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Social Media & Motivations


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Introduction to MotiveQuest a Motivations Research company

Published in: Business, Technology

Social Media & Motivations

  1. MotiveQuest explores Motivations
  2. Human Motivations drive Human Behavior
  3. In a fast changing worldMotivations are unchanged
  4. Human Motivations are primal
  5. We all want tofeel connected
  6. Feel nurturing
  7. Feel Creative
  8. Social Networks Human evolutionThese needs were around long before social media
  9. Social Networks are a good place to research motivations
  10. We use clever algorithms and social networks to reveal motivational drivers
  11. So that you can better understand you customers needs
  12. We like to help our clients solve business issues with motivation insight
  13. IF YOU WANT TO CHATTom O’Brien, CMO Website: Twitter: @motivequest