowship              •          Per	  Fellow                   -­‐      Fellowship	  cash	 ...
Options	  for	  longer-­‐term	  Sustainability              •          “First-­‐look”	  round                   -­‐      $...
In	  a	  nutshell,	  Startup	  Roots	  Engineer-­‐in-­‐                                              Residence	  is...    ...
Why	  this	  is	  important                  •    Asia	  is	  the	  future.	  Singapore	  is	  a	  good	  testbed	  for	  ...
Call	  to	  Action                  •    [Ideation	  reDinement]	  Do	  you	  believe	  in	  this	  model?	  Are	         ...
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Startup Roots Singapore - Global Fellows Program


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Version 9 of our generic pitch deck, to build the EngineerList / DeveloperList of the world, via a non-profit, sustainable movement.

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Startup Roots Singapore - Global Fellows Program

  1. 1. Building  EngineerList,  the  Startup  Roots  Way For the community, by the community - one engineer at a time. Supercharging  emerging  tech  ecosystems,  one  engineer  at  a  time. 26  July  2011Tuesday, July 26, 11
  2. 2. There’s  no  better  time  to  be  a   tech  startup  software  engineer...Tuesday, July 26, 11
  3. 3. There’s  a  ferocious  war  for   talent  raging  on  in  Silicon  Valley.   Gold,    glory  and  girls  are  up   for  grabs!Tuesday, July 26, 11
  4. 4. NO T! But  only  if  Uncle  Sam  loves  you  your  country.Tuesday, July 26, 11
  5. 5. What  matters  most?Tuesday, July 26, 11
  6. 6. People!Tuesday, July 26, 11
  7. 7. The                      problem  does  not  lie  with   funding. Good  money  goes  after  good  people.Tuesday, July 26, 11
  8. 8. Startup-­‐friendly  software  engineers  are   a  unique,  minority  breed. good-­‐quality  code  fast  >  great  code  slowly ;it  &  alignment  w.r.t.  risk,  vision,  commitment,  personality able  to  work  with  little  direction  and  deal  with  ambiguity fast  and  adaptableTuesday, July 26, 11
  9. 9. We  focus  on  software  engineers   because  they  are  the  leaders  of   innovation  on  the  internet. Mark  Zuckerberg  =  engineer  (100%) Sergey  Brin  &  Larry  Page  =  engineers  (100%) Jack  Dorsey  &  Ev  Williams  =  engineers  (66%) It’s  easy  to  hire  MBAs  to  tell  a  tech  startup  how  to  make   money  once  it  has  users,  rather  than  vice  versa.Tuesday, July 26, 11
  10. 10. Production  or  conversion  of  talent   via  education  cannot  happen  quick   enough. g din fun y New  model  needed  to   idit liqu create  sustainable   y vit cti pipeline  of  smart  &   du startup-­‐friendly   ro r  p software he engineers hig , ages high  w v e  from et, , mo t rk ers  Stree   ma g ine Wall e nt l y  en fro m   t al nd ert   H ot -­‐frie  conv up r art y  o f  st  Valle e  o t ag the S hor ec osystem h at + of esh  blood” exits de Lack  of  “fr =  Tuesday, July 26, 11
  11. 11.            Overview Derrick  Ko James  Chan Zai  Zhuang Software  Engineer,   Investment  Manager,   Product  Manager,  Anafore Pivotal  Labs Neoteny  Labs • Singapore  chapter   • At  end  of  program,   of  parent  chapter   fellows  either  join   in  Silicon  Valley startups,  go  back   to  school  or  are   inspired  to  start   • Fellowship   new  companies program  for  elite   software   • Platform  to   connect  curated   • Intern  for  10   list  of  talent  with   weeks  at  best   curated  list  of   startups  in   startups Singapore • To  date,  8  speaker   • Interns  are   series  ([ireside   selected  for  quality   chats)  have  been   with  process  akin   organized,  with   to  typical  startup   strong  attendance   • During  fellowship,  fellows   • Access  to  tech  events   recruitment and  advisers by  community attend  regular  Speaker  Series   for  added  perspectives  &   exposureTuesday, July 26, 11
  12. 12. Inaugural  Startup  Roots  SG  Fellows • 10  weeks  from  May  2011 • Applications -­‐ 60+  applications  from  NUS,  NTU  and  SMU -­‐ 8  accepted,  of  which  6  joined  as  fellows  (10%) • Startups:  25  participating,  of  which  5  accepted  fellows • Speaker  Series -­‐ 8  sessions  held  as  of  26  July  2011 -­‐ Guest  speakers  include  experienced  investors  (Joi  Ito),  entrepreneurs  (Darius   Cheung,  Derek  Sivers)  and  engineers  (Carl  Coryell-­‐Martin,  Bunnie,  Ian   McFarland,  Jeff  Jonas) • Feedback -­‐ Fellows  are  loving  the  experience;  will  spread  the  word  to  their  peers -­‐ Startups  are  asking  if  we  have  more  where  they  (fellows)  came  from -­‐ Community  is  saying  they  can  see  very  positive  changes  in  fellowsTuesday, July 26, 11
  13. 13. My  Paper  -­‐  25  Jul  2011Tuesday, July 26, 11
  14. 14. Talks,  Networking Fun  &  CamaraderieTuesday, July 26, 11
  15. 15. While  encouraging,  current  model  lacks  momentum Singapore-­‐based  talent  source  limited;  net  needs  to  be  cast  wider;   model  needs  to  be  scaled  up  for  full  potential  to  be  realizedTuesday, July 26, 11
  16. 16. In  designing  Startup  Roots’  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence   initiative,  we  drew  inspiration  from  near  and  far. Social  Engineering  Guru We  attempted  to  crystallize  the  best  of  all  worlds,  to  achieve  win-­‐ win-­‐win  for  all  stakeholders  involved.Tuesday, July 26, 11
