Motivequest the one social number you need to know


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A presentation we made at the Insights Innovation Exchange in Philly June 2013

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  • Hi, My name is David and I am a Big data-a-holic.I have been in the big data business for ten yearsUntil 5 years ago I was drowning in the stuff. Has anybody else here felt that way?Well Finally I hit rock bottom and had an epiphany.
  • Motivequest the one social number you need to know

    1. 1. Theonenumberyou need toknowin the social AgeARF Audience MeasurmentJune 2013
    2. 2. 2Companies have growing measurement challenges.Metric proliferationMeasurement is not insightSome metrics are estimatedNo framework to provide context
    3. 3. 3Companies have growing measurement challenges.Metric proliferation SimplifyMeasurement is not insight LearnSome metrics are estimated Know the detailNo framework to provide context Organize
    4. 4. 4Sentiment has been one of the most-discussed socialmetrics for years.NET POSITIVE SENTIMENTNET NEGATIVE SENTIMENTBaconHybrid CarsCell CarriersFinancial ServicesNeutralAirlinesVideo Game Consoles10%20%Gas CompaniesInsurance
    5. 5. 5Emotions help us better understand what makespeople tick, but don’t predict behavior.0%5%10%LoveExcitedInspiredFearFrustratedAngryHateSadnessWorriedRelaxedHopeHappyavghybrid carsMobile TechnologiesMortgagesHybrid CarsFinancial ServicesCellularMeatMeatHybrid CarsFinancialServicesCell Carriers
    6. 6. 6Is there a metric that predicts how people willbehave?
    7. 7. 7• Measures the number ofpeople, not conversations.• Developed withNorthwestern University’sKellogg Business School.• When individuals mentionmultiple brands over time(even when not in thesame conversation), theAdvocacy algorithmdetermines while brandthey speak most positivelyabout and considers themadvocates of that brandonly.Advocacy (recommendation of brand, product, orbehavior) predicts changes in sales or share.Change in advocates (prior month) vs. Change in Sales
    8. 8. 8Note: This is not actual representation of data, butrather an illustration of the efficiency concept.Advocacy allows for competitive comparison.
    9. 9. 9So you can map your brand’s performance forcontext and perspective..Brand BBrand CBrand DBrand EBrand F80060020004002,000 4,000 6,000 8,000PARTICIPANTSADVOCATESBrand A
    10. 10. 10Most important, advocates aren’t just a metric;they’re a great opportunity to learn and act.SalesFeatures Passion MotivationsValue Trust ArchetypesService Engagement MovementsMarketingProblems AdvocatesRational Emotional Social
    11. 11. 11Covert Campaign -MailingMini Takes the StatesMotorby- AdsAdvocacyIndexThe earliest advocate insights helped drive MINI’scampaign development to activate their community.
    12. 12. 12Feb-06Mar-06Apr-06May-06Jun-06Jul-06Aug-06Sep-06Oct-06Nov-06Dec-06Jan-07Feb-07Mar-07Apr-07May-07Change in Sales vs. Change in AdvocatesMINI’s advocates were a leading (and statisticallysignificant) indicator of sales in 12 of the first 16months of testing.          123
    13. 13. 13Each incremental bacon advocate predicts sales of5,000 pounds of bacon.0%2%4%6%8%10%0%5%10%15%20%25%Share of AdvocacyShare of Category (pounds)Y=0.8769X+0.138R2=0.3014P=0.028AdvocacyShare of category(pounds)
    14. 14. 14Advocates may be influencers, but they are alsocanaries in the coal mine, indicating powerful trendsand messages.Advocates serve as both adirect influencer to salesthrough their relationships incommunities, as well as anindicator of the offline orother unmeasuredconversations
    15. 15. 15Because advocacy is a high bar, it may even movein the opposite direction as sentiment.0000000000000000000NETFLIXADVOCATES
    16. 16. 16Advocates tend to analyze, vs. react. Even in themidst of brand meltdown, advocates were able (andwilling) to explain Netflix’s true value.“I couldn’t say with confidence thatwe’d recover. We were in a placethat was quite risky. We didn’t havethe reserves to make a secondstumble.”-- Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix
    17. 17. 17Advocacy provides context to other metrics, thatallows you to further evaluate where your advocacy iscoming from.Brand advocatesUnprompted brand mentionsContent creation (YT videos)Responses to brand Facebook postsSentiment of engagement metricsFacebook likes on brand postsRe-tweets of brand mentionsComments on YT videosSentiment of participation metricsBrand Facebook page likesBrand Twitter handle followersSubscribers to brand YouTube channelLowtoHighEffortAdvocacyBrand/ Product AdvocateEngagementMore effort to interactParticipationMinimal effort to interactAwarenessPassive contact with brand mentionsor messages
    18. 18. 18Leveraging the metrics that drive advocacy can helpyou more effectively understand your Earned Mediasuccess and how well your “Paid” and “Owned” isworking.Paid Earned Owned
    19. 19. 19Advocate behavior predicts sales or share in manyother categories.CLIENTS ARE USING THE ADVOCACY METRIC AS:Corporate KPIMarketing Mix Model inputComplement to brand health trackersOngoing source of insights and understanding
    20. 20. 20One NumberADVOCACY