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A customer experience is the multisensory experience of a brand which is embodied in an organization's product and service offerings. Jeneanne Rae, President and CEO of Motiv Strategies, outlines the customer experience (cX) management framework here.

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Customer Experience Management Framework//Motiv Strategies

  1. 1. Customer Experience ManagementCustomer Experience Management Framework:Elements and PurposeBy Jeneanne Rae811 N. Royal Street ©Motiv Strategies 2012 1Alexandria, VA
  2. 2. Customer Experience ManagementCustomer Experience customer experience vision and align their responsibilities, activities, and incentives toManagement Framework: support it.Elements and Purpose BrandA customer experience is the multisensory An organization’s brand promise, values, andexperience of a brand which is embodied in an identity must be infused at every customerorganization’s product and service offerings. touchpoint. Brand is the “north star” in makingTraditionally, the customer experience was important decisions that will enhance brandlimited to the point-of-sale of a product or the equity and drive differentiation along thepoint-of-delivery of a service, but today’s continuum your customers experience through ancustomer experience champions manage organization’s human and technologicalconsumers’ experiences across all touchpoints interfaces.before, during, and after the consumption of theproduct or service. Culture Culture is the set of values and resultingMotiv’s intense study of customer experience environment within which your customer’sexemplars over the years has led us to develop experience is produced. Customer experiencethe following framework to explain the level of exemplars put little before serving its customers’orchestration required of any entity that aspires to needs as a number one priority.produce distinctive interactions with its customersthat will drive loyalty and premium pricing overtime. THE HOW Technology In order to drive quality and a high degree of personalization at scale, customer experience exemplars use a wide range of technologies to support their customer experience visions, from simple databases and data mining to mobile apps and web-based utilities. Technology is a major tool in driving engagement, facilitating ease-of- doing-business and garnering system feedback. Process and Tools User-centered, service-design-based processes and tools such as ethnography, customer journey mapping, service blueprinting, visualization,CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE VISION customer–co-creation, and rapid prototyping are used extensively by customer experienceA customer experience vision is a high-level exemplars. Managing an overall vision anddescription of what the organization aspires to change management for large systems at scaleachieve in its interactions with its customers and require synthesis of large quantities ofits employees. A customer experience vision will information, as well as frameworks to directidentify the persons your organization wishes to action that these “design thinking” methods andbenefit, empathize with the problem they need to tools provide.solve in their lives, evoke the emotions theyshould experience, and leave the “how” vague in Metricsorder to foster wide interpretation by the various “What gets measured gets managed.” An overalllevels of employees who will produce the customer satisfaction score might tell anexperience. For example, Starbucks’s Customer organization how well it is doing with itsExperience Vision is, “Give a busy customer the customers in general, but will not tell it where a20 minutes each day he or she will look forward touchpoint is systemically broken and frustratingto most.” for its customers. All touchpoints require quality standards and measurements of how thatLeadership Alignment touchpoint compares to others along theSenior leaders from all functional areas continuum of the customer journey, as well as forunderstand and buy in to the organization’s811 N. Royal Street ©Motiv Strategies 2012 2Alexandria, VA
  3. 3. Customer Experience Managementthe same touchpoint by comparison in a system identity must be continually reinforced throughof retail stores, or medical clinics, for example. consistent messaging that must rely on an overallSince a broken touchpoint can ruin the entire intentional strategy to drive desired results.customer experience for an individual, metricsare essential to drive continuous improvement. Training Whether the customer engagement involves aCustomer Feedback retail associate, a sales person, a serviceProducing a great customer experience is a two- representative, or a manager of front-lineway street. Without the customer in the loop to employees, training is an essential element totell you how you are doing with them, the drive quality and consistency across the variousproducer of the experience will be in the dark to customer journey touchpoints. As important is theact on opportunities that will drive greater need to communicate how to handle exceptionsrelevance for that customer, or to improve upon to any employee who might encounter a situationor even cure a problem with an existing that needs to be made “right” in order to stay inexperience. the customer’s good graces.THE WHOEmployee Engagement Jeneanne Rae is theFor systems where the majority of the experience CEO of Motiv Strategiesis delivered by human beings (as opposed to and a nationallymachines), the level of employee engagement is recognized thoughta key indicator of whether the organization can leader on innovationproduce a compelling, high-quality experience. management and designOrganizations that can effectively communicate strategy. She was hailedtheir customer experience vision to invoke as one of Bloombergemployees to deliver on the “higher purpose” of Businessweek’sdriving not only customer satisfaction but also “Magnificent Seven Gurus of Innovation” in itscustomer delight, align their organizations for cover story on the creative corporation. Aftersuccess. Leadership intervention, measurement receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School,tools, inspiration, and training play a big role in Rae spent 20 years mastering the art andthis element. science of innovation through senior management positions at Peer Insight and IDEO.Partners For 10 years, she taught new productThe challenge of producing high-quality, development and service development as ancompelling experiences requires a myriad of adjunct professor at Georgetown Universitystalents (e.g., market research, training) that may McDonough School of Business, and shenot be core internal competencies for the currently teaches executive education throughorganization. Additionally, fostering obvious various top-ranked programs throughout theconnections between companies (e.g., country. Rae can be contacted atMcDonald’s tight worldwide partnership with jrae@motivstrategies.comCoca-Cola; Apple’s stable of accessoriesproducers) to “complete” a customer experiencevision is an effective strategy to promote Motiv is a multidisciplinary innovation strategyincreased loyalty with minimal financial outlay consultancy that partners with visionary leadersand reduced risk. Partnerships, therefore, are to produce innovative services and experiencesessential to cultivate and manage as part of any that materially contribute to our clients’ goals.customer experience strategy. We perform assessment work to gaugeCommunication organizational readiness, develop programThe need to drive system alignment around a architecture, and execute projects on specificallycustomer experience vision requires an equal or targeted opportunities to help our clients buildbetter need to foster communication at all levels: enhanced experiences for their to employees; organization tocustomer; customer to organization; and For further information, please contact:organization to its market and other business Jeneanne Rae, CEOstakeholders. Its brand promise, values, and jrae@motivstrategies.com811 N. Royal Street ©Motiv Strategies 2012 3Alexandria, VA