  17. 17. • To  fellows,  Startup  Roots  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence  is... -­‐ On-­‐the-­‐job  technical  training -­‐ Startup  work  experience  &  exposure;  see  what  works,  what  doesn’t -­‐ Excuse  to  come  to  Singapore  for  3  months  and  check  Asia  out • To  startups,  Startup  Roots  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence  is... -­‐ Reverse  recruitment  network -­‐ Risk  mitigation  of  potential  new  hires -­‐ Cost-­‐eficient  source  of  talent • To  ecosystem,  Startup  Roots  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence  is... -­‐ A  way  to  get  involved,  contribute,  give  back -­‐ By  the  community,  for  the  community -­‐ Source  of  new  human  capital,  possibly  even  new  deal  lowTuesday, July 26, 11
  18. 18. Startup  Roots  Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence Select  &  award   3  batches  /  yr: prestigious   Spring Outcome  1: Summer At  worst,  we’ll   fellowship  that   Fellow  gets  hired   solve  the  hiring   comes  with   Fall by  participating   problem  faced   cash startup by  startups. 3  x  10  weeks Startup  Roots Outcome  2: Singapore   Fellow  goes  back  to   Future   Fellowship school  or  back  to   evangelists   home  country for  platform +   Speaker  Series Outcome  3: Fellow  Minds  co-­‐ Feed  early-­‐stage   Global  fellow  spends  3   months  with  1  startup;   founder  in  other   deal  [low  to  angels.   fellow  or  from   venture  investors   startup  “job  fair”   matchmaking ecosystem,  starts   and  incubators  in   new  company ecosystemTuesday, July 26, 11
  19. 19. Early  Talent  Distribution  has  been  built and  around  the  world: • Other  tech  universities • Hackerspaces • Geek  events  like  Pycon,  Rubyconf,   Barcamp,  etc • Any  country  with  good  concentration   of  software  engineers  (ready  for  hire)Tuesday, July 26, 11
  20. 20. Engineer-­‐in-­‐Residence  Fellowship • Per  Fellow -­‐ Fellowship  cash  of  S$7,500  in  total  for  3  months -­‐ Startup  pays  them  a  minimum  recommended  monthly  stipend -­‐ Startup  repays  S$10,000  if  Fellow  gets  hired;  recycled  into   fellowship  kitty • Fundraising • Minimum:  S$500,000  to  bootstrap  66  fellows • Ideal:  S$1,000,000  for  more  fellows  +  operating  budget • Sources:  private  individuals,  foundations  and  public   stakeholdersTuesday, July 26, 11
  21. 21. Options  for  longer-­‐term  Sustainability • “First-­‐look”  round -­‐ $15,000  per  company  per  batch  of  fellows -­‐ If  fellow  is  hired  during  irst-­‐look,  company  pays  greater  of  (3  x  monthly   gross  x  #  hired  less  S$15,000)  or  nothing  (if  prior  computation  is  ≤$15k) -­‐ If  fellow  is  selected  for  internship,  and  hired  after  10  weeks,  no  extra  fee   needed -­‐ “Willing-­‐buyer,  willing-­‐seller” • “Main”  round • Company  that  paid  for  irst-­‐look  and  didn’t  ind  a  match  will  join  rest  of   companies  in  main  round;  2nd  chance • Participating  company  that  didn’t  pay  for  irst-­‐look  repays  $10,000  for  each   fellow  it  hires • Voluntary  Pledge  by  Fellows:  $X  or  Y%  of  $Z  cap  gains  over  career • 25%  of  pledge  from  each  fellow  put  back  into  common  pool,  split  equally   with  every  fellow  past,  present  and  future • Or  pledged  back  for  more  fellowships!Tuesday, July 26, 11
  22. 22. In  a  nutshell,  Startup  Roots  Engineer-­‐in-­‐ Residence  is... • A  means  to  systematically  groom  and  maximize  high-­‐ potential  talent  in  software  engineering; • A  sustainable  platform  to  concentrate  smart  passionate   and  hungry  individuals  in  a  single  city; • “Mechanization  of  serendipity”; • The  red  pill  for  life’s  rat  race  that  is  our  Matrix; • An  investment  in  individuals,  with  a  good  chance  to   become  a  self-­‐forming  Foundation  over  10  -­‐  25  years;  and • The  source  for  awesome  startup-­‐friendly  engineers  =   EngineerList  of  the  world!Tuesday, July 26, 11
  23. 23. Why  this  is  important • Asia  is  the  future.  Singapore  is  a  good  testbed  for  an   alternative  model,  with  its  Blexible  pro-­‐talent   immigration  policy,  concentration  of  budding  &  good   tech  startups  and  high  quality  of  life; • In  under  2  years,  we  think  we’ll  have  (outside  of  the   Valley)  the  best  source  of  smart  startup  friendly  hackers; • Global  virality:  Fellows  build  startups  in  Singapore  or   spread  the  movement  to  their  home  city;  and • A  model  for  emerging  tech  ecosystems  around  the   world!Tuesday, July 26, 11
  24. 24. Call  to  Action • [Ideation  reDinement]  Do  you  believe  in  this  model?  Are   there  ways  to  improve  this  further? • [Investment]  Would  you  consider  contributing  $  (however   little  or  much)  to  our  Global  fellowship,  to  help  us  build   EngineerList? • [Investor  referral]  Do  you  know  of  stakeholders  who   would  see  value  in  this  and  consider  “investing”  in  the  non-­‐ proit  fellowship? • [Distribution]  Do  you  know  of  interesting  pockets  of  talent   that  we  can  tap  on? • [Grassroot  action]  Can  you  help  us  spread  the  word?Tuesday, July 26, 11