Feb13 social media webinar


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Feb13 social media webinar

  1. 1. Welcome toSocial Media Education Monthly Webinar Series Brought to you by Presenter: Curtis Howe
  2. 2. What to expect1. Cloud Cover- Listening as a tool2. Nuts and Bolts- Facebook tips andideas3. Q&A
  3. 3. Cloud Cover Listening as a tool- Customers are talking about you and your industry What is being said?
  4. 4. Cloud Cover Listening as a tool Sentiment Analysis What is the main conversation around your business/ industry and which direction is it going?- Searching for keywords, business names, industry topics - What words would people use to describe what you do? - Check various social sites
  5. 5. Cloud Cover Listening as a toolBrand Advocates The people who will promote your company/ industry - Reward them and encourage them
  6. 6. Nuts and Bolts People have the power to respond or not•Businesses are only allowed to open pages NOT profile. A business which opens a profile pageis in direct violation of TOS.•Business pages allow other users to become fans, but access to the individual profile pagesare limited.•Business pages do not allow the ability to invite friends – in fact business pages cannotmaintain a friends list – they can only maintain a fan list. In fact this feature is disabled onbusiness pages.•Business pages do allow updating your status (which gets shared with your fans)•Business pages allow: pictures, videos, discussion board, application, wall posts, groups andother interactive elements.•You cannot start a conversation on a profile page. You have to wait for them to talk with you
  7. 7. Nuts and Bolts Markers to know about 25 Likes you can reserve your username30 Likes you get Facebook insightsOver 200 Likes you cannot change your username
  8. 8. Nuts and Bolts Page Tips
  9. 9. Nuts and Bolts Page Tips Contests:- You must use a Facebook App- You can’t make people do things other than like your page- You cannot use the like button for voting- You must notify winners via Facebook Deals: Most people will follow you for a deal or offer
  10. 10. Nuts and Bolts Page Tips Communication:Timeline Status Updates-What most people see and interact with Messages- A way for people to send you a private message
  11. 11. Nuts and Bolts Page TipsCommunication: Posts- A public way to send you messages Comments- Comment along with others comments on your status updates
  12. 12. Nuts and Bolts ADS Prom FB otedAPPS Posts Extras Web Grou Widg ps ets
  13. 13. ‘“Innovation needs to be part of yourculture. Consumers are transformingfaster than we are, and if we don’t catchup, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer
  14. 14. Thank you
  15. 15. Q&A