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Gp imports 'on the go' sms i phone app allows safer texting david novak (


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Gp imports 'on the go' sms i phone app allows safer texting david novak (

  1. 1. GP Imports 'On the Go' SMS iPhone App Allows Safer Texting David Novak (The GadgetGUY) is a syndicated columnist who reviews and features the latest in consumer technology. For cutting-edge information on what’s hot and what’s new in gadgets and gizmos , The GadgetGUY has his pulse on everything related to computers, camcorders, car tech, cameras, gaming, GPS devices, networking, TVs, software, wireless devices, media players, hi-fi, wi- fi, cell phones, home appliances, sports science, power tools and more.
  2. 2. May 17, 2010 The new ‘On the Go SMS’ app from GP Imports makes texting safer on the move as it allows you to see through the iPhone’s camera. Allowing you to see the floor or whats straight in front of you when walking and texting. Other features on the app include allowing you to send one SMS to multiple recipients at the same time saving you money, and the ability to store ready made sentences for quicker typing. Sending a message is absolutely free through the app and you will not be charged for sending it as a text message on your phone bill, since its being sent as an email from your phone. The recipient receives a regular SMS message that would be billed according to his/her plan.